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Thump Thump

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I must be dreaming....right?

You're suddenly awoken by an oddly loud "THUMP". By the look on your face you're sincerely stumped.

And then another and another, you clearly hear. They're behind your door coming up the stairs.

One thump, two thumps, three thumps, four. What creeps up toward your tightly shut door.

Five thumps, six thumps, seven thumps, eight. They grow louder and closer should you sit there and wait.

Nine thumps, ten thumps, eleven thumps, twelve. Horrifying thoughts deep begin to delve.

You picture it all. From its grotesquely long nails, to the damp lingering air. Then you remember a thought which had slipped your mind. The twelfth step was last, it's at the top of the stairs.

"It climbed up so quick". You thought to yourself. Only seconds had passed and this made you feel sick.

Once again the thumps continued. Only this time from down the hall. Your mother's name you try call.

But nothing came out, not even a whisper. You were to scared, you begin to cry and you begin to whimper.

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