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15 | Have Fun

I stared at myself in the mirror.

It didn’t look like myself though. I had to admit Shannon did a great job at hiding my identity. My hair was curly. I had layers of makeup on my skin, which made feel dirty and uncomfortable. But I looked different. That’s what I was going for.

“You look hot May.” Shannon beamed.

“I look like a hooker.” I deadpanned.

Shannon rolled her eyes, “A little bit of foundation and eyeshadow doesn’t make you a hooker babe.”

I glared at her and she sighed dramatically. “You look different okay, no one will recognize you on that video.”

I turned back to the mirror and stared at myself. “Fine.” I muttered.

“We need to go, you have to meet Chase and get into your places.” Shannon informed me, as she put away her equipment. “You’re sure you want me to be your second?”

I raised my eyebrows at her comment. “No. I want Harry Potter to be my second.” I drawled.

Shannon giggled with excitement and put on her shoes. “Let’s do this shit.”

I clapped my hands with enthusiasm and nodded. I grabbed my bag from the floor and tossed it over my shoulder. “Go, go, go.” I shouted, as I approached the door.

We ran out the door, and down towards the concert field. The camp was rather big. It took us two minutes on a full on sprint for us to reach the field. I probably ruined my make up in the process but anyway.

People were already on the stage, getting it ready for the video, when we arrived. Cassie was up with them, setting up. She was the DJ for the video. “Hey Cass!” I called, as I went to join her. She grinned in reply, “S’up.”

I stared curiously at her DJ table, and pointed at a random button thing. “What does that do?”

“Um, it turn’s up the volume.” She grinned.

“Oh… What about that one-“

“May, Cassie can show you how to become a DJ some other day.” Shannon interrupted rolling her eyes at me. She turned to face the field, as I pointed to another button behind her back and mouthed ‘What’s that?’

Cassie snorted with laughter, and plugged her last cord into a socket. “I’m all done.” She smiled. “Your song rocked by the way, Shannon.”

“It’s Josh’s song to be honest..”

“I saw Josh try to write it. It was getting nowhere.”

Shannon shrugged, but I could see the pride in her eyes. I chuckled at her, and skipped to the microphone. I tapped it twice. “Testing one, two, three.” I said in a solemn voice. People looked up at me and I laughed. “Sorry, I always wanted to do that!”

More people began to enter the concert area. The dancers were all dressed in matching trackies and white t-shirts. Jessica was the main dancer. Shannon, a girl named Kate, Shane and a guy named Cain were like the background singers. Not exactly background, but they didn’t sing as much as Chase and I.

“Is everyone ready?” Mr Williams called. He was standing beside a man with a camera.

Everyone had worked their asses off the day before, until the performance was perfect. I couldn’t get the song out of my head. I was probably humming it in my sleep! “Hey May!” Josh grinned. His eyes widened when he saw me. “Wow, you look amazing!”

“Not as good as Shannon though.” I replied with a tight smile. I was kind of annoyed that he told me that. What? Did I not always look amazing? But no! I put on a small bit of make up and I’m suddenly Beyonce!

Josh’s eyes found its way to Shannon, and he smiled. “She sure does.”

Shannon blushed deeply, and turned her head away.

“Okay everyone into your positions.”

I jumped to the front beside Chase. We were shoulder to shoulder. “You look… Different.” Chase commented.

“I look like a hooker.” I replied blankly.

Chase chuckled. “I wouldn’t go that far, but I prefer you without the make up.”

I blushed slightly. “So do I.” I avoided eye contact, like the awkward human being I am.

“Why did you wear it then?”

“I’d prefer not to be noticed by my wonderful school friends.” I grumbled.

“Wait. You have friends?” He joked.

I shook my head in amusement, but before I could reply the lights went out. “You ready?” He whispered.

“As ready as I ever will be.” I smiled. “I got this.”

“You good Chase? May?” I heard Mr William’s call.

“Yup!” We replied in unison.

“Three, two, one. Go!”

The music started, it was gentle, and tickled through the air.

“I guess no one can be perfect.

Not how we want to be.

I guess I won’t be seen the one,

By the person I only see..” I sang gently into the microphone, staring straight at the camera.

The beat started to pick up. Drums started playing in a rhythm of one and two, and the song picked up pace.

“Oh I realize what I need to do!

Yeah I realize how to get you.

I don’t act like somebody new!” Chase sang, his voice getting louder through each verse.

