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Demons go to therapy

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Julie is a therapist. So she used to seeing and hearing all kinds of strange things. But things take a surprise turn when demons break into her home. What's even weirder is that they don't want her soul, they want therapy. Not only does Julie have to make room for 7 demons but she must find a way to cure them of their habits. The only question is can she do it?

Humor / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Somewhere in New York lived a 25-year-old woman. She was tall, had blonde hair, and had milky white skin. She was very pretty. Her name was Julie Anders. Julie was walking down the sidewalk to work. It was only 30 minutes away, and despite the cat-calling construction crew, it was actually a nice walk. She had finally made it to the tall brick-red building. Julie loved her work. She always helped people even when she was a child. When she was a child she always took up the chance to be the teacher’s helper. As she got older she became more active in her community. This job was so right for her.

When she arrived at her office someone was already there. It was a man. He was tall and had brown hair, charming eyes, and a winning smile. He was Julie’s co-worker. He was looking at Julie's picture of her cat.

“ Personally I’m a dog person myself,” He said, already sensing her presence.

“ Well I think it’s nice to have different opinions” Julie responded, taking the frame out of his hand.

He chuckled and headed for the door but then turned around and said “ Hey I and a couple of friends are going out for drinks. You’re welcome to join us”.

Julie rolled her eyes and gave him a look. He smiled and left. Julie never understood how he got his degree or how he was able to work here. He only sees girls who’ve been through bad breakups. Then he ends up going out with them. As for going out, She hung out with him once when she first started working here. His “ friends” were actually just girls; he only wanted to take them out to feel like a big man. He ended up showing them off like trophies. Julie felt uncomfortable so she ended up leaving. She never went out with him ever again. But other than that she loved her life. She wouldn't change anything.

Jullie was done for the day. She felt fulfilled today. She closed her office, packed her things, and left for the day. She arrived at her apartment. Her white cat came to her. She sat in front of her.

“ Well hello there Angel,” Julie said petting her cat.

After getting what she wanted Angel went over to the couch and hopped up on it and lay down. Julie set her things down and sat next to her.

“ Angel, I had quite a day. First thing in the morning Jacob comes into my office snooping around. Then Ms. Crawford..one of my clients is crying about her husband. I suggest she leaves him but she says no because she’s too old for a divorce. Then of course Dr. Jones comes over to talk about his family, he’s such a nice man He-” Juliet was ranting on.

“Meow,” Angel interrupted.

Julie saw that Angel clearly wanted a nap. She went to make herself dinner. After a while, it was time for her to go to bed. She snuggled in her comfortable bed and drifted off to sleep. She had a dream of a person calling her. She couldn't see them. All she could see was a bright light. Her dream was interrupted by the sound of someone eating chips. She woke up immediately. But she didn’t move. The sound was coming from behind her. She slowly turned around.

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