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RANDOM SHIT I WROTE AT 3 IN THE MORNING! (nothing: a bunch of interocnnected short stories, chapter ????)

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I swear I literally took like 5 seconds to type this up, also I'm new here hi!

Horror / Humor
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Chapter 1


“AGHHHH!,” the rapturous sound of the alien screams from my wife rang through the household with a reverberating sound shaking me to the core as if a singing bowl were smashed with a hammer. “WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!” I had chosen the wrong position only thirty-or-so feet away from the tektite kitchen counter where a red cardboard box with fantastically golden lettered lay open and most importantly; empty of all good things that it once held.

I had to run, somewhere, someplace, the amygdala in my brain had definitely triggered my fight or flight response. As I ran, the walls looked at me in condescending eyes condemning me of my crimes, the crimes I had done to my wife, depriving her of something that she loved for another week.

The thunderous footfalls of an angry woman stomped their way through the house, looking for her prey, who at the moment was only hiding behind the door in the reactor room which powered the living space; the place that trapped me in with a monster!

Closer, closer, closer steps that came in for the kill. I was sweating. looked left, then looked right. “Fantastic! I can make my escape!” I turned at the door to stare in the demon’s face. Contorted beyond recognition with high everest-like mountains for eyebrows and an increasingly concerning slant and eyes that looked like they haven’t slept in at least a thousand moons.

Prayers sang through my addled mind as I looked straight into the depths of hell I had delivered myself nicely into on a silver platter. I gulped. She opened her mouth. “ DID. YOU….



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