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Ten complete strangers find themselves in an unknown place with no remembrance as to how they ended up there. At first, they figured it was a mere prank or something of the sort until they eventually realize their lives were at stake as they partake in a real survival horror game known as MMRPHG with aspects of a video game genre called MMORPG.

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The Attic

CHAPTER 1: The Attic

A typical day for a twenty-four-year-old man named Mark Breinar who spent hours driving and walking around in an area that was too far to be considered local for him. Mark would intently observe people in the area and even street animals and insects like there was potential for something important to be found by observing such things. Due to such odd actions Mark often came under fire as some weren’t fond of some stranger staring at them for an unusual amount of time. At one point, Mark’s life was threatened for he encountered the wrong group of people to be observed but was fortunate enough to have lost them in a crowd. Such an experience would make most think twice about exploring unknown areas, especially at night but Mark continued to do so anyway. Yet, one day Mark explored an area known to be a low-income place and came across someone with a man-made stand selling hotdogs. This person was very old around his sixties and moved around too much for someone his age. But Mark could only watch and wonder why that old man still worked what seemed to be a job that wasn’t bringing too many customers and hasn’t retired. Most of all, why did that old man seem so joyful around his few customers? At first, Mark figured that was the natural way to have a smile and act kind around customers but the way he spoke and his facial expression all told a genuine story of happiness. Mark couldn’t understand how someone who most likely lived poor his entire lifetime could smile away and enjoy his life. After spending an hour observing that old man doing his thing Mark began to feel bothered by it and ended his search for the day.

Mark returned home to his apartment which was spacious yet empty of any life almost looking like it was a vacant apartment open for renting. Mark always arrived late at eleven PM despite needing to awake early at six AM for work. This has been a common thing for Mark ever since he was eight years old. First Mark would tend to mandatory obligations and once he was rid of those he’d attend to a personal matter. One which made Mark explore around the city he was born in and once older expanded his travels to continue searching for something. Once home Mark wouldn’t go straight for the bed or fridge to have something to eat. Mark stayed awake for another two hours sitting on his two-person couch watching television news intently just like how he observed when outside exploring. His eyes were wide open constantly changing news channels hoping to find something related to his matter. However, all Mark found for the first time in sixteen years was sudden tears coming from his eyes. Mark went into a mental conflict at the thought of having spent sixteen years of his life on his personal matter in which he couldn’t see a single shred of light at the end of the tunnel to put the said matter to a close. Friendships, relationships, and any happiness was all thrown away because of his fixation on his problem. Mark merely sat there without moving a single muscle as he watched the news with those sorrowful eyes. The thought of living his entire life similar to that old man but without any happiness made Mark feel miserable. Mark wondered if he was truly going to spend his entire life searching or worse will come across someone who will end it before he could reach that old man’s age.

After ten minutes of questioning his pointless actions for the past years, Mark turned off the television for the light only made his eyes feel terrible and it didn’t help the fact that the news channel was reporting a robbery gone wrong as a hotdog vendor was shot and killed. Mark sat in the darkness alone on his apartment couch crying as if it felt like life was playing a cruel unexplainable game on him. Mark couldn’t make sense of his own life anymore for he attempted to put the years-old haunting matter past him but failed. Seeking someone out to talk to didn’t help as their suggestions to move on from the past did nothing. Mark felt at a dead end and figured the only way to truly put his life at ease once and for all was to not do anything at all that night. Just like how nothing made sense for the past sixteen years Mark closed his eyes shut with the intent to not move from the couch no matter how much his mind and body would beg him to move.

However, the thing Mark has spent years searching for would finally begin to give him some hope as Mark inevitably fell into a deep slumber on his couch. Not knowing how long Mark was asleep his ears slowly awoke him to the faint sounds of strong winds blowing onto creaking wood. Strangely there were many creaking noises happening in every direction and Mark with his eyes still in half a slumber found it odd. His apartment was very quiet and even during a strong rainy and windy day, one wouldn’t hear it as much from Mark’s apartment unless one obsessively tries to hear such sounds. Even then there was never any creaking of wood no matter the weather condition.

“Mmm… Uuuhh.” Mark felt utterly drowsy finding it difficult to open his eyes and fully awake. “Urgh…” Mark held his head in pain having quite the headache but that pain became irrelevant as he realized he wasn’t in his apartment building.

