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Frankie Wangadoodle's Funhouse

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Three teens return to the visit Frankie, a weirdo who might have had something to do with their friend's sudden change in personality.

Humor / Horror
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Freaky Frank

Half a mile down the actual fair, three teens walked through the woods until they approached a black barn with “funhouse” spelled in chipped white paint over two wide metal doors. Two of the teens, a tall, lanky boy with shaggy black hair and a short girl with a grey beanie and nose ring ran up and pounded on the metal doors. They heard giggling and turned to hurry to their friend in order to shield him away.

“Heyy. Hey! Come on now, it’s getting dark out.” said the lanky boy.

“Come on we can see you behind that tree you weirdo.” said the girl.

A jester in ten-foot stilts with a white painted face, and bulbous red shoes wobbled as he walked up to the three.

“Hello!” said the jester as he swooped his head down, grinning widely with his long yellow teeth.

“Hey, our friend came here and hasn’t been the same ever since.” said the lanky boy.

“Yeah he can barely look anyone in the eye and never wants to do anything anymore.” said the girl.

“Yeah, I’ve lost all my creativity. My uhh, my… hmm.” said the zombie kid who was wearing a grey hoodie.

The jester stood up and said, “MMMMH, I remember him, why, his soul came already shattered. I just caught the pieces. Hehe.”

“Yeah so fix him.” said the girl.

The jester swooped down again into an “M” shaped squat and the kids began to question whether those were actual stilts or not.

“No refunds. For, each journey… must start, ANEW. Hehehehe.”

“Stop being weird.” said the girl.

“Yeah stop speaking in riddles or whatever you’re doing.” said the lanky boy.

The jester paused and blinked.

“Uhhh… sure! Follow meeee.” he said as he opened one of the metal doors.

“The ailed one first.” said the jester showing the way with his white gloved hands.

As the zombified kid walked in, the jester quickly shoved the other two to the ground and locked the door.

“Ooops,” said the jester as he swallowed and gulped the key down.

The two looked at him with their mouths gaped in an annoyed bewilderment.

“Yo screw this, just call the police.” said the lanky boy.

“No no! WAIT, wait. He must do this on his own heheh.”

Inside the funhouse was a long, snakey hallway of mirrors and out the corner of his eye, the zombified boy knew what was appearing and then dashing away from him and so, with an arm held forward, he began to trudgingly chase the fleeing images that looked and felt all too familiar.

He ended up in a room with mirrors all around him. He blinked and the mirrors encircled him. In each mirror, a person with his very face appeared and each one stood before him with different clothes. A few were different ages, but he particularly engaged his sight on the reflection directly facing him, who was his same age and wore a silver sparkled purple blazer, a red shirt, gold tie, and blue pants.

“Guys, please get back in me. I need you guys; I’ll do whatever it takes for all of us to get along. I need my creativity, without you guys, I’ve lost my… my special something, my—”

“Your mojo?” said the beforementioned one as he smirked before pulling down his gold shades to give a little wink, revealing his red and gold eyes.

“Yes. I need it back.” the boy said with a groan.

“Well you’re gonna have to earn it.” said the stylish one.

“How? I’ll do anything. I feel like I’m walking through molasses at this point.”

“You have to face Growlie.” said a different reflection.

“Who?” asked the boy.

“You know.” said another reflection.

“What? … Sure, yeah.” said the boy.

“Well you’ll find him right through there.” said the stylish one, pointing towards a door behind some mirrors near him.

“Wait that wasn’t there before.” said the boy.

“Cheshire Jay will meet you to prep you up.” said the stylish one.

“Uh- okay.”

They both stood there staring at each other for a moment.

“Alright so go in.” said the stylish one.

As the zombie kid opened the door, he saw a green, skinny, wart covered goblin with long pointy ears.

“Yoohoo.” It said wiggling its fingers at the boy.

The boy tried turning back, but the door shut in his face.

“Uhh, heyy there, buddy? So, are you supposed to help me?”

The goblin made silly faces.

“Uh, excuse me?” said the boy.

The goblin continued making wacky faces.

“Are you just mocking me?”

“Mer moo muh momming me.” said the creature.

The boy grunted in mild annoyance.

The goblin then squinted its eyes and walked like an old man while mouthing its tongue out.

The boy softly chuckled and the goblin stopped and smiled. It then morphed into a purple and green chubby fox with gold eyes. It got on its back and started cooing like a baby. It then got up and started running around making airplane noises.

“Hey man, you lead the way.” said the boy.

It made air traffic control motions and the kid walked until he noticed a metal chain in the center of the room. The kid motioned if he was supposed to pull it and Cheshire Jay began to fade.

He turned off the light and was covered with a pitch-black darkness. He felt a heavy presence nearby, one that sent goosebumps down his spine. He heard a howlish growl and pulled on the chain again, but the room turned a dim blood red where he saw a black mass move swiftly through newly added mirrors.

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