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OpenAI Crafted Story - Abner and Sadie

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An OpenAI Crafted Story - Abner and Sadie based on a twitter post.

Humor / Scifi
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Short Story

“Hey OpenAI: Craft a story about a man named Abner and a woman named Sadie and a double yolk egg. Use the words jacked, ripped, swole, stacked, strapped, shredded, buff and yoked.”

Abner was a man who was always looking for ways to improve his physical fitness. He spent hours at the gym, lifting weights and working on his muscles. He was determined to get jacked, ripped, and swole, and he was making great progress.

One day, while he was at the grocery store, Abner came across a carton of eggs with a strange label on it. It read “Double Yolk Eggs - Guaranteed to Help You Get Stacked, Strapped, and Shredded!” Intrigued, Abner decided to give them a try.

He bought a dozen eggs and headed home, where he cooked up a batch of scrambled eggs for breakfast. As he was about to dig in, he noticed something unusual about one of the eggs. It had not one, but two yolks!

Excited by this rare find, Abner decided to eat the double yolk egg first. He figured that if it really did help him get stacked, strapped, and shredded, he’d need all the help he could get.

As he ate the egg, Abner couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and determination. He was convinced that this double yolk egg was the key to his fitness goals.

And he was right. Within weeks, Abner was looking and feeling better than ever. His muscles were bulging, and he was yoked like never before. His friends and family were amazed by his transformation, and they all wanted to know his secret.

Abner told them about the double yolk eggs, and soon everyone was rushing to the grocery store to try them for themselves. And thanks to the power of the double yolk egg, the whole town was soon looking buff and feeling great.

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