Mark to his surprise saw ten other beds lined up forming a circle all occupied by a person. In the attempt to remember what happened last Mark himself couldn’t remember the last thing that happened coming to a blank past returning home and closing the door. It was strange for Mark who typically could remember the next day when he fell asleep but could only hit a blockade at closing the entrance door to his apartment.

“Uuuhhh.” The next person to slowly awake from their slumber was Julie Edner twenty-three years old. She wore a plain outdoorsy shirt and jeans with a ponytail like she only did the basic preparation for a quick shop stop. But upon opening her eyes and realizing she wasn’t in her normal bed or room Julie began to feel wary. “Wha… where!?” Julie heard the creaking bed where Mark was to her right and sees him wearing a beanie and jacket. “W-What the fuck!?” Julie freaked out at that moment falling from her bed thinking a robber or rapist broke into her home. “OW! URGH!” Julie after falling felt immense pain in her head just like when Mark fully awoke.

Julie suddenly found it strange at that moment as to why she was exactly in a bed sleeping. The last thing Julie remembered was changing into something quick to buy some Chinese food and laze about after a long day at work. As Julie felt painfully confused due to her commotion earlier the other eight people who were in slumber began to awake all at once.

“Uuuhhh. Who in the hell is making noise so damn early!?” Robert Byerley wearing a beach shirt and shorts in his mid-thirties wondered who was causing a ruckus at a believed night time. “Shit! My head… Huh? Wait, the hell!?” Robert just like Mark and Julie felt a headache and realized he was in an unfamiliar place that wasn’t back at the vacation home on the beach.

The last thing Robert remembered was brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed alongside his wife who did the same. Robert didn’t find his last memory too strange because he figured perhaps, he just doesn’t remember going straight to sleep. But still odd nonetheless that he couldn’t remember a scenario that would explain waking up with ten strangers in the same place.

“Ugh… did I get super fucked up last night? How the hell did I end up here?” Ashley Michael the youngest person of eighteen wondered if she partied too hard and if she slept with any of the nine people present. Ashley wondered about that possibility because she wore a skimpy outfit and last remembered being at a party. Ashley didn’t put it past her in trying something weird and stupid.

Then again, the party in question consisted of primarily young teens from high school and early college kids. So, Ashley along with the other teens at the party would have found it weird if someone older around Mark’s age or higher was partaking with them especially when it was quite a sensual one.

“W-Who are these people!? What did I do to be here!? I don’t remember anything about this!?” Greg Oliver a nineteen-year-old panicked in his mind for he was very uncomfortable being around strangers especially when he realized he was sleeping near them all.

Greg right off the bat knew something unnatural was happening. After all, being an introverted shut-in avoiding social interactions as much as possible he’d clearly remember or guess how he would end up in an uncomfortable situation. Something unexplainable was happening because the last thing he remembered was waiting for a new video game release on the computer he was excited for but that’s all he could remember. Greg found it impossible he couldn’t remember anything beyond that and was wary around everyone else.

“Huh? The hell is this thing?” Jason Gunn wearing gym clothing and quite in good shape for his mid-twenties noticed a device wrapped on his left wrist which all nine others also had. Jason attempted to remove it but had no luck as it seemed to be heavily locked onto the wrist somehow.

Jason disregarded the device for the time being as there were more pressing matters like how he somehow woke up with a bunch of strangers in some barely lit place. The last Jason remembered was going out for a run in the night to get his mind off girlfriend problems. Yet, the run happened in a gated community where it would be difficult for a malicious person to enter and abduct him. Jason couldn’t think of anyone wanting to target him since there were many more wealthy people in his community than him. As for the possibility of his girlfriend turning out to be some crazy bitch who sent people to deal with him was highly unlikely for the problems between them wasn’t anything toxic. For the time being, Jason intently observed the situation waiting to see what would happen.

“Who in the fucking hell are you fucking people!? I don’t know any of… ugh! Fuck! Shit!” Randy Buck the oldest among the ten at forty with an unbuttoned shirt as he loudly yelled out angrily not liking the fact someone dared to move him out of his trailer until he felt the same headache pain just like everyone else.

