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Ego-Death, Extinction, and the Confusion...

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Ongoing work building the Ghost Series...multiverse with its center the Ghost Universe or Multiverse Designated as MV - (x^2-2x-√90214=0) Where x=16.3596, x=-18.3596

Horror / Scifi
David Estrada?
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That this work may pay homage to the Blessed Trinity and for the benefit of all life…

Someone told me that nothing is impossible because the word impossible says: I’m Possible to which I replied;

‘Equality is Possible’.

…for My Family

Let’s take an example from Guatemala…

Until recently the country was run by a small group of Hispanic Politicians with almost no political representation from the indigenous population that makes up most of the population. In this case, the Indigenous people no matter how many there are…are the minority group because they have no say in how the government of the land where they live is operated. While they make up the Ethnic Majority, they are the Political Minority because they have no control over the institution that governs their land and their lives.

Or the Hmong of Viet Nam or also referred to as the ‘Boat People’ were both the Ethnic Minority and Political Minority and were targeted by the fascists of Viet Nam for genocide…much like those Ashkenazi, Romany, and other undesirable people of Europe before and during World War 2…

Then let us examine fascist nations that are governed by a small group of people…the Government doesn’t represent the people because there is no free speech, free elections, or free press so like the Royalty of old Europe which was all descended from William of Orange (excluding Mary Queen of Scots and James Hepburn who was Celtic). William of Orange was German and all the Royals of Europe were and are still German…as they are a different ethnicity than the people of the land. So, Royalty and the Fascists make up an Ethnic minority that is the Political Majority…a very small group of people make most if not all the political decisions for a nation without regard to public opinion.

If 99% of the population is enslaved and cannot vote or express opinions that might change the laws of their county, they are a political minority and the political majority is the 1% of people who control political and governmental decisions…the 99% would be considered an Ethnic Majority and the 1% who control the government is an Ethnic Minority…

1. Santa Muerte and a Grito…

It’s a laughing sort of scream… “Aye…yeayeyeayeyeayeyeaye…” It is a Grito and she is Santa Muerte…and as she is using the Grito as a Mexican Banshee wail…

Alicia Ramirez and Peter Parker have responded to the Chupacabra onslaught of the suburbs of Salt Lake City Utah. Santa Muerte stood nearby as the Spider began to shoot at the Chupacabra.

Her Grito not only shatters glass, and ear drums but also minds. Once her Grito found its mark in the brain of her adversary confusion set in because of the mind’s inability to process the Grito…pain…confusion…and amnesia as the target falls forward to the ground face first clutching their ears. Kneeling and placing their foreheads on the ground and rocking up and down in pain and confusion.

The Spider stood behind Santa Muerte to avoid the brunt of the full force of her wail.

“Aye…ye...aye…ye…ayeyeayeyeaye…” Santa Muerte sang her Grito until blood came out of the Chupacabras’ ears. The bullets in the Spider’s Mauser were not only imbued to inflict non-lethal wounds on the hands of humans or aliens who held weapons targeted toward the Aztec Ghosts or the Spider, himself…but as far as the Chupacabra went his bullets found their marks in headshots that passed from one side of the Chupacabras’ head through their brains and out the other side. The Chupacabra was being used as the weapon of Squirrel Girl. If she was nearby the bullets in the Mauser of the Spider would inflict non-lethal wounds upon her but would incapacitate her enough so she could not command the Chupacabra invaders.

Santa Muerte would never use her Grito in mixed company…enemy and innocent…so that no innocent being would be harmed. The Spider’s bullets would never strike an innocent…

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