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The bard Rob

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Weird and funny letters from Nottingham in the Robin Hood's time. The letters are narrated by The Bard Rob.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

Letter 1 - Letter of love to Lady Marion.

Dearest Lady Marion. You do not know how much I miss you, and I don’t think either. I mean...I know how much I miss you but I miss you so much that I don’t know how much actually. I really think it can’t be measured. This is to tell you that you have to trust, ever since I first saw you, right after I walked away, I have missed you.

Unfortunately my lady I cannot be seen in daylight at the moment, but every night I use the light of your room, high in the tower, as a reference point. The problem is when you turn it off because while I’m climbing, having no more light, looking for grips, no more grips for my hands, I fall.

But the love I feel for you makes me withstand pain in my back and allows me to say, tomorrow night I will do it again. Oh many enemies these days, enemies of our love. Everyone tries to stop it. Everyone tells me, “Don’t do it! You’ll get hurt!” Everyone advises me against it. They tell me things like “Why do not you try texting her to keep that light on more or find other solutions”. They just want to distract us! Oh my dear Marion. But I will not stop, I will keep climbing, undaunted. And until that light stays on long enough I will climb, fall, get up and climb again, because no one will be able to put a spoke in the wheel, in our love.

My dear, think about me when you light those candles while I’m there climbing. Your feather, full of love. I can’t use my real name, but you know.

The Bard Rob

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