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Wakey Wakey....

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A girl wakes up to her normal morning to find her self in a loop. Dieing over and over again

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The wake up call

*Bring Bring Bring* I wake up and turn of the alarm on my phone. Then I put on my clothes and take my bag and keys and put them on the dining room table. Then I made some toast, and got the butter out of the fridge. When I went to get a butter knife from the drawer I felt uneasy. I shugged it off though and opened the drawer. I felt a sharp stab in my eye. I could see blood leaking on the floor. *creak!* I heard a floor board creak behind me. I turned around and saw something in a cloak. The cloak was made of string. Then two hands came out of what looked like the cloaks face hole and grabbed me. It all went black...

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