Everyone was mostly confused and worried but Randy was infuriated. Randy isn’t fond of being around others preferring to live alone in silence. Despite those loner qualities, Randy is still no stranger to making a scene in public should someone give him problems. Randy wasn’t wary of the situation and only wanted to know who the hell entered his trailer home in the middle of watching a movie drinking beer and eating nachos and took him to some unknown place with nine others.

“Why am I here? I don’t remember anything!? Oh god, my son!” Lisa Garcia a woman in her early thirties wearing a red dirtied apron worried about her son. Having no recollection of what had happened last before closing her eyes.

Lisa was watching over and cleaning the home of a wealthy family’s parents who were very old. Being given such a responsibility Lisa had many worries going through her mind but was primarily concerned about her son. Lisa had brought her son on the job figuring it wouldn’t be a big deal but after waking up in some unknown place all she could do is worry sick about the possible consequences of leaving two high responsibilities unattended, especially regarding her son.

“Did I agree to take part in something so weird? There’s no way my agent would put me up for something like this. Nor do I even remember anything remotely close to agreeing to wake up in some shitty place with these people I don’t even know. The fuck is going on!?” Rachel Lepore a twenty-six-year-old beautiful woman who wore quite the expensive-looking outfit was quite in a foul mood for she believed someone was responsible for signing her into waking up in some weird attic.

A few of them took notice quickly of Rachel and glanced several times her way due to her beauty. Rachel who typically notices such things was focused more on why she was sleeping in some uncomfortable bed with strangers. The headache made Rachel wonder if someone duped her at some bar but how could that be possible if what she last remembered was being on the phone with her manager about an interview the next day. No matter how hard Rachel tried nothing logically made sense yet she continued to pointlessly think logically.

“How the hell did I end up here? There’s no way I’d end up in this weird shit from the last thing I remembered.” Kevin Malone wore a suit being one year away from thirty watched everyone intently seeing them confused just as he was along with feeling the painful headache.

From Kevin’s view, there was no doubt their confusion was genuine and what made things more complicated for him was the fact that none of their faces had any resemblance to his memory. Kevin dealt in a risky business that made him a target yet if he was captured by his enemies surely if they were capable of catching him off guard then they’d know he doesn’t give a single care about innocent lives he has no relation to die before him. Kevin was left utterly confused and annoyed at that fact and figured he wouldn’t get anywhere merely sitting around thinking about it and was the first to speak out to everyone.

“I need everyone to calm down for a moment!” Kevin got out of his bed and walked in the middle of the circle getting everyone’s attention.

“Calm down!? What do you mean calm down!? Are you responsible for this shit!?” Randy walked up to Kevin in a threatening manner. Baselessly guessing Kevin was the mastermind behind getting Randy out of his trailer home.

“Relax! I’m just as confused as you are. I have no fucking clue who you people are or where I am. I’m assuming you all feel the same way?” Kevin asked as he looked around to see if anyone wasn’t on the same page as he was.

Everyone stared at each other having a clearer mind as the headache pain subsided and none of the ten knew each other. As no one took responsibility for what was happening they all became more confused and wary. Why did ten strangers wake up in some attic with a mere light in the middle with no recollection of what they did last before closing their eyes? Most of them could only remember doing things that would make no sense in closing their eyes to sleep at that point in time of remembrance. It was quite troubling as they tried very hard to remember something beyond what they were limited to remembering last but come up short.

“So, no one knows anything as to how we ended up here?” Kevin asked everyone to make sure and no answer was given.

Kevin was about to continue his questioning until a holographic screen suddenly appeared right over Kevin. It was a written message but the words were distorted and unreadable because Kevin was standing right on the screen which he realized and moved away to see what was written. Everyone else moved closer to read what was on the holographic screen which was displayed front and back.

“Welcome to the Beta of a survival game known as MMRPHG. If you wish to stay alive and survive then please follow the instructions below carefully. The sooner you consider this world to be a reality the better chance you will have of escaping the first area. Good luck, survivors.”

Underneath the message was a video that played on repeat of an animated hand gesture doing an upward motion with the palm facing forward. However, everyone was only focused on what the message said about staying alive and surviving some game. Naturally, this caused a lot more wary confusion and some were angry.

“What the hell!? Are you serious!? You guys are definitely fucking with me, right!?” Jason couldn’t believe he was in some kind of game where his life was at stake. It sounded too preposterous.

