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The Fall

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A small short story which relates to an upcoming book currently in the works

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Chapter 1

Human history has always been bleak. Up until several generations ago, the default setting for mankind had been war and misery. The wars eventually subsided, at least the major ones did, and Mankind ushered in a new Golden Era. We knew a time of relative peace and plenty, unknown in our whole violent existence. So much so, that people began to think life in the modern world was difficult. Entire generations that never had to fight for anything, decided to find hardship and difficulty in basic living. They saw problems in their simple lives, that paled in comparison to what our ancestors experienced.

Society began to get comfortable, too comfortable. Blind to what real struggle actually was. So, we created films and books that glorified the hard times our society lacked. We trivialised it, had conversations about how, if the world ended, that we would be the ones to survive, in whatever apocalyptic hell fantasy we thought the future would hold.

How wrong we were.

When society crumbled, it was not nuclear war, a zombie apocalypse or even a wide spread natural disaster. The truth was much more terrifying. Deep from the bowels of the Earth, an ancient terror arose. A darkness so malignant and deceitful that it put all of our pre conceived ideas to shame. They emerged from the stygian depths. They copied. They adapted to every aspect of our psyche, and they tore us apart. Shredding our sanity to the core, until society and life as we knew it buckled under the weight of the infestation.

There is no hope. No escape. This is the Fall.

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