What Took My Sister

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Current Forgotten Events, and Some Revelations

More shit happened, and I just realized some stuff.

About 2 days after the first ‘possession’ or whatever, I came down with a severe case of pneumonia. I went home from Rebecca’s with a small cough, but wrote it off as just the fact that her mother’s boyfriend is a pack a day smoker. That maybe it was just the smoke bugging my lungs. But two days later, it escalated to where I couldn’t breathe without wheezing and coughing, my lungs felt like they were being squeezed, and even ended up going to the ER.

I had to take albuterol treatments every 4 hours, and saline every 2 hours, and between then I was getting whatever sleep I could. But even with what little sleep I got, I would have the same nightmares over and over.

I was home from school for 2 ½ weeks, alone, both parents at work and my friends at school.

I think that was the worst I felt in over 2 years. I was incredibly lonely, sick, felt like I was dying. I do admit that at one point, I got so low I actually considered ending it but yeah. Obviously it didn’t happen.

I don’t know if the possession thing had anything to do with it, but the timing is too perfect to look away.

It’s been two months, and I’m still coughing shit up.

As for present occurrences, I don’t even know where to start.

I think the weirdest part of it all though is I’m absolutely positive that, between Friday and today, tons more shit happened but everything between that is one huge blur. I can barely remember any of it.

I’ll try to write down what I can remember, and what I can gather from texts I sent and asking Rose, Rebecca, and Will. But despite what I gathered, I feel like more happened that I can’t remember and it’s infuriating and frustrating.

On Saturday, Rose came over after her theater performance (it was fucking hilarious) and we were in my room on Let’sNotMeet, debating on whether or not Rose should write one on Dick. (long story)

At 2 I had to pee, so I went down the hall to the bathroom and ended up leaving my bedroom door open.

When I got back, my room was freezing and Rose was visibly shaken up, and when I asked what was wrong, we both began freaking out.

When I was in the bathroom, Rose saw a hooded shadow go through the hallway and disappeared when it got to my door.

We ended up running into the living room and slept in there on the couch.

When we woke up, my room was trashed.

The next morning when we were discussing it with Will and Rebecca, I remembered one time I had a partner project with a girl in my Ag class, about a year ago. She had to come over so we could finish our poster.

At about 10 that night I got a spontaneous migraine and ended up passing out. She stayed up for a while to watch Les Mis, and finally went to bed at about 2. When she was about ready to finally go to sleep, once again, my door was open and she saw a shadow cross the hallway and told me she heard a growl.

I initially wrote it off as the dog or something, but it never did add up. We keep our dogs outside. They aren’t allowed in the house. She told me it didn’t sound like a dog either, actually.

But it was too similar to what Rose saw, I’m pretty sure they saw the same things.

On Sunday, my cousins had to come over briefly (not the one that can see things). My little cousin was playing in my room on my 3ds to keep herself occupied, when she ran out crying that “The mean man scratched me!”

http://i.imgur.com/NnUz9gK.png <picture

Everyone laughed it off, saying that she probably scratched it herself (when I tried to get her to scratch those same spots, she couldn’t. Her arms wouldn’t bend that far.) and that the ‘man’ was just her overactive little 9 year old imagination.

I asked her to draw a picture of the man. I’m still stunned.


They left an hour later, and my little cousin still swears that it was the mean man in my room.

About an hour after they left, I went out in our pasture.

I vaguely remember finding a spot in my back pasture that isn’t growing anything despite it being surrounded by knee high grass, so I dug 3 feet down.

http://i.imgur.com/bJl5xZ4.jpg <picture of the spot

I can’t remember much of what happened during that time, but I kinda phased out for a while when I was digging and before I knew it, I dug 3 feet down. I guess I was messaging Rebecca and Rose during that time, since there’s messages on our group messenger from me that I don’t remember sending, but whatever. Like I said, everything from this last weekend is a big blur.

Unfortunately, I was unable to dig any deeper. I didn't find anything.

But the whole thing brings up the odd warning I got from the woman with the rotted face. "It's out there..."

On top of that, there’s been an overabundance of flies in my house. It’s March, I don’t understand how. It’s still super cold. But whatever the case, they’re everywhere and it’s disgusting. Don’t know if this has anything to do with the current situation, but I think it’s worth noting.

My dog Angus has been acting really weird lately as well. Usually when I go to pet him, he’ll sit and wait for me to pat my knees for him to jump up and rest his paws on my shoulders.

But for the last few months, every time I go to pet him he’ll put his head down, ears back, and will back away from me with his tail between his legs like I tried to kick him or something.

He’s perfectly fine around my mom and dad, but if I’m outside he’ll purposely run away and keep as much distance between us as possible.

It’s not even just my dog doing this. It’s almost every animal I come across. If I try to pet a cat, it will hiss at me and run away. If I see a dog, it will either growl or do what Angus does. Even my horse is acting skittish lately, specifically today.

I went out to feed him today, and he’s normally a very docile old horse. I haven’t seen him jump or buck in years. But lately he’s been running around way more often, and today he took one look at me, and bucked. His eyes were wild, and when I tried to calm him down he whinnied as if I tried to hurt him.

This behavior is just really bizarre for my pets. Even my chickens are normally very tame, but lately they’ll raise Hell (no pun intended) for no reason.

All of this is really disturbing, but nothing freaks me out more than the lost time. I’m absolutely positive that more happened than what I wrote, but I can’t remember it. At all.
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