Control the Beat

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14 | Nutella

“I still can’t believe he had the nerve to turn up at this camp.” Shannon seethed. “Did he not understand what a fist to the face meant? Or did he like it so much he wanted to test it again?”

I had explained everything to Shannon the night before. She handled the information worse than anyone. She was pissed, and would do anything to get a slap at Marc.

“I must say that you and Chase are quite cute to be honest.” She added slyly, causing me to blush.

“Shut up.” I replied, as I braided my long hair.

“I’m just saying!” She laughed in defense, she glanced at me and laughed harder. “God May, what color is red?”

I rolled my eyes playfully, brushing her comment off.

“It’s quite weird though. Turn It Up have been spending more days here, than in their own camp.” Shannon stated.

I frowned. “Was it not always like that?”

“No. Camp TIU only came to camp on bonding day, even then most of them didn’t show up. They all come on the first day, and then make excuses.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. That’s weird. I thought.

“I think most of it has to do with Chase. He finds you hilarious.” Shannon smirked.

I grimaced at her, and grabbed my bag. “Mr Williams is calling a meeting.” I informed her, trying to divert her attention away from Chase. The topic was awkward.

“Oh I know.” She continued to smirk, “I bet he likes your hair… It’s very pret-“

“Oh my god! Shut up!” I wailed, covering my ears and running towards the door.

Shannon chuckled and skipped after me. “Oh her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like their not shining!” She sang. “Her hair. Her hair, falls perfectly without her trying, she’s so beautiful! And I tell her everyday!”

I glared at her, in a shut up or I’ll kick your ass, way. She shrugs and dances out the door. “Your voice is hot and all, but you annoy me with it!” I yelled after her.

She twirled around and looked at me. “I’m too hot! Call a police and a fireman. I’m too hot! Yeah. Make a dragon wanna retire man.”

I just laughed at my idiotic friend. You could tell she was listening to Bruno Mars recently.

“Come on!” She screamed.

Yes screamed. It’s like she was on a sugar rush, which is weird because she hadn’t even had any sugar yet.

I jogged after her, towards the dining area. Mr Williams had called a meeting. He said something big had come up, and he wanted everyone there, even camp TIU, so he could explain.

“Hey!” Shane greeted, as I sat down beside him.

“S’up.” I replied, frowning at Shannon who had tried to jumped onto her seat, and fallen off it in the process.

“Dude, you okay?” Josh stifled a laugh, as he helped her up.

“I’m good!” She blushed.

I rolled my eyes, and helped myself to bacon and sausage. I threw the pieces of meat onto a slice of bread, and allowed Shane to pour ketchup over it.

“This is better than nutella.” Shane announced.

I waved his comment away. Sure this was nice, yet nutella was chocolate. Nothing beats chocolate.

“You’re hairs nice, May.” Cassie complimented. “I can never get my hair to braid.”

I thanked her through a mouthful of food, and swallowed quickly to reply. “I can do yours tomorrow if you want!” I offered with a grin.

“Okay. Okay, her hairs awesome. Cassie’s will be awesome. Now to the important stuff.” Max interrupted. “What do you think the big news is?”

“That they’re going to make Jessica’s father do the chicken dance in front of us, as a punishment for his rudeness?” I declare hopefully.

The people around me burst into laughter at this. “I think you already punished him May.” Josh winked.

“Shannon helped!” I added quickly, hoping for Shannon to catch Josh’s attention.

“So did Chase.” Shannon smiled, smirking at me.

“Chase would do anything to take the spotlight.” Josh grumbled. “He can’t be a golden boy, if he isn’t involved in everyone’s business.”

I grimaced at his bitchy tone, and glanced at Shane expectantly. Shane shook his head. “He’s just pissed. He’ll be in a better mood later, just wait it out.” He whispered.

I groaned in protest. I hated waiting. I was the most impatient person on the planet, or universe.

Shane chuckled, but continued to eat his sausage sandwich. “So Josh,” Shannon started, “write any new songs lately?”

I smirked to myself, carefully watching the exchange.

“Aw don’t ask!” Josh mumbled. “I can’t think properly! None of the lyrics fit with the music, I just can’t seem to get it to work.”

“I can give you a hand sometime, if you want?” She offered.

“Yeah that’d be great!”

I smiled at Shane, who was smirking into his food. He looked at me, with an amused smile, which quickly turned into a frown as he stared over my shoulder.

I glanced behind me, to see Jessica making her way over. “Urgh. Queen W alert. I repeat Queen W alert.” I grumbled.

“Shannon!” Jessica called in sickly sweet voice. “I thought you would sit with your group today, considering it’s a meeting.”

“I have more than one group Jessica.” Shannon replied calmly.

“That isn’t how it works.”

“Stop making up rules Jessica.”

“These rules have been here for ages.”

“Luckily I’m with rebel. What do you rebels do? Break rules.”

Jessica glared at Shannon, before flicking her hair over her shoulder. “Anyway. Mr Williams announcement is about a record. It’s going to go worldwide. I’m obviously going to be the main singer, so I was wondering if you would be my second?”

“How do you know you are going to be the main singer?” Cassie butted in.

