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Trapped in Kalopsia

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As my weight leans against the door, the veins in my head throb. The building suspense causes my limbs to ache, and ugly cries escape my lips as I wait for the monster to get down here. My body trembles and each faint sound sends a small shriek from my lips. I turn back around to the door, and the burst of energy causes me to try once more. When I charge my full weight against the cold door, my body is sent falling to the ground. My knees hit the tile floors of the mall, and my skin scrapes against the chilling smooth surface. My muscles slightly loosen, and as my hopes spring back up, I scramble to my feet. The long hall stretches down both sides and is filled with small shops with glass windows. A monstrous roar followed by frantic screams travels from behind me, and I clench my fists in order to keep a scream from escaping me.

The sound of rustling footsteps echoes from the distance, and I quickly race into the nearest store filled with luxury clothing. My heels create a faint thumping sound as my feet scrape across the carpet, and I quickly dive for a circular clothing rack of heavy coats. The warmth from the fabrics eases the chills running down my spine, and I try to keep my head straight as I plan my next move.

If I can remember the fastest way to get down to the next floor this would be easier. Why the fuck didn't I know the quickest way? If I would've left the house more I would've known, my inevitable death was my damn fault.

Well...even if I knew the quickest way down, I could barely move. I want to move, but my muscles are frozen in place.

The sound of scraping tile causes my hand to quickly silence myself, and I debate whether or not to run. Whatever is out there knows I'm here, there's no way they couldn't have seen me. I used to be in track back in high school, but that might not help much if I'm going against the fucking devil and his demon army. I have to move, even if I have no chance, at least I can say I tried.

Then again, who the fuck would know whether I tried or not. It was fucking pointless! The sound of toppling objects catches my attention, and my fingers brush across the jackets hanging on the rack. I silently split the clothing in an attempt to see who was out, but the fear of seeing that creature stops me. I crouch frozen, as my mind screams at each cell in my body to move.

The sound of running sneakers scrapes across the tile and sends squeaks echoing through the abandoned halls. Heavy breathing follows the squeaking sound, and my hopes once rise again. I could follow that person out of here!

I take a deep breath and prepare myself to sprint in the direction of the sound. As I wait for my feet to move, I crouch in a still position as the steps get farther away. Come on! Run! You're going to die! If you don't run, you're going to die! I curse under my breath as my trembling limbs sit still, and I attempt to move my heavy legs forward. I try to sprint forward from the clothing rack, but the small metal band around the base catches my heel and sends me face-planting on the carpeted floors. A shot of dull aches and stings ripple through my face before I clumsily stagger to my feet. I almost leap toward the door, to find the thick glass double doors closed. They weren't closed before, I had just run through them two minutes ago.

My head snaps back to scan the small boutique, and nothing but my heavy breaths fill up the room. The clothing racks are neatly stocked, and the shelves are perfectly decorated with more merchandise like purses and shoes. The crystal chandelier hung directly in the center, and the cashier counter was spotless. Not a single pen or object was out of place. The lights flicker sending another uncontrolled shriek, as my mind tries to piece together an escape plan.

The light panels burst, sending tiny pieces of glass shards raining over the shop. I clench my eyes close and cover my head, before feeling light pricks across my arms and legs. The shatter of the glass seems to boom down the halls, and I prepare myself to be snatched by one of the demons. When the room fades to silence, I am still frozen with my arms wrapped around my skull. There are slight but tolerable stings that flare around the skin of my legs, and my mind attempts to open my eyes. The fear of that thing being near sent me into a paralyzed state, and I waited for the slightest sound. Instead of the low growls of the creatures, I hear a blast of static from the speakers in the ceiling.

I slowly loosen my hands from around the top of my head, and shakily look up toward the dark ceiling. The shop was empty and dark, and the only light reaching through the glass doors was from the hall.

"Sarah...." A low voice whispered through the static of the intercom.

A cold chill ran down my spine, and I jump to the glass door. I yank the silver handle, but the doors only budge. I scream as I try to look for the lock, and when the lock seems to be missing I take a few steps back before slamming my body against the doors. The glass hits like cement, and I fall back to the floor.

"Don't...afraid...Won't....you..." the demonic whisper intensifies as the static interrupts almost every other word.

I again scramble to my feet, and the darkness blocks my vision. There was a monster in here, but it wanted to toy with me before killing me. My back is stapled against the wall, and the darkness grows even dimmer the longer I stare. The image of a horrifying demon jumping out sent my heart into frantic flutters, and the static begins to fade. The silence causes me to hold my breath, leaving only the sound of my heart pounding against my ribs.

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