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Jack came to the USA for a business deal, but he had no idea how this trip would change his life. At first, the plane served a bad breakfast, which in fact, was Jack’s favorite meal. Jack didn’t know that that was nothing compared to what he was gonna face soon. Rather sooner. On his way to Castle Rock, the small-town Jack’s client lived in, he saw a man running, and behind him, another man was chasing him with a knife in his hand. At first, Jack thought that they were just kidding. But why were their eyes red? Why wasn’t Jack’s client receiving his phone? Why would an ambulance driver kill himself? Jack didn’t want to find out, but he had no other way.

Horror / Mystery
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Untitled chapter


He’s feeling the pain inside his head. He couldn’t think, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t even scream, he was feeling like hell. Even hell could be better, he thought. Although if anyone would see him from outside, he’d not notice much of a difference. Because, whatever was happening, it was happening inside of him, and he couldn’t start describing it.

Then his eyes turned red, and his vision got blurred. He couldn’t think clearly. All he could think of was ending his life, and that’s exactly what he attempted to do. He took a knife, and cut his wrist.

Blood was everywhere, enough to make anyone panic. He panicked too. He went to the kitchen and turned on the basin tap. As soon as, the water started running, he started washing his blood off his hand.

But it was hopeless. He felt he couldn’t save himself. So, he just let his blood wash away. No idea where it’s going, with what it’s going to mix up.

He just let his blood wash away, and waited to die.

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