“Because it’s me. I’m the best singer here.”

Cassie rolled her eye’s and went back to her breakfast, muttering under her breath.

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Jessica.” I grumbled. Jessica looked at me with disgust, “What? Is that some sort of peasant slang?”

“No. It’s some sort of ‘fuck off before I beat your ass’ slang.” I replied calmly.

Jessica sighed. “Quit with the tough act May. No one cares about who you are. You’re new, you’re like a shiny new toy, and by next year you’ll be thrown away.”

I just smiled at her. That was a different tactic used by Jessica. “You see Jessica. I, unlike you, don’t care about how people see me. I will act however I want to act. I’m not a fake bitch who will do anything for popularity. I’d rather be thrown away rather than pretend to be someone I’m not.”

“You’ll come begging May. You’ll see.”

“I’m sorry, but I’ll never be able to watch your dreams, for me to see.”

I heard a group of voices approaching the area, and turned to see camp TIU coming to us. They all sat down on the ground, because all the tables were already full.

Mr Williams grinned and stood up at his table. Jessica shot me one last glare before scurrying back to her table.

“As you all know I have called you here for a meeting.” Mr Williams smiled. “I have some very important news to share with you.”

I glanced at Shannon, who’s eyes were sparkling with excitement.

“I have gotten you guys, a contract with my old recording agency!” He announced.

Everyone in the camp screamed with excitement.

“I will be picking two main singers. I will pick someone to write the song, there will be dancers because it’s a video. And everyone will participate!” He added.

Jessica was smirking, and all the girls surrounding her were fussing and adoring the Queen W.

“I’ve already picked the two main singers. One from both camps.”

The crowd hushed, waiting for Mr Williams to announce the two singers. Would he actually pick Jessica? I thought, After what her dad did?

“Our singer from camp Turn It Up, is male. His name is Chase Commons.”

The crowd screamed congratulations for Chase. There was a few shouts of protest, but most people seemed to admit that Chase was an amazing singer. Jessica seemed pleased that Chase was going to be her co-worker.

Chase stood up and shot the crowd his golden smile, which would probably made most of the breathless.

“The second singer is female. From camp Step Up the Beat, you’re main singer is…” Mr Williams paused dramatically. Jessica began to stand up to thank her minions.

"Mary Poppins!”

We froze, and he laughed at his own joke. "Just kidding! May Riley!"

“What!” Jessica screamed over the crowd’s cheers.

I sat stunned. Shane wrapped his arms around me, congratulating me, as Shannon stood up and screamed with excitement.

I’m going to be in a video. Everyone at home will see me. I thought to myself.

With Chase!

I looked up and caught Chase’s eye. He smirked at me, and winked.

“God help me.” I whispered, before smiling at the crowd with fake excitement.


“I don’t get why you’re so worried May. You’re obviously into him, just play it out.” Kelly told me down the phone.

“I don’t like him!” I whisper-yelled.


“What about you and Chris?” I added quietly.

“He came after me. Met me in my apartment.” She muttered.

“Wait. Seriously!” I asked, shocked.

“Were going for coffee next week.”

“No. Coffee is way too soon. Go for tea. No coffee yet!”

Kelly chuckled at me, and the door of the the dance studio opened. “I’ve got to go Kelly. I’ll talk to you later.”

She bade goodbye, before hanging up.

“Is Chase here yet?” Mr Williams asked gently, as he sat down on one of the studio’s uncomfortable chairs.

“Not yet. But it’s Chase, he’s always late.” I replied lightly.

Mr Williams laughed. “Sir… Why did you choose me?” I asked the question that I had been wondering for the last hour.

“Because your voice is different.” He replied with a smile. “It’s something that isn’t in the business. There are no famous singers that have your voice. Yet Jessica would be competing with Katy Perry or Taylor swift. You however have a rocky voice that is also mixed with an unique accent.”

I frowned. “My voice is… rocky?”

Mr Williams nodded, amused.

The door burst open and Chase stumbled in. “I’m here!” His shirt was ragged, his hair was a mess. There was a lipstick stain on his cheek.

“Smooth.” I told him. He eyed me in confusion. I pointed to my cheek, and his eye’s widened in realization.

Mr Williams face palmed, and shook his head. “Okay to business.”

We both stood in front of him, waiting for him to continue. I grabbed a piece of tissue from my pocket, and wiped Chase’s cheek clean. I found the luminous pink lipstick disturbing.

“I have chosen to use the song that Josh and Shannon are working on. It is coming on to be a very good song.” Mr Williams explained. “I have the first verse, and chorus here. You two can practice. Cassie has already made the music for the lyrics.”

He handed us a sheet with the lyrics and grinned at our faces, I guess we looked intrigued. “Lighten up! This is a great opportunity kids.”

I nodded and Chase smirked. “Thanks Mr Williams.”

“You two are talented. That’s why I picked you.” He smiled kindly, and patted my cheek. “You’ll do great.”

He got up off his chair uneasily, and walked towards the door. “Good luck.” He winked.

I glanced over at Chase and mentally groaned.

I read through the lyrics, and ended up quite impressed. Except there was a small problem. We were supposed to sing to each other.

