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Wolf Academy

By AssassinAria42 All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Mystery

Chapter One- Monster Vs. Wolf

“One Man’s Sunset is another Man’s Dawn... I don’t know what’s up there beyond those hills... But if you ride yonder with your head up and eyes steady... I think that you’ll find that you’re just the hero you’ve been looking for...” -Sherrif Wylie Burp, An American tail Fievel Goes West.

Narrator: Mr. A. D. Wolf Jr.

Once upon a time... No, that can’t be right... Ummm... Long, Long, ago... Ah yes, there was a big bad wolf named Alexander Devlin Wolf Junior... Oh, forget it... Why don’t I just get on with it, right?... Okay... Let’s see here... My full name is Alexander Devlin Wolf Junior. It’s sort of a funny tale of mine, mind you... But not so funny to me after a fashion...

I live in the woods with my brother, Harold George Wolf, my mother makes my brother her favorite more than she does with me... If you have heard of the tall tales about my dad being chased away by the three little pigs, chased away by the woodsman after he ate the little red riding hood and her grandma, and then he was shot and then killed by peter and his hunters of men? I am sure that you do... Good for you, if you know about all that... Well... Here’s where the irony comes in to my very own story...

I have to go do what he did before, and become like him since my name, was named after him! I didn’t know why I was given this name and his own messed up legacies... I didn’t want to be named after my father and I never wanted to be given his next job in life... Speaking of jobs, my mother wanted me to go out into the city of ever after and find one.

It was her idea. Not mine.

Rumor has it that my mom’s boyfriend Derrick, has already found a job and he works as a hotel operator in the Ever After Inn, since there is only one Inn in the Ever After City for man and animals. My dad was not in the family picture for two simple reasons. The break up and then the hook up if you catch my drift. I did not like her ideas. I did not want my family to be split up in the first place, but it happened anyway.

However, not everyone in the Ever After city or its schools get along with each other, especially not even the descendants of their parents before them get along with the other that is evil except for the ones that are good. I wish that I could get out of here, let alone my attitude, I never asked for any of this in the first place. Not by a long shot...

Anyway, forget about Ever After City, my friends and family, lets go back to me. It’s not everyday that I get to go to a special school like this one for example. There are different types of academies to keep the schools separated but equal kind of thing, there’s the prince and princess academies, the Wizards and witch’s academies, the warlocks and necromancer academy, the vampire and werewolf academies, and so on...

You get the idea. My academy is the Wolf Academy, I know, it’s kind of strange isn’t it? Why would this be the only Wolf Academy in the world on an entire planet when everyone else’s academy is two academies into one big happy community?

Well, it’s because of my dad’s history for example. In which I have been trying to get people or others into stop talking about my dad, because I don’t want to remember any of it of what he already did to us. Or tried to do, which makes me nervous every time I think about it. You want to know the really big, scary part about my dad’s history?

...He tried to murder us...

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