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The Poisoned Man

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What a day but it was a good way to learn of how to act and not."

Horror / Mystery
Antasia S
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Chapter One

The newspaper office was going at this time of day when they all should be gone, then looking back one was still here but it is after office closing hours. We had thought this was a mistake, but I was just tripping. Certain articles were everywhere, it looked odd, funny even if you have you.

Madison Richards knew this office was her place in her heyday, she was queen pin of this joint and they all knew it. In her seventies now though, people always told her she was quite decisive, but she began to feel that she was surrounded by weird people who cannot decide anything. Which mannerism aside makes her groan with agony, in a sense.

In the end she knew that in Attdown she had to make decisions about who else they would never go anywhere with. In a city that depends on this place to run you would think that they would be grateful for that trait, and skill of survival, but you would be surprised at this life of mine. Thinking as she mused about her away town, in an office that now belongs to someone else, but they always made her feel welcomed.

You would think so after so many papers, and errands think she became an errand at one point. The walls had changed and were painted red, now with a closet that was held together with tape, now they fancy huh. Looks can be so deceiving in life.

Who wants to be tied down to one person with extra things like baggage that is everywhere looking at the paper that made headlines this week? The newspaper office always gave the best pieces of news, so she always loved it here most. As of late though her friends have been getting sicker, and it has been playing havoc with a few of her emotions, sad how this world blows down on you, though so badly even felt sad well extent.

Which makes for a news piece. I see the table was holding it in a way that seemed to beckon unto her, come hither type of thing. Working her nerve.

She thought about that title how it worked on her nerve, she thought this is feeling silly, increasingly every day, still it is like a child that you do not really want to see, be around though right, and that is how it is but who is willing to say, this to please others, though but you lay with others who do not want to choose to take things beyond, is what really feels dumb to me thought Madison Richards, about the article. In the first place because it was all that came to mind, each time. Just like, not really loved still, how annoying, looking back she saw her friends face in that article and her heartbreaking all at the same time Myra Owen was her biff.

She did not want the woman to die, but she knew she could not control the time of this event that she fell ill from the poisoned man. Looking back, she had lived there all her life, but as time went by so did her own will, to continue to fight, shine, even though she knew that greed caused her close friend’s death, brought about by her relative’s desire to end her life in a sense for some record that she found about them. Sworn to secrecy though she shared she would not tell but of course their fear kept getting in the way.

Causing them to want to put a death sentence on her instead of trusting her to do them a solid. Yet when she heard of this terminal illness she grew, cold as snow falling in mid-winter storms as she went up a flight of stairs holding the railing, she looked back thinking she left something in her handbag, looking to see if that was true, she paused mid step. The poisoned man was this figure that came to mind, like someone in our yearbooks from high school though, who did not really speak to us.

Madison Richards was known in Attdown as this little lady that held a big punch, you know that show with the big shows called “Sucker Punch.” Well, that is her, back in the day, like she did not take much stuff from anyone, place, or thing. Then she knew that she was getting older, but she did not see why that meant that her mind had to go, because it did not.

She was investigating that why she was there looking forward to bringing out, a truth that was well hidden, her new bud was there Judy Turner, but she was the lookout, in their little red Oldsmobile waiting for her to make her quick escape, from all the cameras outside stalking her like she was twenty some years old again when she was not and she knew it, but and still here they were. All cutting up being up in the field of crew thoughts that was not what she was intended but still here they were. There was an art deal about to go down, and she wanted in, Madison Richards at any cost, and she knew this about herself, she was decisive enough to know a good deal when she saw one hell.

The savior part of her knew that well a person who craved art, will be willing to buy a piece of it for a certain amount of money, long as asked, like for one idea of a beauty space with big bright sign in center with pink space will go for twenty thousand dollars thirty. I am not doing any of the work but just selling what it looks like, an aesthetic decisive person that is Myra Owen knows how to do an art space up, for the women bosses themselves. Let alone just those who enjoy being in beauty, regardless of occupation, could be mothers for their children, homes, remodeling to bring before them more modern feelings of character.

The newspaper room was a place that she sold her first deal to, its design was underneath that paint job, today they have kept it and just redid it every decade of years to bring that freshest color available to its original, just for maintenance. Best thirty thousand dollars deal she ever did. The original colors were so pretty, that they just never did, really leave them all alone anyway, which was good.

