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Trapped For Eternity

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Mary a 12 year old girl and Macy a 10 year old girl both live in a mansion with their mom. They both go through many scary trials to see who makes it out. Not everyone makes it out right? Well only one will make it, the one that makes it through everything but...

Horror / Thriller
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Nights alone

On a cold misty night two girls named Mary and Macy were asleep in bed and then as they slept they heard glass shattering. Macy had gotten startled and woke up. She was wondering where the noise came from. She started to head downstairs and saw glass shattered everywhere on the kitchen floor. She decides to try and pick up the glass and she gets cut in the process. She didn't know what to do so she went to her room and told Mary what happened. Mary had cleaned her wounded hand and told her to be more careful. Both of the girls had gone back to bed at about 1:00 p.m. Both of the girls had woken up and had gotten ready for school. They left at about 7:23 and had come back home at 3:03. There mom had gotten them food and then they had went back to bed at around 9:45. In the middle of the night they had heard talking and whispering coming from their closet. Mary had thought nothing of it and gone back to bed while Macy wanted to explore. Macy heard someone saying something to her. They said "Hey, Macy do you want to play with me?" There voice was very quiet and sounded like a little girl. Mary had woken up again and saw Macy in their closet talking to someone. Mary thought it was an imaginary friend so she just told Macy to go to bed. Well until she heard someone talking. She looked at Macy to see if it was her but it wasn't. She had asked Macy "Did you hear that or what?" Mary wondered. Macy looked at Mary and looked back at the kid. The kid was gone and Macy said "I don't know, lets just go back to bed. Right when Macy had gotten up the doors to the closet had closed and Mary heard screams! Mary ran to the closet and tried to open the closet until she heard nothing...

Mary had opened the door and saw Macy just standing there with the little girl who looked about 7 years old. They both looked at Mary without saying anything. Macy had gotten closer to Mary and fell into her arms. The little girl had closed the closet with her mind and was gone. Mary had fallen onto the floor and started crying as she was scared and confused about everything. She started screaming and her mom had come up and asked "What is going on!?" She saw both of them on the floor and put them to bed. Mary hadn't slept at all while Macy was asleep all night. For the next week each of the girls would hear knocking and talking from their closet but never checked to see what was going on. Everything was ok for about a month. They didn't do anything about it. Then the noises stopped for a while. Well Until.....
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