“Yeah, I don’t know who thought it was funny to threaten our lives but you should stop while you still can. Seriously. Don’t be joking around about that kind of stuff or there will be serious problems.” Robert spoke out to everyone in the attic hoping someone would come clean for he was slightly afraid of it being a reality.

“There’s already going to be problems! Y’all better not be surprised once the bastard responsible shows his stupid face because I’m going to break their fucking nose!” Randy yelled out angrily ready to assault someone for interfering with his quiet trailer life.

“I hope your prank is going to be worth a broken nose and all the lawsuits coming your way. Whoever you are. I’m too much of a busy person to deal with this stupid garbage!” Rachel added intending to sue whoever it was for everything they had even if they had a family to feed.

“How can you morons be so oblivious!? What makes you think this shit is fake!?” Kevin couldn’t understand how they wouldn’t even consider it a real serious situation. After all, the thought of waking up without remembering the last thing that happened was too strange. Kevin found it hard to believe they willfully signed up for such a predicament but even then, Kevin isn’t one to deal with traditional society or he’d be in jail.

“Who the fuck are you calling a moron!” Randy walked up to Kevin and pushed him aggressively enough to make Kevin trip behind one of the beds and fall over.

Someone like Kevin who has been through some rough things and deals in criminal business, naturally, wasn’t going to take that lying down. Kevin had no intent to take that aggression and was willing to hurt Randy badly in front of those eight other people.

“Motherfucker! Come on then!” Kevin immediately stood up and rushed toward Randy swinging his fists.

Randy did the same getting into a fight amongst each other in the attic as everyone else simply stood to the side. No one wanted any part of what was going down, especially when they had no idea what was happening to begin with until Kevin slipped behind Randy and began choking him.

“KAGH! RRGH!” Randy still fought back moving around and tried smashing Kevin against the beds.

“What the hell are you guys doing!? Stop them!” Julie yelled out to all the other men present wondering why they idly stood by as Kevin and Randy were truly trying to kill each other.

“Uh… can you lend a hand?” Robert didn’t want something bad to happen and stepped in asking for Mark who was the closest for help in stopping the fight.

Mark helped Robert try to separate Kevin and Randy. Soon after Jason joined in to help stop the fight leaving Greg the only man to stand by being socially anxious about the whole situation and wanted to stay out of trouble. Julie also helped them to some extent but kept her distance knowing any sudden forceful movement from the men would not bode well for Julie.

“Let fucking go of me! I’m killing this piece of shit!” Randy yelled out as Mark and Robert managed to free Randy from Kevin’s chokehold and were forcefully moving him away from Kevin.

“You don’t fucking know me old bitch! I’ll fucking kill you the next time you touch me!” Kevin shouted back as Jason kept him at bay from continuing their fight.

“Calm down! Both of you! This isn’t the time to be doing this shit!” Jason struggled to keep Kevin from rushing Randy again.

“He’s right! Can we at least first find out what’s exactly happening!?” Julie tried reasoning with Kevin and Randy whom both didn’t listen until they eventually gassed themselves out.

“Whatever, if that bitch ass old man touches me again don’t expect me to keep a cool head!” Kevin warned everyone he’d do something crazy right before them and walked some distance away near Greg to calm his mind.

Greg awkwardly tried moving away from an angry stressed-out Kevin avoiding eye contact. It bothered Greg Kevin went where he was minding his own business. Randy on the other hand still had a fighting spirit refusing to back down but inevitably needed to catch his breath. Mark and Robert also felt exhausted finding it annoying they had to do something tedious and dangerous. Judging from how Randy has so far acted they all considered him to be some irrational person who always acts first in a drastic over the line way. Mark and Robert stood on standby hoping Randy wouldn’t continue once he regained some stamina back.

“… Yeah, there’s no fucking way I agreed to this crazy shit. I better get fucking paid nicely if I have to put up with these lunatics!” Rachel thought to herself thinking the only way she would agree to the situation was if they paid her an insane amount of money where she could outright retire from that alone.

“Come on, get away from here! Keep fighting that old dude I don’t care. Just leave me by myself!” Greg complained in his mind as Kevin kept walking back and forth in front of Greg.

“Damn, I actually wanted that dude in the suit to win.” Ashley thought to herself being the only one who was excited to see the fight between Kevin and Randy. “Seems like nothing else is happening. Lame.” Ashley said hoping more social chaotic drama unfolds between the nine finding it entertaining when adults go through it.