“I be myself, I be true.” Shannon and Kate sang from the darkness.

Lights began to turn on, flashing in different directions.

“So yes I can be a bit of trouble.
Oh yes I can be too noble!

But if they care, they ain’t for me.” I sang louder this time.

’Cus I know who I’m meant to be!” The crowd of voices came from the darkness and the dancers stepped forward as Cassie dropped the beat.

“Be-Be-Be-Be-Be.” Our voices sang on repeat to the beat of Cassie’s jam.

“I know who I’m meant to be!” I sang.

“Be-Be-Be-Be.” The dancers danced to the beat with the exact same moves and timing in front of us. They were awesome. Once the beat slowed down again, Chase started to sing.

“I guess she doesn’t even notice me.

Maybe things aren’t meant to be.
She seems perfect and I’m just me.

Her hearts locked away, and I need the key.” Chase sang, looking at me.

“And he doesn’t know that I care.

He doesn’t know that I’m even there.

I don’t know why I even dare.

I should run away, it would be more fair.” I sang softly back.

The singers behind us started to sing the chorus again.

Oh I realize what I need to do!

Yeah I realize how to get you.
I don’t act like somebody new!
I be myself, I be true.

So yes I can be a bit of trouble.

I guess I can be too noble.

But if they care they ain’t for me..
’Cus I know who I’m meant to be!”

Cassie began the beat again, and I joined the dancers. After a couple of moves, Chase and I were forced to dance together.

“Should I run or I should I hide?” I whispered softly.

“Should I tell them my side?” Chase replied.

“Should I act like I don’t care?”

“Or should I be someone else to show that I’m there.”

“Should I run or should I hide?

Should I tell them my side..

Should I be someone else..

Would they no if I even lied… ” Shannon, Kate, Shane and Cian sang.

The crowd repeat the chorus of the song, and Cassie once again dropped her amazing beat. Sparks of fire shot from the stage dramatically as we danced, and lights flashed on and off.

Suddenly the lights turned dim, except for one light centered on Chase and I.

“I know what I need do!

I be myself I be true..” Chase sang.

“I know how to get you. Even though I’m trouble I’m here for you. “ I finished.

The lights went out. And everything went quiet. No one moved until we heard applause coming from the field. Those who hadn’t taken part in the actual video were screaming and cheering.

I laughed to myself and grabbed Chase into a hug. “I was better than you.” He smirked into my ear. I was far too happy to be insulted by his witty remark, so I hugged him tighter, hoping to crush his bones.

Max had called for a huge celebration. And Mr Williams agreed because we were oh so amazing. The celebration was a huge party. Like a full on teenage party, in the concert field, with music, food, drinks, dancing, kissing, the whole show.

I bet Shauna’s party had nothing on this.

“May my baby!” Shannon squeals, running over. She kisses my cheek about ten times.

“Shannon are you drunk?”

Shannon’s eyes widened. She shook her head several times. “Nope! No alcohol is allowed. I am not drunk.” She stumbled over her feet and giggled. “Okay. Maybe a little.”

I rolled my eyes at her, and sipped at my soda. “You’re going to have such a headache tomorrow.” I informed her.

I have never drank alcohol before, I never fell for the peer pressure and refused a glass ever offered to me. It’s my choice, and I prefer to have a stable mind at all times.

Shannon began dancing erotically to the music, and I watched amused. The song changed to one of my favourites.

You know I’m not the little boy that I used to be! I’m all grown up now, baby can’t you see!” The music played from the speakers.

“Stacey’s mom has got it going on!
She’s all I want and I’ve waited for so long…
Stacey can’t you see? You’re just not the girl for me,
and I know it might wrong but I’m in love with Stacy’s mom!”
The crowd yelled the lyrics to the song, we were a bit out of tune due to the fact that half the people here were drunk and had no idea what was going on.

Stacy, do you remember when I mowed your lawn?
Your mom came out with just a towel on,
I could tell she liked me from the way she stared.
And the way she said, ‘You missed a spot over there’”
Josh sang, as he danced around the field.

I jumped up onto a stool and began to sing/shout.

“And I know that you think it’s just a fantasy
But since your dad walked out, your mom could use a guy like me!”

Everyone continued the song, laughing. It was probably the weirdest yet most catchy tune ever.

“May!” Shane ran over and lifted me off the stool and into the air.

“Please say you’re not drunk.” I begged, looking down at him.

