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Forest of Time

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This story is about a girl who goes into a so calld 'dangerous' forest. when. . .

Horror / Fantasy
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The Forest

It all started on a so called ‘perfect day.’ the birds were singing, the trees were swaying, and the breeze was blowing in the leaves.

“Autumn!” my mother called to me “Come down stairs please!”

I smiled as I ran down the stairs, pinching my arm to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Somehow, I had convinced my mom to let me go exploring the town all by myself. This was my first, and only chance.

“Already ready!” I grinned

“Since when?” she looked at her watch “Autumn, Its 7:30.”

"Yeaaaa, buuut.. I may have got up super duper early and got ready because i was super excited!” i jumped up and down

“So can i go early?”

“I’ll think about it”

“Please? by the time your done ‘thinking’ it’ll already be tomorrow!”

“fine.” she sighed

and before she could blink, i was already out the door.

You might be thinking, Whats so special about going alone? Well, theres a forest near my home that everyone says is ′super dangerous but I don’t believe it. Theres a story about kid who went in and never came out about 3 years ago, they say he would now be about my age, 14, by now. It also said, that his skin is light blue with black spots, and that his name is Roho, which means spirit, soul, and personality. Even though all of this seems super cool, I just believe it to be some myth. As I approached the forest, there seemed to be a cloud coming over the sun, so of course I walked in, and weirdly enough, it smelled like a berry smoothie.

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