Once the attic was in a silent state a few minutes later an exit door opened from the middle of the attic. Julie was the first to take a glance beyond the exit only to find nothing but darkness below without a single sight of a floor. The only thing visible was the first steps of a ladder to climb down.

“Guess we can finally leave this place. But why is there no light?” Robert said as he also observed the exit but was slightly uncomfortable in only seeing darkness.

“The hell with this fucking shit!” Randy stood up after taking a few deep breaths. “Whoever did this is getting their teeth kicked in!” Randy without hesitation was the first to climb down the attic into the darkness not wanting to stay in the same place as Kevin.

“I hope my son is okay.” Lisa was next to follow behind Randy worried sick about her child.

“W-Wait!” Julie tried to stop Lisa because they were completely disregarding the situation possibly being serious and dangerous.

“Jesus, what in the hell is exactly going on here?” Robert scratched his head unable to commit to thinking if what was happening real or a prank. “Guess we won’t find out anything just staying holed up inside this place,” Robert said and was going to be next in climbing down the attic.

Kevin who calmed himself down walked over going to be the fourth wanting to find out what was happening until Robert who was about to take the second step on the ladder heard a loud agonizing scream coming from below. Such a sudden loud scream gave Robert a jolt of fright and immediately climbed back up to the attic. The screams sounded like Randy’s and soon after a woman also screamed which they could only guess was Lisa’s. Everyone looked at each other nervously wondering what they should do about those screams that sounded like someone was getting killed.

“Fucking Christ!” Robert became hesitant in climbing down the attic after hearing those screams coming from the darkness. “Hey! This crap isn’t funny! I swear to God if you’re just messing with us!” Robert yelled at the exit still in denial that anything serious was happening.

“W-What’s going on!?” Ashley who at first was mostly worried if she had slept with any of the men present started to feel uneasy about the situation.

“Shh! Quiet!” Julie shushed everyone in the attic as she heard footsteps climbing up the ladder slowly.

Robert backed away from the exit ready to defend himself from whatever was coming up the attic. Everyone else did the same prepared to do whatever it takes to fend for themselves but most still hoped it was all just a sick joke to get them scared for their lives. But that denial gets crushed as the one approaching the attic was Lisa who slowly climbed up the ladder in a struggle.

“H-Help… please…” A bloodied-faced Lisa with deep scratch marks trembled in fear and cried for help.

Robert who was the closest rushed to Lisa and helped her to climb back up the attic. Kevin along with Julie also rushed over to help Robert pull Lisa.

“Here, grab my hand!” Robert told Lisa who tried grabbing one of her hands so he could quickly start pulling.

Lisa reached her right hand out to Robert’s and managed to grab it. However, before Robert could begin to pull with all his might Lisa is suddenly impaled by something sharp from the back of her head that goes through to the front of her mouth on the other side. Blood splashed all over Robert’s face and he immediately freaked out as a lot of it went into his eyes blinding him.

“AAAHH!” Robert screamed and loosened his grip that was holding onto Lisa’s right hand.

But before Robert could fully free his hand, Lisa was suddenly dragged back down viciously into the darkness and nearly took Robert with her but Robert managed to use his left hand to grab the side of the exit. Kevin along with Julie who were approaching to originally help with bringing Lisa up the attic rushed to Robert and prevented him from falling. They pulled Robert with all their strength seeing something bad would happen to Robert if he fell into the darkness.

“AAGH! What the fuck!?” Robert who was saved from falling immediately wiped the blood off around his eyes to see.

“Get away!” Kevin yelled out to Julie to keep her distance from the exit.

“W-What happened!?” Rachel asked out in disbelief.

“Stay back! Don’t get close to the exit!” Kevin warned everyone as he warily approached the exit covered in some of Lisa’s blood.

“Aahh! There’s no fucking…” Robert upon getting the blood off his eyes to see clearly and witnessed the blood on his hands made Robert sick and more scared for his life. “Wha… There’s no… way… it can’t be… no… no no no… this is all fake… it has to be.” Robert couldn’t comprehend what just happened for whatever impaled Lisa and blinded him happened too quick for him to see what it was. “D-Did anyone see what happened!?” Robert asked out as he tried to figure out if the blood stained on his hands and clothes was real or fake but deep down, he knew the answer.

