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Ari's Short Stories and Poems

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Short Stories I'm writing to show to my writing club and friends. Trigger Warning: Violence, Suggested Sexual Content, Cannibalism, Religious Topics, Some SH.

Horror / Romance
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Mary Magdalene

I’ve always loved these rainy mornings, nature’s true beauty is revealed in a downpour. I’ve always loved the excuse to sleep in and lay in bed with my loving husband James. As I sipped my coffee, I got lost in my thoughts. Lately, he’s been working late on going to the bar with his friends more often, most women would suspect infidelity but I know him better than that. My husband James has always been a faithful man in every way. We go to church every Sunday and Bible Study on Wednesdays. He was the one to propose and he always held me close every night. He would never cheat on me I just know it but there’s never harm in checking, so I stuck one of those Air-Tags under the driver seat in his car and got a Bug off amazon and set it up in the seat, and sewed it back up while he was sleeping. I’ve always been faithful to him, never even looking at another man with interest, he is just the same I just know it. But I’m just making sure, after all, one can never be too sure right? As I sat down on the couch after my hard work, James walked out of the bathroom, it was obvious he had just gotten out of the shower. I stood up and walked over to him kissing him tenderly and he replied by giving me a quick pec on the lips and went to our bedroom to get dressed. Upon emerging from our room he was wearing his favorite suit. I remember when he first bought this suit for our wedding. He loved its jet-black jacket and blood-red shirt under it along with a black tie. “What’s the special occasion? you rarely wear that suit anymore...” I asked fixing his tie, he glanced away then looked back at me, and replied “Oh Mary, I’ve just got a meeting with the boss about our upcoming clients. You look too far into things.” I defeatedly sighed, “Always have.” He then kissed me then left hurriedly leaving me cold. A half-hour later I got curious and connected to the bug and heard a man’s voice, one I didn’t recognize. I went to call him “Call Declined.” He then complained to this homewrecker about me being overbearing. Rage picked at every corner of my mind making me feel sick, I went to the bathroom and vomited my coffee & breakfast and I felt everything fade out.

When I came to I was standing outside a house I’d never seen before. The car out front was unmistakably James’s car, everything from the paint down to the little dents that went unnoticed by him. I looked at the time on my phone, it was 9 pm, I began to wonder “How long have I been waiting out here?” I then took a deep breath and slowly opened the door, as I did I caught the odor of rose-scented candles, his favorite. I walked in, gently shutting the door behind me. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, “This ought to do the job...” My thoughts sounded different than usual, like someone else. I’ve never hurt anyone my whole life, not physically at least. "But there’s always time for firsts" she laughed. I could hear a bed frame against the wall, I followed the sound and opened the door to the room it was coming from. I saw a man I didn't recognize, his lips moving but either no noise was coming out or I was too focused on the sound of the blood pumping through my head. James was over this man smiling and kissing him on the lips, passionate like he used to give me. I repositioned the knife in my hand and got ready, as I prepared all I could think was “How dare he. How Dare He. HOW DARE HE.” the other voice then chimed in "GO ON DO IT, TAKE YOUR REVENGE" As the rage bubbled more and more I kicked the door open and dashed at them My mind fading once more.

I woke up to James and his lover on the ground in front of me James pleading on the ground for mercy and forgiveness, his lover dead, a beautiful red pooling around his neck and under his back. As James looked up at me I stared him in the eyes, “Mary... Why did you do this” He cried, I didn’t even bother to respond. I grabbed his hair and thrust the knife deep into his neck. As he fell to the ground I began to feel sick again. I ran to the kitchen and threw up in the sink, I felt not only dread but guilt as well. But another part of me felt joy, “Mary, we can finally have all of his love. We just need to take it, the same way Jesus gave his love in his final days to his Apostles, James will give to you, you just need to take the final step” The thoughts echoed in my head for a moment and I felt a smile creep to my face. I walked back to the room, to James, and I took his love. It took days to finish eating but I did it, James's love, his wine and bread, were all inside me, forever. I buried his bones and other non-edible parts behind the house and left his lover on the ground rotting, homewreckers don't deserve proper burial after all. I drove home satisfied with what I did after all it's not like I'm going to hell. Jesus gave his flesh and blood to the Apostles, and James gave his flesh and blood to me, I simply showed the world how much I loved him and he would be mine forever.

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