Fun even which was an effective way to know that life was really an effective way to know that when we look back thinking Madison Richards as she drove in and out of Attdown she began to think of all those times that seeing, that building made her want to resist those who held in their hearts to make a whole through, that place. Which prompted her further investigation, willing her to stop by for a few nights to look at any suspicious looking cars, well jobs nearby that might have been disguising themselves as workers to get a good look at who comes in, out for a perfect time to strike. To ruin her hard won masterpiece she got a tip, from one of her sources that someone had just recently moved in and yet to come by, and the people next door were making noise their ways as two in the morning came by and went, we were still creeping out around back when the lights hit us flooding us and all we were heard were “Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.”

She knew that bridge, looking back she took out a pen and pad and asked herself what they looked like in case she needed her notes later to give a proper description, but nothing came to mind it was so dark, with thousands of lights, I wondered why I did not see it was weird she thought to herself. But she was heading to that bridge to just make sure that things were okay, when she got there, she was frightened. When she saw that her friends were not all there but her one that was sick was, she had something dripping from her mouth, Madison Richards scared that she did not know what it was thought the worst it was poison.

Her friend was taken from her home when she was ill and did not really feel like any company, but they took her anyway and brought her here. They wanted to steal my secret art book to make their new companies better, and not pay myself anything in return for what they stole. That is why if they do not get me to cooperate then they will kill Myra Owen, instead.

Which is so mean, I started crying when looking at how pitiful she was, tears came and flooded my whole entire body. I had to pull it together. Madison Richards thought, as she sniffled. I was stunned. I did not know these people, but people talk, in this small town of Attdown, people love to gossip, and those people are greedy. They wanted my own art book to better themselves, all at my expense, who got less, and gave most.

How cold. “We can’t. I’m your boss.” Flashing back to over thirty years when in that office in the newspaper office, she held her hand to her chest thinking fondly of those times when she wept for him.

He loved her, she him, but work was forever in their way, bosses too. Each time felt like a stabber of betrayal, how she dreamed of a place, where they were ruling together, kissing whenever, wherever was wanted, because he was the boss, owned it outright, and nothing came before her. This was her dream, desire most of all.


Grabbing her heart charm for good luck she felt a sense of closeness to her inner self Madison Richards knew she was growing to this person, it started to glow around her neck making her feel all warm and gooey inside. That was her side of herself that she did not get to see very often. But it really was a good side to have.

Looking back, she noticed a side of her that was there but not everyone was able to look at it for one, it was just a way of life. That was not really a big deal though it was not to her at least, just was not. I have heard the few greedy people in town whisper of their aims, and why was that much such a way to their greedy little fingers of want, just give me, give me, give me, Tupac was a real one, yes. Attdown was small for sure in Arizona town wise.

But as time went by, I have been known to watch those next to the building just moving in and can you imagine my own surprise when well I was right, they were here, in the left outer field. Looking dead at Madison Richards right now with this hateful look, with art bliss inside of those eyes as wide with greed as saucers. She had to think of the last time she had seen her art book, anyway she usually tried to keep it secure. Clearly with these bozo’s everywhere, looking at Myra Owen, made her snap back to reality.

Blowing all those kissing dreams out of the window but at the right time it was going to be that why and eventually she knew it was true. There was one rumor most astounding to Madison Richards was that they were into mining for art to pine off and getting to their greedy employers who knew that art was hot down here in the desert state. She heard their boss was close by in a neighboring building with a pleasant view of the newspaper office.

They knew she went by now and returned to volunteering, allowing her grandkids to come by to have a look at what she used to do. Myra Owen had been a childhood friend since they were truly little, living on the same street, which made us even closer in our time here. It was life changing as we grew up, yes, she was older and I was younger. I had to do what was meant for myself and she did the same.

When the time came, she began to know that life was as it was meant to be, but flavor of the month (f.o.m.) as for romance wise was a new boo thang. Yes, in her seventies she was not feeble as they thought she might be. But still as time went on, she knew that life was going to come, go, be as it was, she was going to look back and see Myra Owen, and start down a road of rampage.

Madison Richards was so into this world wind, that this person knew that Madison Richards was happy, and then here they come, with threats to harm, Myra Owen, her oldest dearest friend with their ongoing death threats to get this art book. They think it will save their own business, making them less competitive, and more petrified, all for free. One night they had stepped out, and Myra Owen and her running into this great performer Madison Richards knew from shows.

Stopping Madison Richards just looked, with drooping eyes, that swooped all over the atmosphere with awe. Feeling starstruck but it did not help, they had an enjoyable time, they went to a new restaurant in town, which was their first time going there, and boy it was fun. They had a few drinks though.