“… I don’t know, all I saw was blood suddenly splash your face,” Kevin told Robert as he cautiously observed the exit but nothing else was coming.

“I-It looked like… something pointy. It…” Julie who was closest to witness Lisa get impaled by something from the back of her head.

Remembering such a thing made Julie nauseous and moved away to a corner holding her mouth. Such a thing seemed too real to be played off as some rehearsed acting meant to be a horror prank.

“You got to be shitting me! Is… is this serious!? Are our lives in danger!?” Jason asked out starting to feel worried for his life. “Hey! Come on, this shit is no longer funny!” Jason continued to hope someone in the attic would come clean and tell him it was all fake. Jason didn’t care if they caught him with a stupid scared expression so long it confirmed everything was a prank. Though in reality, Jason would punch the supposed person responsible in the face for such a prank.

“T-This can’t be real… Why me!?” Greg thought to himself scared for his life continuing to stay in his personal space. He began to plan on what to do like picking who to follow as much as he didn’t want to socialize but he’d rather increase his chances of staying alive than worry about being uncomfortable socializing.

“Shit, alright. We have to start taking this shit seriously.” Kevin declared to everyone who for the most part agreed their lives were truly in danger.

“Please, this is so stupid. Like… it has to be some kind of sick prank. There’s no way this is actually happening to me!?” Rachel continued to be in denial not believing her life was at risk because of her status before waking up in the attic.

Julie, who managed to get over her nausea didn’t like Rachel continuing to play off the situation to be all fake.

“What is wrong with you!? Are you that stupidly spoiled to think this is all just a game!?” Julie asked unable to comprehend how someone could be so blind in the head.

“Ha! Bitch, please. The only stupid one here is you thinking this is real. Like, honestly, just seeing the way you’re dressed I can tell you’re a poor-ass jealous bitch!” Rachel went off on Julie not liking being called stupid by someone like her.

“Say that shit to my face, bitch! I’ll smack that fake ass makeup off your spoiled dumbass face!” Julie walked forward closer to Rachel.

“No, stop it!” Kevin stood in between them but both Julie and Rachel ignored Kevin as Rachel tried throwing a smack around Kevin to hit Julie.

Jason helped out Kevin pulling Rachel away while Kevin focused on holding Julie back. Both screamed insults at each other which Kevin knew wasn’t going to help their unknown dangerous situation in the slightest.

“Enough! Shut the fuck up! Both of you!” Kevin loudly yelled out to Julie and Rachel who both suddenly went silent. “We’re not going to get anywhere doing this shit! And if you’re going to keep this shit up, I’ll throw you down the fucking hole!” Kevin threatened Julie and Rachel if they continued and disregarded him. Both Julie and Rachel stayed silent, not willing to test Kevin’s threat especially after seeing he was truly someone who wouldn’t take any disrespect but the two women continued to stare at each other foully. “Look, can we all just agree for now that our lives are in danger? At least until we find some proof that it’s all fake?” Kevin asked out and looked at everyone but was focused on Rachel. “Even if it is a prank. What’s the worst that could happen if we took it seriously? Looking like fucking idiots? Getting scared? Shit, I’d take that all day any day over my life actually being in danger.” Kevin explained to Rachel but she still found those consequences bad and didn’t wish to look like a fool.

But seeing that everyone was taking it seriously Rachel decided to comply figuring it wouldn’t be worth risking serious damage to her face if Kevin turned out to be a woman beater. Rachel could only hope to find out it was a prank as soon as possible though in her mind it could only be a prank and nothing more. Meanwhile, everyone present in the attic was unanimous about taking the situation seriously to some varying extent.

“So, what the fuck do we do now?” Jason wondered as they simply stood around in silence for some time thinking.

“For now, we should look around the attic and see if we can find something that could give us clues as to what the hell is happening,” Kevin said and started to thoroughly search one of the beds.

Everyone followed Kevin’s lead looking through the spacious attic but all they found after hours of searching were ten beds and themselves to be occupying the attic. The walls were also thoroughly investigated yet the only thing they found out was that they were high up in some place for the wind blew strongly onto the walls outside but it didn’t help to figure out anything. The light of the attic was a possible clue yet it was too high up for anyone to reach it. Kevin and others attempted to break the beds to stack them up as a ladder to reach the light but to their surprise, the beds were oddly sturdy not moving a single inch or showing signs of a dent after getting banged on. They were at a loss and their only two options were to sit and wait until someone finds them or exit the attic. None dared to climb down into the darkness so they all naturally chose to wait until the police would come.

