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Before Time Starts

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Glasses, hand me down band tees, and skateboards, Toby Anston and his best ‘friend’ Azula Thompson set out on an adventure finding the gruesome tale and lies of what hides beneath their school…

Horror / Romance
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The Clock Starts Ticking

It was an early, dusky, Autumn morning, and I had just been woken up by my screeching alarm clock. I pulled up my loose-fitted pajama pants, ruffled my Autumn Red hair, and headed downstairs to the messy kitchen. My mother, a natural red head, and my sister, an energetic bug with dark brown hair, we’re both waiting for me. My sister, Lynn, was waiting impatiently for me to come eat. “It’s been a million days!” She exaggerated. “Oh quit your whining Lynn, he just woke up and still has to eat, we have plenty of time until school and the babysitter.” My mom said. Lynn had been to many schools, daycares, and behavioral centers, but none could keep her right. So, we let her stay home with the babysitter, my Auntie Carol.

I ate my food a bit quickly , and ran upstairs to get my, baggy, MCR band shirt on. Which was my dads before he passed. Before I left for high school, I cleaned my round, black, glasses, and grabbed my Green Day skateboard, also my dad’s. We weren’t a very rich family so, I usually used hand me downs from my dad or cousins. Finally, I left for my crappy old high-school. When I got there, the lobby was packed, as always. It took me at least 12 minutes for me to scurry across the hall to find Azula, my best friend. I have had a crush on her since the 7th grade, yet she hasn’t been able to figure that out. She has a boyfriend Paxton, but she’s told me she doesn’t like him and never wanted his sorry soul. As we walked to our classes, we both saw Paxton. He is tall, has dirty blonde hair, and a pair of annoying brown eyes. He was waiting for Azula to appear , and of course he would smother her with love until she pinched him very hard, followed by a semi-quiet screech from him, then continued our long walk to class talking about him.

As we got to class, one of the teachers stopped us because we were a minute late , due to Paxton holding Azula hostage and loving her as much as he can before the 'painful pinch'. We told them why we were late , and like always Paxton got in trouble , which we giggled a bit at. We took a seat in our class, but before class started I noticed something. The clock was stopped, almost seemed like it was frozen. I thought I needed new glasses for a second, but no. I asked Azula and she noticed it too. We looked around the room and saw that somehow time froze , and we were clueless to know what was happening. The time began ticking away after two minutes passed and I didnt realize it, I couldnt help but zone out during that time and stare at Azula's brown, beautiful face.

She nudged me a bit to signal class was about to start again and to quit daydreaming. I couldnt help thinking about how time stopped randomly, and how it affected others to just freeze up, but not us. We were discussing this at lunch aswell, of course a nearby eavesdropper said "Ahh Toby..you and your silly theories, no wonder your weird!" . I had enough of everyone bullying me , I blurted out "Shut your fucking eavesdropping mouth up! " . I would never say that, especially to a popular girl. Everyone oohed and awed at me. I was getting teary because my anger just spit out all at once in word form to a popular girl! I started to cry a bit and ended up running to the boys bathroom, where I ended up sulking for 1 hour before Azula called for me. She had to get Paxton to fish me out because she isnt a boy. "We're lucky to have someone to get you Toby. Its a shame I'm not a boy like you and can use the boys bathroom." Azula complained. She continued to ask me questions about what happened at lunch, and why I snapped like that. "I-I dont know..im really anxious from that time stopping thing, I just dont know anymore!" Azula rubbed my back and kept saying "Calm down Toby..everything is okay...you're not the only one who sees this." I blushed a bit.

I was heartwarmed of her calming me down, afterall we are best friends, and I like her. I calmed down sooner or later and we continued on with the day. After the school day was done, Azula and I made our way to the woods, where we went crystal hunting. We usually got quartz but this time we found a rose quartz. We were in shock! We never seen something this beautiful before! As we were admiring the beautiful pinkish crystal. I had a vision when I looked at the quartz. All I saw was this pitch black room and the figure.. it was mysterious. It looked like the quartz we picked up, but it had wings, and one eye that was pinkish but had a clock as the eye. I stopped my vision and immediately told Azula what I saw. “Well, let’s just see what happens next.” Azula said. I ignored that vision and we headed for our homes.

When we were close to our homes, we said our goodbyes. I mumbled “Love you.” as I left for my house. I got home and settled in my room. My sister marched in the room some minutes later, with her beady brown eyes and said “Toby, I want to go play! Can you play with me…?” I didn’t have a choice. If I said no, she would be obnoxious and cry. If I said yes she would still be obnoxious with her squeaky happy voice. We went outside and played on our old swing set. My mother kept it because she had Lynn after I turned 13. Now I’m 16, and she’s 3, and can talk but mumbles often. As she swung , I practiced skate board tricks on the tiny slide and ramp that we have in the backyard. It started to rain a little later and we entered the house once again, and of course she took a nap, and I went to my room and processed what happened today. When mom came home, our aunt hugged me and Lynn very tight, and left for the day. We had dinner 1 hour after she got home, then got ready for bed . As my sleepy eyes shut. I started to think why the time froze, and how, and why everything repeats every day.

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