Then when the time came to leave, they paid their bills feeling full, full of life they had each moved on. Looking at Myra Owen now Madison Richards knew what had to be done but when was the right time to do so was the question that was going to have an answer found in this little world of ours that will make most sense. Which will cause a sense of relief as a means of advancement.

But realizing that life is not going to get any better, letting out a deep sigh, made things even worse. What was “I don’t think I could live alone again.” Looking back made us hear things that were not there but it was fun. And when it was popping off it felt good.

No not the case when I was falling in love with such a handsome face knowing that in the past experiences just thinking back to those weird days Madison Richards. I began to think of ways to miss one person enough to make them feel like a person that needed it. That lonely feeling was something at night that just hit different and feeling this pain was something that made those thoughts surface with a fury, like vengeance.

The newspaper offices of Attdown lit up for Halloween looking back on that was one of Madison Richards most favorite times of year. All those grandchildren of Madison Richards were all Halloween babies. A total of seven.

Each color for the holiday is decorated with purple, organa, and black. To go along with their gloomy mood giving respect, homage to all their dead ancestors. Which meant that Madison Richards’ own grandmother was front and center on Madsion Richards’ own mind.

Then maybe if neither person bothered Madison Richards, then a visit might come forming a message from those dead loved ones, Madison Richards missed so. There was a big box of decor each year that was like viking with a ridiculously cute puppy dog. Right so here we were in the closet with a peep hole, and as Madison heard footsteps in the hallway peeping out.

As well in the way of decor at the bottom of the pretty box a switch that let out a side door, that let us down a flight. This was when Myra Owen, and Madison Richards were tight, before sickness took over, all those well cells, in those prime days of life this day barely getting free. Blinking an eye made Myra Owen, Madison Richards feel a new eye of the person looked blue, in dire need of new ways to express how each woman was to keep their own friendships felt since they each cared for the other.

Myra Owen’s family was deeply Scottish and knowing this made the feelings of beer tasting in that world a breeze. Madison Richards remembered being invited over when a cousin was getting married, there were kilts that felt like all participants had to adorn. Very much adorned with animals to add a sense of wellbeing. Spread of meats, haggis, Scottish whiskey.

Gin and beers were galore. Cheese is such Madison Richards favorite anyway, being overwhelmingly delighted at the idea, beaming, a smile spread long as well as wide. Inside of those flights of stairs there was a new way of doing things that meant that one each was a way out.

The right way to see how those came to Madison Richards in a time of crisis caused a sense of pure agony. But as time went on, the same came out as those who also went in. Attdown was known for their Christmas tree, it was huge and came in big pieces. Took at least twelve different people just to host it out of the box.

As time went on word got out about our secret Christmas lights display and then those vultures came out flocking to the secret doorway in the back. I saw one now Madison Richards remembered him from a Christmas event last year. He held onto Myra Owens life like a limb looking back now she ran cold with a chill even if it was October still that chill began to creep in.

But surprisingly his name escaped Madison Richards now, but it did not even matter to her. That building was high, like a skyscraper. This was not even a man but a fraction of man in pose as a new sky-high sky scrapper of all metal that was how they got you, and they had Myra Owen by the balls. Lonely, scared staring straight ahead the thought was come, more of a rite of passage, not a demand but on the verge of one.

Each light from Christmas tree lighting was a magic built of at least the finest power ever known to man, and so the lighten ceremony of this tree even took place, eyes widened, voices rose, then depend. Making sounds known to those who were aware, how, who , when , where and even hell I am going out on a limb here and giving you a chance to get to know somebody, why would you be here if not otherwise?

As for all the above, how many times has Madison Richards and little Myra Owen really found themselves in such dire events as time went one by one, we got closer. But each one came with a new sense of self. If you had known, they were going to be here like this. I doubt we had made it clear that we were here to be with each other.

Seems so simple as life is never as simple as it appears to be, but still we go and feel all kinds of things that illnesses really came for Myra Owens vigorously, like knowing that in the end it was a thought Myra Owen might not make it. Long enough to live out any want, dream, thought was going along with Myra Owen. Which felt silly at most, at best like a sense of cold blankets of now frigid snow that does nothing to warm your own heart.

This spot of time where they were was dark and felt eerie like a lake at night with a water vibe, deaths like a grave in water. Think of what that is to go down into a space when you are not a fish, and then coming out up and inside of it with a person that was water timing with a piece of it that was coming to go with a man that was tripping trying to take and keep Myra Owen. Looked in this water fishes haven, of wetness each bay looked out of its walled crib with a sense of hungry thinking their food had come and as he was there it was person that was a new vibe that knew he is no good and wanted to keep a person like Madison Richards was mean with a person and that they.

