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join in with this interactive book where you get to experience life as a detective in Banana Agency with none other than BONKERS!

Humor / Children
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Psst! Because I work at a professional agency called Banana Agency and am rumored to be on a mission, introductions serve no purpose. I am now at the house of Doctor White..... let’s just say that he’s a bit of a nerd however he tends to have a fun personality.

“Ahh, bonky me boy. How have you been?” He’s an owl, I forgot to mention that. He slowly hugged me with his pure white wings.

“I’m fine Dr. White ,”

“What brings you here?”

“In fact I am here with my new assistant. Their name appears to be-

Detective Jace - koala(female) Detective Lee - panda(male)

(your assistant)says "it’s a pleasure to meet you Dr. White.”

“Oh, I didn’t see you. Come on in bonky!

So it was a bit of a pain to know all that stuff for nerds. I don’t consider myself a nerd, so I carried on my quest, leaving Dr. White’s house after receiving some samples from him.

Then I brought them to the agency and gave them to someone I trust which is.....



“(Your friend)says Hello, Bonky! How are you?”

“I’m fine, OK, I need you to study these crocodile samples and how long will it take?”

“2 hrs siiirrrrrrrrr,”



“Well ok then i’ll guess i’ll carry on my mission to the AMAZON RAINFOREST,bye (your friend).”

Come on (your assistant) we might get tired but it’s fine and we are brave (by bananas).

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