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Tag, your it.

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Aspen is living a normal happy life. Until they watch the news and The Unknowns start taking over the world killing people. Aspen and her Girlfriend are trying to survive from The Unknowns. What will happen? Will they survive?, or be tagged, and be it.

Horror / Other
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I was running. Running far away, Fastly. Something was chasing me. I had a gun, bat and a knife on me.

I tried to shoot it, but missed. Damn it. I kept running and ran into a torn up house. The thang that was chasing me ran past it.

I slowed my breathing down and sat down.

“Oh, hi there. You must be very confused on what’s going on. Let’s back up a little.”

[10 days earlier]

“Sis! Can you help me hang the lights up?”

“Yea! I’m coming shit head!”

I walked into the living room and my brother was standing on a latter trying to hang up lights. He’s suck a big baby. In a good way.

I stepped on a latter next to him and helped him.

“Oh thank you little sis!”

He hugged me and we both fell off the latters. He fell next to me and we looked at each other and started laughing.

It’s just me and my brother. No one else.

Next thing i know the news came on and we both looked at the tv.

“Attention world citizen’s! And apocalypse has occurred with unknown species! Theses species have a bitch effect and are all black!”

Me and my brother looked at each other and then back at the tv.

“If you look them in there non seen face, you will die. Please everyone. Be sa- AHHHH!”

And the tv cut off. We looked at each other and he gave me my gun, bat, and knife. He ran into our room and put stuff in my little backpack and put it on me.

He put his favorite hair clip in my hair and one of the what I call them, ‘The Unknowns’ knock our door down.

“Aspen go!”



I ran out of the back door and looked at Dj. My brother. He looked at the non seeing face and fell to the floor dead.

I was terrified I started running. And I’ve been running ever since.

[Present day]

So that’s what happened. And here I am now. Trying to survive this world. My girlfriend, Griffin.

She was at our hidden camp sight. I ran to where it was and climbed into it. I set Everything down and looked at her.

She was laying on the floor, sleeping. But I didn’t know that.

I started freaking out and ran over to her shaking her.

“Griffin! Griffin please wake up!!”

I checked her pulse and and I could feel it. I calmed down and I sat next to her. I hope we survive.

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