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Before Time Starts

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Time Repeats

I woke up once again from my slumber, repeated what I did yesterday morning, and went off to school. I was sleepy, I hardly slept, because of racing thoughts! Azula gave me some coffee to wake me up, and we talked about our nights. Paxton waited once again for us, and she pinched him, followed with the scream. While we walked to class, time froze again. It was right when I got to the end of the hall, where our classes were. We were technically late , but when it unfroze class hadn't started. Class started and it was hell, I was personally glad it was over after an hour. After being stuck in that hell hole class, Azula and I went to lunch and time itself froze again. While it was frozen we heard screaming sounds coming from the basement , then we heard someone saying “Help me! I’m trapped in this body and can’t get out, I don’t know how to control this!” Finally the screams stopped and the time resumed. I thought I was hearing things for a minute but it continued again and some kids at the table were confused. Azula and I just went on with the day talking about the voices we heard.

Later on that day the power randomly shut off and we heard the generators make this loud boom. Everyone was questioning the problems, and we were too. “This might have to do with your visions” Azula said. I thought it was just normal life stuff, but it didn’t quite add up..why did I hear screaming, and why did the time freeze yesterday and earlier. “I think we are going insane Azula” I said. “No.” Azula answered . “This is happening to me and you only, and you had visions of this happening. ” Azula also said. During classes Azula and I shared our thoughts and guesses on what it could be. We both came up with the idea that there was a monster in school, and it was living in the basement. I knew what the basement looked like. Colorful doors, cobwebs, and pitch black tunnels that end up becoming a sewer. It looked like a burned down abandoned daycare. Often times people would say its haunted, which to our conclusion its true.

I got curious to look down there many times, but as my scaredy-cat self I didn't dare to. Azula on the other hand is brave and smart, that is why I like her so much. She handles my bullies sometimes. I feel like she likes me back, but im not sure. She acts super nice to me, smiles and waves , hugs me when I need it. Azula also glances at me and when I look back at her she turns away and stares blankly at the wall. It would be cool if she liked me back, we could share deep thoughts and maybe a kiss! Some days Azula would say "I want to break up with Paxton and be friends, but im not sure..." Of course I would reply "It's your choice, do what you want." We were on our way to the last block, when we came to a stop. There was a trail of blood leading to the basement! Azula and I were freaked out, along with everyone else. I heard rumors going around that someone was fighting and the victim died , and the person who killed them dragged them to the basement. Of course when we left school to go home and sleep in for the weekend , the police came.

They taped off the area and searched down there. We felt the ground shake for one minute, and then a bunch of sirens came on . As we looked back the firefighters and more police pulled up to the school and went in. "Well they must've found something dangerous down there." Azula said. "Yea, it must be possibly deadly or serious!" I replied. We lived close to the school which was good in some ways, we could hear what was happening from our homes because everything had to be done very loud. We were nosy, as everybody says, and we didnt care.

As Friday ended its day, I stayed up to figure out what was happening. I drew a sketch of my vision, and showed it to Azula through text. She replied with "Damn you art is good! Also thats a weird drawing, maybe it will become useful." After that text I fell asleep, and tried to forget about everything.

As morning rised so did I. A ray of sunshine blinded me as I woke up from my slumber. I was feeling a bit eager to go down to that basement and search, but of course that would mean I would have to sneak into the school, go down there, and basically get caught one minute into searching. I didn't feel like getting caught and that was basically a fear. I made my way downstairs to get bacon, which was fresh . My sister was sitting there all excited and energized. "Good morning Toby ! Did you sleep well!?! Can we play-." I interupted at "play" . "No. I'm sorry but I got to do something important" . Surprisingly she didnt cry, but reply with "Oh...ok" and walked off to play with her Barbies. I was a little shocked.

Maybe she is understanding that I am a teenager, and doesn't want to interfere with change and that shit. I went back upstairs to blast metal music that was my dads. Of course I use hand-me-downs, but the music was special. I would listen to it as a 6 year old. I was always a metal person I guess. My dad died a month after I turned 8. He was my favorite person besides Azula . Dad and I would always spend the day together watching tv, out in the forest, or listening to MCR or Green Day. I still cry thinking about him, i miss him so much. My mom told me as a little kid that he too had visions, no wonder I have them.

As I went downstairs to get some water, I noticed that Mom has left, and Lynn was gone aswell. I looked outside and there she was, out with her friend Maxine. Maxine was very sweet, and somewhat annoying like Lynn. I heard them screaming like they were about to get kidnapped . I told them to keep it down because I could hear them from the kitchen. They listened and went back to push their Barbies down the slide, into a mud puddle. .

I went back into my room with my cold , cup of water when I got a text from mom saying that she would be late coming home. Of course I thought she would be at a bar trying to get some guys but she had a meeting. She always tells me someday she will replace dad but nothing would replace him. He was so kind-hearted and funny. She came home around the time I fell asleep. Lynn had already tucked herself in knowing mom would be late. Mom snuck in our rooms and gave us a kiss on the head, then went to her own and slept. I could hear her sob once in a while. I was thinking maybe she too misses dad and wants her back. I would never tell her I hear her crying , I don't need her going on and on about dad because it is a sensitive topic and she knows it.

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