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His Second Wife

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Chapter 2: New Wife


Jake was forced to marry the lady his mother asked him to. There wasn't a single day spared without him hating or despising her existence. He never showed up at his wedding. Neither he spoke to her nor acknowledged her existence. The grudge he had built inside himself for her was far more big.

He moved Minnie to his room. The room where Aila and he slept prior to the horrible incident that ruined his life completely. Stealing her forever from him. Jake was afraid that the new lady and his unwanted second wife would hurt his daughter. “Jiji” his daughter called him.

He was confused when he heard her address him like that. She called him “Jiji” only when she wanted to share something with him. “What happened Min-Min?” he asked the young girl, placing her on his lap, brushing her hair behind her ears and kissing her forehead.

“When will mama be back?” The little girl questioned her father sadly. The same question is being asked everyday to him. He sighed, cupping her cheeks. “Soon, don't worry.”

“But you always say that.” Whining, she complains.

Jake closed his eyes trying to calm his breathing down. “She'll be back soon,” he tried convincing his daughter. Or more like to himself as he had been doing the past year.

“Let's sleep now shall we?” He suggested it to her as a distraction. The little girl nods her head. Jake tucked her inside the sheets, wrapping his arms around her tiny figure singing a lullaby to drift her off to sleep. The woman standing outside eyed the people inside the bedroom with envy in her heart.

How badly did she wish to gain a place in his heart. For him to love her and caress her hair like he did with his daughter just now. Since the day she stepped into this house, all she got was ignorance and lack of attention from him.

She had a firm conclusion: he disliked her existence briefly considering their marriage day scene, he didn't want a grand function, rather sent his lawyer with the signed marriage papers from the court and asked her to sign it and move in the next day.

Not even bothering to show up at her house personally to sign those papers or take her along with him to his house. “I'll gain a place for myself in your heart Jake. I definitely will.” She attested firmly.

The little scene in the bedroom was sweet to her, but she didn't want Minnie's love rather Jake's affection all to herself. She was greedy indeed, but how can one stop their heart's yearning? Unrequited love that's what she called it.

Jake woke up early the next day seeing his daughter sleeping showering kisses all over her face. He smiled at the little girl seeing her sound asleep. “Wake up my little angel.” Minnie groans, closing her eyes.

“You've got your mother's habit. She doesn't wake up easily as well. The amount of effort I have to put in to wake her up though.” He chuckled remembering mornings with her in the past.

Sighing knowing the little kid won't wake up, he picks her tiny figure up in his arms, taking her inside the bathroom freshening her up. By the time he was done she had already woken up rubbing her eyes.

“Good morning Jake,” Scarlet greets, placing the breakfast on the table. He nods his head, settling himself down on his chair with Minnie beside him, a daily routine he adapted. The opposite seat to him was left empty. He made it clear she wasn't allowed to sit in that seat, since it belonged to his wife. But he knew very well behind his back she'll surely sit on that chair.

“Dadda, I wanna go to the amusement park tomorrow with you and-” he placed a spoonful of rice in her mouth, humming, and later smiling at her. “Sure we will go, but not tomorrow, Dadda has an important meeting.” She frowns and shakes her head.

Scarlet was shocked to see Jake deny her request for the first ever time. He was always ready to fulfill his princess's wishes. Most of the time she didn't even have to ask him for it. He'd already have gotten her those things. To him his daughter is his everything because she was his daughter with Aila.

She low-key hated Aila, though she had died yet she lived in every wall of this house in his heart and her daughter's. Minnie never called her mom, she addressed her as aunt. “I'll get going now Minnie don't trouble aunt alright?” He kissed her forehead.

Scarlet was shocked since this happened to be the first time Jake ever cared for her. A ray of hope sparked inside her heart.

Jake smiled at his daughter, taking his bag heading outside the door. Scoffing on his way out. Scarlet couldn't control her joy, she started running around the entire house. Stumbling across Jake's room grinning about to enter but a chilly wave passed through the balcony making her quiver.

“Enjoying your time?” A voice spoke, making her shocked. She looked around but found no one. “HE'S MINE!” The voice growled. Tears unconsciously started forming in her eyes. A black figure started approaching her.

Out of fear she starts moving back. Her feet took her further down. Before she could take another step a voice shouted out. The black figure had long disappeared. “Mam, what are you doing?” She turned around to see Tristan standing there with worry laced on his face.

She glanced below to see herself at the edge of the stairs. Tears still streamed down her cheeks. Without thinking anything she rushed to him hiding behind the former who was dumbfounded at her sudden behavior. “What happened Mam?” He glanced at her figure that shook with fear. “She'll kill me,” Scarlet whispers, pointing towards the stairs.

“Who's gonna kill you?” The male confronts the lady concerned. She didn't know who it was either? All she saw was a black shadow. “I don't know but she was here.” Tristan sighed, seeing the state the woman was in. He asked her to sit down and walked inside the kitchen to bring her a glass of water.

Chugging down the water she breathed out. A sigh of relief. “Where is Minnie?” He queried the frightened lady. She shook her head, not bothered about the baby. “I don't know, she was here until I went upstairs.”

Fear arose in his mind. Rushing upstairs he decided to check Jake's room first, but she wasn't present there. Heading towards her room he found her giggling looking towards the cupboard.

“Minnie what are you staring at? Why are you laughing?” She closed her mouth, continuing to laugh.

“Uncle Tris,” she called him to come near him laughing louder confusing the male even more. “It's a secret.” She whispered in his ear. He pouts picking her up. “Come on Min-Min, don't hide secrets from your uncle Tris.” She ignores his plea. “I can't tell you. She's asked me not to tell you.”

“She?” He asked, confused. “Who is she?” Tristin questioned curiously. “Hush! She'll hear you.” Mumbling in his ear she warns. Goosebumps erupted on his skin. “Let's go from here Min-Min.” He shrugged the feeling looking at the cupboard one last time smiling at Minnie taking her downstairs.

“Mam, I suggest you take care of her. Jake would definitely not be happy to know his daughter was left all alone in her room.” Scarlet's eyes widened at the mention of Jake quickly nodding her head, taking Minnie in her arms.

The girl pouted, wiggling herself out of her hold sitting on the couch instead. “I'll get going now Min? Take care of yourself.” He pecked her forehead and handed her a bar of chocolate. Minnie claps her hands munching on the sweet. Not even bothering to bid the guy goodbye.

Tristin walked out of the mansion sparing a glance at it one last time. “Do not trust anyone based on their actions.” He remembered the saying getting inside his car driving away.

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