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The unknown

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Zombies attack earth and Juliette is left to fix that problem but only because her father created them.

Jersey Mclaughlin
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Chapter 1

The unknown

Beasts, hero’s, love what will happen in this story will change the world forever. In the year of 5071 there were the beasts know as the nuclear zombies that were killing the people and the animals. There were 4 groups of people the Losers they called themselves something else but everybody else called them the losers because they hid in a bunker for the last 3 years and never came out because they were so scared. Then there was the crafters they are actually a family of 15 they all lived together they started with 16 people in there family they stay in as much as they can but they kill and go out sometimes not much though. Then there are the scientists they try to find a solution to how the zombies came to be 3 years ago and how to cure them. Lastly the bravest of them all the hero’s (also known as the killers)save everyone that they can. They are the smallest group there is but there are people that are trying to be recruited to the heroes team. Okay now let’s get to me. Hi am Juliette I am in all of the the teams. Wait let me fix that sentence I am in all of the teams except for the losers. So I’m a l crafter a scientist and a hero. Sure it a lot for a 16 year old to handle but I am not just any teenager. I am the daughter of Galileo crafter the maker of this stupid beast zombie creatures that’s why we started with 16 people and now have 15 because while my father was ruining everything he was murdered so that he could not create the disease but it was to late.

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