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The thing under my bed

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A little boy named Charles thinks there is a monster under his bed. Everyone he tells thinks he’s crazy. No one believes him until it’s too late…

Horror / Humor
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3 am

"Dad!" Charles yelled down the hallway. His dad reluctantly came into his room, rubbing his eyes. "what is it? What do you need?""dad, there's a..." "monster under the bed? Yea, ok" his dad interrupted him. "How did you know I was going ro say that?" "Charles, you complain about the same monster every night" "i know, but can you check for me please'' He gives his dad big puppy dog eyes. "Fine. But promise me you will go to bed right after." "I promise"

His dad walks over to his bed, goes on his knees and looks under the bed. "Nope, no monster." He stood up and looked at Charles. "Now go to bed." He gets up and walks out.

Charles looked over the side of the bed. "I know you're under there. You just need to show yourself"

He laid back in bed and went to sleep.

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