A Parting Gift

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The investigation into the stabbings at the Knollcrest Apartments was pretty straight forward. Detective Connors liked that. The last thing he needed was another unsolved case tossed onto his already towering pile. For every solved murder, there was at least a dozen yet to be cracked. This one, however, was a wrap. The perpetrator had been shot red handed, within seconds of his two murders. Aside from traffic violations and one drunk in public, Brian E. Abbot had a clean record. Even when the “who” and “how” was figured out, Connors always pursued the “why”. He was certain that drugs were involved, in cases like this, they usually were. The only thing that really puzzled him, however, was how this case related to one he had worked on the previous week involving an insane trucker, Derrick Nolan, who had gone on a killing spree across the state, before plummeting into a ravine to his death. It would seem to be a remarkable coincidence that the person, who found Derrick and nearly became his last victim, had become the victim maker tonight. Detective Connors, however, did not believe in coincidence.

Management at the Knollcrest Apartments wasted no time hosing the bloodstains off the concrete and cleaning up the mess on the upstairs landing. The murder weapon was sent to evidence and yellow warning tape was placed over the door and shattered windows of apartment 5A, pending further investigation. The bodies had gone to the morgue. The rest of the residents went back to their rooms, fastening all locks even though the danger had past. Jessica Ferris of 1A, scooped up Miss Harrington’s cat and took her back to her own apartment, murmuring soothing words into her fur. Nathan Avery of 2A, a perpetually bored and jaded teenager, was headed back to his apartment, when he noticed something in the grass at the edge of the parking lot. Brushing his black Emo bangs out of his eyes, he bent down to pick up the flash drive.

8GB, Cool! He thought to himself, holding it up to the light. I wonder what’s on it.

Realizing that he was smiling, he quickly put on a scowl and peered about to be sure he was unobserved. It would not do for his reputation to be caught in a state of contentment. Turning the object over a few times in his fingers, he finally pocketed it and eagerly went back to 2A.
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