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The dark, something that has scared us as far back as our ancestors. The thought of something lurking in what we cannot see can send shivers down the spines of the bravest men and women! What if these fears were for a reason? What if the thing lurking in the dark was no man, or animal, but something worse; and what if it was in your home!

Horror / Mystery
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A typical night

"To sleep my son", your mother says as she tucks you nice and tight. It's time to lay your head to rest, a sweet kiss, and a good night.

The day has come to a silent end and the night now approaches. The fading rose red sun slowly drops behind the mountains.

You watch the sky go orange to black, the stars begin to come out. The moon shoots up with a full glowing smile, seeming to want to shout.

And in the coming darkness, you lay there patient and still, knowing soon the only light left will be the moon through the windowsill.

Your father had told you tales of demons and monsters that lurked in the dark. The ones that can smell your fear deep within your shaking heart.

You begin to imagine their teeth and claws which they use to slice and cut. Then interrupted by a sudden click, your door had finally shut.

It's time for the monsters to come out and play. You dash under your covers for under there you are safe. "Have they seen me?", you question. You sit there and listen.

A creek in the corner, a bump on the wall, during the day they are normal, but at night it's the monsters, from out the shadows they crawl.

You imagine what these horrible things will do to you, perhaps take you in the night and make you into stew.

Then you remember one more thing your father had told you. With each monster is a hero and the monsters defeat they hold true.

The thought of this put your mind at ease. You begin to relax and drift off into sleep. You dream of battle with these horrible beasts. And upon victory a glorious feast.

Then you continue to dream and dream and dream.....

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