Kevin had hoped with Rachel’s status who shared with everyone she was a famous model that police would already be dispatched searching for her. Same with Robert who was enjoying his vacation with family and relatives who would without a doubt find it weird Robert is missing without saying anything to them. Kevin also considered someone like Ashley and Greg would have their parents worried sick for them but at the same time considered they might be labeled as runaways. Mark, Julie, and Jason on the other hand would take a while for someone to find out they were missing. But despite considering the option that someone would find them they would be faced with a predicament of not having a single ounce of water or food in the attic.

Things became dire as twelve hours passed of searching, waiting, and thinking. No one was coming and everyone started to worry about water and food. During that time, they also wondered why they had strange bracelet devices on their left wrists. It was stuck on their wrists unmoving and strangely it felt like that device was part of their body rather than something worn. After all, they completely disregarded them the first few hours after waking up because the weight and sensation of wearing something on their wrist was missing.

Mark was the first to find out the purpose of those devices as the holographic screen that played a video over n over about making a swiping hand gesture with the left hand implied something will appear upon successfully doing that motion. Upon doing what the video instructed Mark revealed another holographic screen that startled Mark for it appeared in front of him.

“What the!? Look!” Mark yelled out to everyone to show them the screen.

The screen showed another message of what Mark just summoned.

“Welcome to the Menu. This aspect of the game will be very important towards your survival.” Is what the message read and a holographic button to continue was present.

“How did you do that?” Kevin asked Mark as he tried touching the screen but his hand simply goes through and he feels nothing.

“Just follow the instruction that video is playing, it might happen with you all as well,” Mark explained as he moved around to face away from the screen but it consistently followed wherever Mark was facing.

Everyone was fascinated as there was no form of technology that could project a screen in midair that moved accordingly with where their front was facing without having at least some source like a projector. It was also a touch screen which made it more impressive that such a thing could exist in a horrible place. The Menu gave a simple tutorial giving a description of three options one could select from. The first was an Inventory option where a survivor can store eight items. The second was a Status option showing detailed physical information about themselves from age, height, weight, and a lifeline health condition which would change depending on what the survivor is suffering from. The last option was a simple Flashlight option which was built into the bracelet and had a battery with a percentage indicator that recharged infinitely but slowly.

“Hmm, strange light. I don’t see any bulb.” Robert said as the light which came from the bracelet showed no source of how it was producing the light.

“Useless light, it only reaches up to about five feet,” Kevin said as he flashed a light on the exit hoping to see something in the darkness. But the pitch darkness goes deep and all he sees is left-over blood of Lisa and walls indicating a hallway.

“Great, this got us nowhere. Are we still going to wait around doing nothing? Because I don’t like the fact that we’re all going to eventually have to relieve ourselves in front of one another.” Jason explained who is tired of waiting.

“If only that was our only problem. Who knows how long it will take for cops to find us when we have no food or water. Especially water, I’m no expert but last time I learned about the human body it’s that we can’t live without water for too long.” Kevin said and turned his flashlight off.

“… I hope you’re not going to suggest we should head down there? Especially after what happened to that woman and old man.” Robert said worried for his life because he had a family that cared and needed him.

“Kevin’s right, simply sitting around waiting is a risk on its own. Since we still have no clue where are we or how we got here. We can’t find out anything just staying here.” Mark explained siding with Kevin in heading down the attic.

“Should have done this from the start. Whoever is down there threatening us can’t deal with a group of people. We even have a source of light now.” Jason felt more confident heading down after they found out about the light.

“… I don’t think we’re dealing with a normal murderer,” Julie spoke out which confused everyone.

“Normal murderer? Is that even a thing?” Jason wondered thinking a murderer by default is already considered to be not normal.

“What do you mean by that?” Kevin asked Julie because he was also confused about what she meant by a normal murderer.

“Before… that lady was killed. She climbed some distance up from the ladder. B-But, something stabbed her from the back of her head. It was fast but it looked like something pointy and… living… I guess?” Julie tried her best to explain what she saw when Lisa was impaled on the back of her head.

