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Ethan Is Trash: A Short Story

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A short story about two people who meet by text — the ‘you have the wrong number’ type of text.

Humor / Other
Kiana Alejandra
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As I rode Line 4 on the subway I felt a familiar vibration hum against my right leg. I looked down and flipped my phone over, exposing my lockscreen. There was a message from an unknown number. I swiped up and read it.

‘I guess you had other plans that you didn’t care to warn me about’.

I scowled. What?

I stared at my phone in confusion. I mentally ran through the list of peoples numbers I deleted in my phone awhile back. I don’t think anyone from that list would be dumb enough to text me again. So, who was this? Whoever they were talking to obviously had some explaining to do. Curiosity got the best of me and instead of telling them they had the wrong number I decided to play along.

‘What do you mean?’ I pressed send. Two seconds later I got a response.

‘Don’t play dumb Ethan, you said we were going to meet up at 7 and it’s 8:45. I’ve been at this stupid park for almost 2 hours waiting for you. Did you double book? Or did you decide I wasn’t worth meeting up with? Because honestly I deserve an explanation as to why you thought it would be okay to stand me up. You know I have trust issues. The one time I decide to take a risk I end up getting screwed over’.

My mouth dropped open as I read the paragraph. This Ethan guy was in trouble. Too bad he didn't know it yet. I pursed my lips to hide the smile that threatened to creep onto my face. This person was going through a crisis.

I began to type.

‘Hey, not going to lie, I don’t know who you are. I think you might have the wrong number. I’m sorry you got stood up. Guy seems like trash. You deserve better. But don’t lose hope on that stuff. Good things will come around eventually’.

As I waited for the person to respond I felt the subway slow to a stop. The announcement told me that it was my stop and so I got up and walked off the train. As I rounded the corner to walk up the stairs my phone buzzed in my pocket.

I reached for it and looked at the screen.

“Sorry. Yeah, thanks’.

I stopped halfway up the stairs earning a few pushes and shoves from the busy New York crowd. My fingers automatically started tying another response.

‘I’ll be getting coffee at Blue Bottle coffee in twenty. Not sure if you had any other plans today but I’ll be there if you wanted a backup plan, or just some random company. I’ll be wearing a tan beanie.’

I don’t know what possessed me to send that message. I guess the thought of them alone after being stood up didn’t sit right with me. Even to the most introverted introverts, there comes a point where being left alone begins to sting in a way that leaves a mark.

After I sent the message I continued up the stairs that led me into the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

They never responded.

Twenty minutes later, I walked in to Blue Bottle coffee my eyes automatically scanned the menu. That was purely habit, as I already knew what I wanted. As I approached the cashier, in the corner of my eye, I saw a woman with long brunette hair, round glasses with gold rims, and olive skin. She sat at a table by herself. She stuck out specifically because she looked so...alone.

I must have stared a second too long because next thing I knew, her eyes met mine and a weird expression of recognition mixed with wariness crossed her facial feautures. She looked at the top of my head then her eyes scanned the rest of my body. Is this how women feel when guys check them out? I could see how that could be irritating.

All I knew was, I’ve never seen this chick in my life. Before I could say anything, she got up and walked towards me. She stopped right in front of me and smiled.


I looked down at her hand that was extended in my direction.

I hesitantly shook it. Her red gloves matched the red beanie on her head.

She must have seen the confused look on my face because she chuckled.

“My name is Sarah. I think we both agreed on the fact that Ethan is trash”.

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