Dear Old Jack

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Chapter 13: Conscious Killer

I woke up to the sound of banging on the hotel door.

Jack shot up from the bed, alert. He cautiously peeked through the door hole and whispered, "Shit."

"What is it?"

"It's the police."

"John! Jack!" Abelian called, "We know you're in there."

"How the hell did they find us?" I asked as I quickly slipped on pants and a shirt.

"They probably followed us from the station last night. I swear I knocked everyone out, though." Jack started looking around, frantically. "There's no window, we can't escape." Then he shoved his hand into his bag and pulled out a gun.

"Whoa! What the hell, Jack?" I backed up. "What are you planning to do? Kill the police?"

That's when the door was kicked in by Abelian. "Stand back!" he shouted at the both of us.

Jack tucked his gun in the back of his waste-band and I quickly became very nervous of the outcome in this situation.

Abelian had three uniformed police officers behind him. "You assaulted police officers last night, you escaped from the you have any idea how much trouble you're in?"

"I'm sure I could guess," I half-smiled.

"Not to mention you're wanted for murder." Abelian's eyes fell to Jack. "And your accomplice."

"Accomplice?" Jack looked at me. "In what exactly?"

"Stop with the games, John told us the truth."

Jack glanced up at me with a hard stare, "Did he now?" He gently placed his hand over the gun on his person.

"Come with us, your both under arrest," Abelian ordered, pulling out two sets of handcuffs."

Jack slowly began to pull out the gun, "I'm sorry inspector, I can't do that."

"Jack," I whispered, "What are you doing?"

He elbowed me, silencing my words.

"You don't have a choice," Abelian stated, preparing to approach us.

"We'll see about that." Jack smirked.

Jack shot the chandeilier above us, landing on the three officers before he grabbed tight to my wrist practically dragging me out of that police station. Abelian was on the ground with an injured leg, yelling at us things that I couldn't hear.

Seeing as it was mid-day, the streets of London were packed and we had to push and shove our way through crowds as the officers chased us with Abelian hot on our heels. I was surprised to see how fast this man could run.

Taking sharp corners down random poverty-stricken alleyways, we zipped through the city with ease. My lungs and legs were both giving out by the time we reached the docks.

There was nowhere to run. We were cornered.

“Hault!” Abelian ordered. “Or we’ll be forced to take you down!”

I whispered to my friend, “Jack, what do we do now?”


I gawked at him. “What?”

He grabbed my arm. “We jump!” then he pulled me into the English Channel.

When I fell back into the ice water, I thought my spine shattered. We sank several feet into the murky depths.

We soon resurfaced and I felt Jack's hand cup my mouth as I'm sure he knew I would have a few harsh words for him. We were underneath a loading dock with a bunch of fishermen up top having a couple of chin wags.

Very close by, though, I could hear Abelian order his men to search the docks. We were there for a very long time until the cold water became unbearable causing us to emerge and flop onto the shore which drew people's attention. My muscles were aching.

Lying there on his back Jack said, “Well, that was a complete fiasco! I blame you entirely, John.”

“It’s not my fault!” I protested. “It was the other John’s fault.”

Jack growled at that statement. “This other John really needs to be taken care of.”

“We need to get out of sight before Abelian comes back.”

People were staring now considering we were soaking wet and yelling at each other.

Obviously we couldn’t return to the hotel, for Abelian’s men would surely be waiting for us. So Jack, being the brilliant-minded fool he is, decided that we would reside close to the docks as our ship would be leaving tonight and we couldn’t miss it. This was our only way out of the United Kingdom.

Deep in the city is where we decided to stay, hiding out in alleyways and finding an old dilapidated building that appeared untouched for years.

The police would surely never find us here. Unless evil John decides to show his ugly face.

“This so-called plan of ours wasn’t entirely thought through,” Jack said, putting a strong emphasis on the word 'plan' with a look that had the means of mocking me.

This wasn’t exactly a great plan. It was more of a spontaneous decision that we had one night while we were slightly intoxicated.

But every great plan is the result of a slight intoxication.

“Traveling to France wasn’t my idea, Jack,” I sighed while looking around at the dusty old structure we sat in. “Frankly, I don’t see how it’s going to solve anything.”

“John, we’ve been through this before.” He wasn’t even looking at me while we spoke, for his eyes skimmed the page of a novel. “We must escape England. We’re wanted felons. Showing our faces in this city any longer would be suicide. We will certainly receive the guillotine for the crimes in which the two of us have committed. Abelian will show no mercy.”

“I can’t run away from my own mind.”

At these words, he gazed up at me. “Again, we’ve been through this before. Your mind is not as dangerous as you believe. The more you fear it, the more power it will receive. This other John isn’t a threat to you or anyone around you.”

My paranoia was beginning to ruin everything. Dwelling on this matter will only make it worse. Ignoring this other John could actually stop him from controlling me. He might be in my head but I have the upper hand.

I’m the one running this joint.

Jack closed his book. “Tomorrow we depart for France and we’re never looking back. Say goodbye to London, John, because it will soon become a distant memory.”

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