“Pointy and… living? Like a tail or something?” Kevin tried to guess what Julie meant.

“Y-Yeah… something like that,” Julie said figuring that was close on the mark.

“Hmph, how fucking ridiculous that stupid bitch sounds.” Rachel thought to herself and rolled her eyes finding what Julie said stupid along with those who took her seriously.

Julie took notice of Rachel’s disrespectful demeanor knowing Rachel was thinking ill of her but disregarded it. Finding it more important to find help or get out of wherever they were first although it would be a different story if Rachel dared to speak her mind.

“Are you implying there’s monsters down there? Seriously?” Robert couldn’t believe there was such a thing yet deep down in his mind couldn’t help but think that was a reality.

“… I only hope is that what I saw was wrong.” Julie simply said for she hopes there was no such thing below the attic.

“Fuck me, if there are actual real monsters…” Jason wouldn’t know where to begin in dealing with such a thing.

“Well, whatever is fucking down there. I don’t intend to let it kill me without a fight.” Kevin said and looked at everyone present. “I should probably tell you all this now but if something dangerous happens where I would need to risk my life to help you. Then I’ll apologize in advance but you’re fucked.” Kevin said prioritizing his own life in risky situations and does not care about others.

“Come on, man. We’re in this together, don’t have to be like that.” Jason said not liking that sudden revelation from Kevin.

“Like I said. I’ll help out and be a team player but if helping out means risking my neck then I wish you luck. But before we start heading down. We should know each other’s names. At the very least if one of us gets out of here we can let the authorities know who’s still stuck here or dead.” Kevin explained to everyone and they all agreed except for Rachel who was in quite the foul mood having to go along with something she believed to be a farce.

“W-Wait, why do we have to go down there? If there’s something down there waiting to kill us. Then it’s better to just sit and wait.” Robert said feeling hesitant in going down the attic.

“… It’s the same if we wait here.” Kevin simply replied.

“I know but… what if the cops do end up finding wherever we’re being held? We’d just go straight to the murderer’s arms for no reason!” Robert explained away preferring to stay in the attic.

Kevin was about to refute his dumb reasons for staying since none of them even knew how close or far the authorities were in finding them. They couldn’t afford to wait for the longer they did the more they would deprive themselves of having enough energy to fight off whatever would try killing them when they reach a point of utter hunger and thirst. However, Kevin stopped himself from bothering to explain figuring there was no reason for him to convince someone he doesn’t care about whether they should stay or not.

“I don’t understand why you’re explaining to me what you intend to do. Though I would prefer if I had at least one person having my back. So, who wants to head down?” Kevin asked out to everyone.

Mark, Julie, Greg, and Jason decided to head down with Kevin while Ashley, Rachel, and Robert preferred to stay.

“You guys are crazy, two people are already possibly dead and you want to follow behind?” Robert didn’t understand their reasoning.

“We’ve already spent half a day here. You’re just killing yourself slowly up here and by the time you decide to have the guts to come down it will probably be too late.” Mark explained to Robert also knowing waiting for an unknown amount of time is also risky.

Before heading down they exchange full names in case one or most don’t make it. Greg found it troubling talking with everyone shaking their hands and introducing himself. Rachel and Julie on the other hand nearly wanted to tear each other’s hair apart but Kevin was nearby ready to intervene knowing they had animosity. Ashley asked everyone including the women if she did anything sexual with them which had a mixed reaction from everyone but Kevin was the only one who truly tried to think back since he tends to have flings with girls often. Robert tried to leave behind too many last messages for his family and relatives hoping the other seven people in the attic would remember all of them but they forgot minutes later after they had a proper introduction. Everyone else had a quick interaction only exchanging full names and once they finished trying to burn those names into their minds it was time to head down from the attic.

“… Any volunteers want to go first?” Kevin asked Julie, Mark, Jason, and Greg if they were willing to go first. They stayed silent wanting Kevin to take the lead on heading down into the darkness. “Alright, I’ll go,” Kevin said not minding it too much about going first.

Kevin was confident until he turned his back and took the first step onto the ladder. One glance below into darkness made him feel some shiver down his spine and slight regret. However, it wasn’t enough to make Kevin turn back and look like a scared fool. Kevin took a deep breath and slowly descended into the dangerous unknown and began the Beta of MMRPHG.

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