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Christmas Claws

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~Christmas Claws~ “Mum, what was that?” Leads to the whole story. “Honey it’s okay just stay quiet.” A book where a single mom is struggling to pay bills until her parents pass away and she gets their house. The run down house has a barn connected to the back with just a few living chickens. They thought it was going to be a dream without neighbors to bother them. Little did they know…

Horror / Mystery
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Athena jiggles the keys in the keyhole until the door knob decided to give out and fall on the moist concrete. "Da** it" Athena says taking out a bobby pin from her hair. "Mummy, im cold, are we almost inside?" Athenas daughter whimpers crouching down so her long coat is touching the wet concrete. "I know Windy. It will be just a sec." Athena responded patiently. "Finally!" Athena shouted in joy as the door flew open. Windy stood up and rushed inside. Unlike their old house it was tidy but definetly old. Windy and Athena had nothing to complain about though because it did have heating to keep them warm in the winter. The door closed behind them. They didnt have mich to unpack and thankfully Athenas parents left their clothes all for them. Athena and Windy unpacked what they had. After about two hours of unpacking Windy was getting sleepy. "Honey, im sorry but I need yo clean your bed first to make sure its safe to sleep in. For now, you can sleep with mummy on the couch." Athena said smiling with admire at her daughter. Windy rubbed her eyes and grabbed her blanket headed to the coach. Athena smiled breathing out, putting her hands on her hips looking at their new house. It needed some work but it was beautiful. Very beautiful. Athena looked away toward the coach satisfied to see Windy dozing off...

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