All were after this place of money from her own world of art, and to make their own world just keep going and that was a bit much, and as time went on. They kept wanting to take her happiness, money… making them feel like they were going to take it one way or another, which meant that they were thinking that if I can get the money then I will also be able to get other things. That was fun, though sometimes as thinking back fish king came to mind to give that well if you know that we are here to give you a way around a world that is going well.

And that a way to know things in life is so fun and they are going to be able to give us a new way of life and love and as we can know that love is going to be able to know that love is going to be there to bring back those cold nights. Into a more proper place that is going to go to a place that will allow us to know that well life is going to know that life is going to feel a way that will allow us to know that life is going to know that life is going to know. That life is going to be a certain way and as life is coming then as life is and goes on then so do, they and I are able to find a way of life and that’s how life is though.

As we were going to those who know that life is going to know that well in a newspaper office was meant to know that well if we go then fine but its’ full of water places that will allow us to know that when Madison Richards was stressing it was a place of water in there that laid to a way of relaxing but now how was Madison Richards was looking for that little place now. Madison Richards was looking for another body of water now to make them both feel better about being extorted for artworks. To make a rival company make more, more, increased money all of Madison Richards dime, and all that money was from a time when Madison Richards was at least twenty-nine, and change, keeping each Madison Richards frantically kept looking over their shoulders.

So as time went on and when we kept looking for those who knew that love was kind enough to keep those images hidden for over two decades and yet as time had made Madison Richards hand over those possessions were a bit like, okay then skiing inside of northern Attdown. Myra Owen came into their path burling ahead of time with those bright red, black and white ski outfits making Madison Richards’ head hurt. But because Madison Richards loved that friend that was there, for all their issues, instead Myra Owen brought only smiles to their faces.

Lighting up rooms was a forte, and nothing but one. Feeling so happy as they each embraced, and hugging their close bond thinking, back to childhood, was each they first met. And Madison Richards was the kid that had just come there, the new kid on the block.

Myra Owen was the old head, original person who dreamed up what I wished for, Myra Owen had, and because of that each girl bonded with love. Real friends, Myra Owen was special to Madison Richards and they each knew it. Happy lives abound about her, but a close friend has a terminal illness which came from the poisoned man whom they met ten years ago.


This man that was making all of them sick was a person of external issues. Thinking of that yellow and blue vomit was annoying Madison Richard’s as we spoke. But Madison Richard remembers leaving Myra Owen alone with the poisoned man as a way of just being who they were.

Made them feel like it was the right day. As the poisoned man woke up there was energy off making them cling to things which were not there to begin with. Those who were poisoning all those women with their weird drinks with these new flavors. Then here came Myra Owen with a young vibrant attitude no issue in the world then getting a drink lined with poison from the poisoned man. Sniffing its smell, its colors off, an eye noticed but it was not Myra Ownes. Sipping Myra Owen started coughing and could not stop this freaked out the mysterious poisoned man, who started to get up hiding from such a crime that made this world feel eerily cold.

Inside as well as out, but when looking out Myra Owen saw the coldness in them both sipping a bit much. There was nothing warm about either one of them making this feeling come to the surface making one more depressed. Then any other, when this became too noticeable one decided party rose taking only one’s own self with.

Looking out from a place of this extremely high building when outside looking they moved, coming closer they eventually made it inside, where it was warm. Less cold. In feeling, thoughts, the poisoned man was lurking below but wanted to come up high with someone else who was warm hearted, like they did not want to feel, look, come off that way anymore, as a person.

Who hangs out with those individuals in the first place is weird, who wants to behave like that when they really, honestly, feel that way to begin with. An odd one came, and one could not too, so in a sense they two were thinking the same thoughts. Regardless of others for real.

With so much drama going on it feels like okay well if I keep on getting this poisoned man to have all these new and bizarre things that make them have this sense of okay well then if they are here okay then we are leaving. Due to issues with self, as Madison Richards began to look around there was this sense of feeling this is it. You know how it goes when you are looking to figure out this life and yet when it comes to you and you are all like what, wait is this really happening what is going on with me, that what the two women were feeling.

As Myra Owen looked at Madison Richards, Myra knew that Madison was thinking about how they were as sick as we were. Madison Richards knew that we could all even get sicker at this point. How was that even possible? I would like to know but hey. Nothing should ever really surprise me now at this time, and point period in life as I have come to see it.

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