“Well this is going to be interesting.” Chase mused. I glared at him, and flicked him off. “Hey! I thought we were getting on well! After what happened in the woods.”

“Nothing happened in the woods.” I replied.

I lifted the sheet and began to sing the first few lines.

“I guess no one can be perfect.

Not how we want to be.

I guess I won’t be seen the one,

By the person I only see.”

Chase read through the lyrics. “Hopefully this isn’t about you.” He muttered.

I lifted my head up, and stared at him in panic. “It can’t be.”

“If you say so.”

“Oh I realize what I need to do!

Yeah I realize how to get you.

I don’t act like someone new,

I be myself, I be true.

So yes I can be a bit of trouble.

Oh yes I can be too noble.

But if they care, they ain’t for me.

’Cus I know who I’m meant to be!”

I finished the chorus, at the same time as Chase. “It’s a good song.” I admitted.

Chase nodded in agreement. I glanced around awkwardly. “So this is very beneficial for you huh?” I grinned, with a teasing smile. “My voice brings all the ladies to the yards.”

“Oh shut up.” He laughed. “My looks alone bring the ladies here. Yet it’s my charm that get’s them to stay.”

I rolled my eyes. “They all leave eventually.”

“Because I kicked them out of it.”

I began to dance towards the door. “Dude. You’re a slut.” I said when I reached the door.

“A sexy one though.”

I shrugged, and opened the door. “I’m going to find Shannon.” I told him.

“See you later babe.” He called after me.

“Call me babe again and I’ll cut your balls of.” I yelled back.

“That’s nice.” Shannon smirked at me from a few feet away. I skipped over to her. “We’re going for a walk.” I told her.

“Aye aye captain.”

We walked through the camp, and to the small dock in front of the lake. “So… Chase huh?” She mused.

“How can I avoid him when we’re working together?” I groaned.

“Why do you want to avoid him?”

“I don’t know.”

Shannon seemed annoyed by my answer, but didn’t push me. We watched the small waves flow through the lake. “The song’s pretty. The one you and Josh worked on.”

“So far, we’ve still a lot to go.”

I saw Jessica make her way over. “Oh damn. She’s going to have a bitch fit.” I snickered.

“You cow!” Jessica screeched at me as she approached. “How dare you!”

People began to walk over to, ready for a show.

“You are going to tell Mr Williams that you do not want this record.” She hissed.

“Am I now?” I humoured her.

“Back off Jessica.” A girl from the crowd snapped, she wore glasses, and was carrying a laptop. I recognized her from somewhere, but she didn’t look scared. She looked bored. Fed up.

“What did you say, you little freak.” Jessica snarled.

“I said back off! Stop trying to rule everyone. It doesn’t work like that any more.” She replied, staring Jessica right in the eye.

Jessica started towards her, but I stood in front of the girl. “You touch her, and you’ll regret it.” I growled. “It’s time you grow up Jessica.”

Jessica breathed in and out deeply. “You will regret this.” She whispered.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shoobydoo.” A person from the crowd whispered.

“Just one more word and I’m gonna explode,
I’m gonna self combust,
I’m gonna blow up the world.” The girl behind me sang softly. I stepped away, and walked over to Shannon.

“Just one more look,
You’re gonna cross the line,
I mean over the edge,
You’re on thin black ice.” A guy added.

“Oooh, there’s a little bit of psycho in me I confess,
Why’d you wanna pick on me and not the rest?
Does it make you feel big?
Does it make you feel better?” I sang with a smirk on my face.

“So tell me how’s the weather.” Shannon murmured.

“If I just had a little more time,
I’d get some duct tape and silverware.
Oh if I just had a little more time!” I continued.

“I’d show you the world is so much better when you find you don’t fit,
There’s a ladder in your tights,
Who gives a uh,
If whoops you ain’t shiny and perfect.
There’s a ladder in my tights and that’s the way,
Uhuh, I like it, and that’s the way I feel about it,
You’ll be trying to hitch a ride with me, when it finally hits you.” The group of us sang, causing Jessica to step back before things got out of control. She gave us a death glare and before we could cause her any more embarrassment, she raced off.

“Crazy ass bitch.” I muttered, watching her retreating figure.

The girl who had stood up to her smiled at me, and began to walk away. “Wait! What’s your name?”

She smirked slightly. “Melissa.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, thinking hard until it hit me hard. “Wait! Melissa!” But she was already gone.

“Who is she?” Shannon asked curiously.

“Someone I know from school…” I murmured.

“And you didn’t recognize her?”

“She looks different. She doesn’t wear glasses and her hair is curly.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want anyone to know who she is.”

That reminded me of something. “Wait. Could you do that for me?” I asked.

“Do what?”

“Make me look different. For the video.”


“It’s going worldwide! I don’t want to have people from my school sucking up to me because I went here.”

Shannon pursed her lips, and stared me up and down in a scrutinizing way. “Don’t worry May. I got this.”

“Don’t look at me like that.” I whined. “Its freaky.”

Shannon continued to examine me.

“Stop!” I wailed and she laughed evilly.

I began to think that asking for her help was a bad idea..

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