“Nah. I’m just hyper. Anyway! The video is amazing! You were amazing!” He swung me around a few times, before dropping me down.

I took another sip from my drink. “Of course I’m amazing! I’m frickin’ awesome!” I yelled at him, and he laughed.

I started dancing to the music singing. About a half hour later, I was on the ground singing to Corey, Jessica’s boyfriend. “Corey can’t you see! You’re just not the girl for me!” I sang, giggling as I did so. Corey rolled his eyes and pulled me to my feet. “Okay, I’m going to go and get Shane. You are to stay here. Don’t go anywhere.”

I nodded happily and drank some of the soda. Corey took it from me and smelled it, he cursed under his breath and threw it to the floor.

“Hey!” I yelled. “That was a waste of sugar!”

“Just wait here.”

I glared at his retreating figure and turned and stormed off. “Hey there babe. You okay?” A person asked. I grinned at him and gave him a thumbs up. “I’m great mate. Thanks!”

“Here let’s go for a walk.”

I shook my head stubbornly, “The effort to walk.” I informed him, sitting down on the ground. I was just outside the concert field.

“It’ll be fun.”

I thought about that for a second. “I like fun…” I mused. But shook my head. “Can’t we have fun here.” I pointed to where I was sitting.

“How about we have fun over there.” The guy coaxed.

“How about I have fun beating the shit out of you.” A voice behind me growled. I knew that growl. “Chase!” I squealed. “Come have fun! We can ride unicorns and dance on rainbows.” I sighed happily at the thought.

Chase grabbed the guy roughly and punch him twice in the stomach. I watched intrigued. “Ooh where’s the popcorn?” I sang happily.

“Get out out of here.” Chase hissed, and the boy nodded and stumbled off as he was told, clutching his stomach. “Bye!” I called after him.

Chase turned to be and knelt down. “You’re an idiot.” He grumbled, as he examined me.

“Stop checking me out!” I yelled.

“I’m seeing if you’re hurt.” He replied.

“Pfft. I never get hurt! I would whip anyone’s ass!” I grinned at him, and he chuckled.

“Sure you would.” He lifted me up into his arms.

“Shit! May! Is she alright?” Shane yelled, and ran over.

I waved at him, from Chase’s arms.

“She’s drunk.” Chase replied. Corey came running over.

“No! I’m not drunk. I don’t drink alcohol. Drinking is bold.”

“I thought I told you to stay!” Corey scolded.

I frowned at him, and tried to get comfortable in Chase’s hold. “You threw my coke on the ground.” I complained.

“It was spiked.” Corey informed them. I groaned into Chase’s chest. “I always said I’d never get my drink spiked. I’m so stupid.”

Shane ruffled my hair. “You are stupid, but in a good way.”

“Did you see who might have spiked it?” Chase asked.

“Well, no. I did see Josh and her making out. She was drunk by then.” Corey murmured.

Chase stiffened. “What?” Shane snapped shocked.

“It looked like he was eating her face off.” He added.

Shane looked pissed off. “He’s such an idiot.”

“You can say that again.” Chase grumbled.

“How can you be stupid in a good way?” I grumbled a few minutes late. Chase snickered at my confusion, and began to walk to the cabins. Shane followed, bidding goodbye to Corey.

“We need a key.” Chase complained.

“May. Where’s your key?”

“Her hearts locked away and I need the key!” I sang. Chase groaned and hit his head off the door.

“Yes. But where is your key for the door?” Shane coaxed.

“Why do you want my key mister!”

“So we can get… Chocolate from your room?”

I gasped with excitement, and rooted my key out of my jean pocket. “Here!”

Chase handed me over to Shane easily, grabbed the key and opened the door. He moved aside so that Shane could bring me inside. “I’m guessing her bed is the one with the Theo James poster, and newspaper article.” Chase mused.

Shane lifted the article up and read it. “Cinder’s family were smoking with rage..” He chuckled. “This was the prank she pulled that got her into St Levlins.”

“I am the prank mastermind!” I screamed.

Shane chuckled and coaxed me into bed. “Just go to sleep. No sneaking out.”

I smirked and winked at him, causing him to groan. “May. Don’t sneak out.”

I continued smirking. “Just wait here until she falls asleep.” Chase suggested.

“Not going to fall asleep while you’re here.” I pointed out.

Both boys groaned and I giggled like a maniac. “This is going to be a long night.” Chase grumbled.

“Long but fun!” I squealed. “Who wants to play poker?”

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