Control the Beat

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16 | Problems

I had a headache.

It wasn’t even a headache, it was like a thousand unicorns were storming around in my head, and some randomly falling over and sticking their horn into my brain.

I groaned and sat up in my bed. I froze, and stared at the two people lying at the bottom of it.

What happened..

My eyes widened as my mind flashed back to last night. “Oh god..” I grumbled. I glanced over to Shannon’s bed, which she lay, passed out in. Her makeup hadn’t been removed, and she hadn’t got changed.

I glanced down at myself. Great. Neither had I.

“Hey!”I snapped, kicking Shane in the face, hoping to wake him up.

He bounced up, accidentally knocking Chase onto the floor, and looked around in panic. “Where.. What-” He realized I was watching him, and seemed to remember what had happened. “You kicked me in the face!” He cried furiously.

“You kicked me onto the floor.” Chase groaned from his rather uncomfortable position.

“Because she kicked me in the face!” Shane snapped back.

I rolled my eyes. “Stop whining.” I snapped at them. Shane glared at me, with his pissed off expression. Chase clambered to his feet, and pointed his finger at me. “Stop whining?” He gasped.

“It’s rude to point.” I grumbled.

“But Shane! I don’t want to go to sleep!” Chase squealed in a high pitch voice. “Can’t I go find Josh. I need to talk to him. Wait no! Shane don’t make me go to sleep.”

Shane snorted at Chase’s mockery, and I cussed both of them. “Leave me alone. I’ve a headache.” I murmured, and buried my face into my pillow.

“So do I.” Shannon grumbled from across the room.

“At least yours was intentional!” I muttered. “If I find the person who spiked my drink, I will kill them.”

“It’s not their fault you’re a light weight.” Chase smirked, and received my famous death glare.

Shane got off my bed, and went to my shared bathroom. “Don’t use my toilet!” I yelled into my pillow. “Girls use only!”

Shane came out a few moments later, with a box of painkillers. “Fine, I take it you don’t want these?”

I pouted at him, and reached my arms out. “I love you Shane.” I whimpered, as he smirked and handed me a tablet, then another to Shannon.

“You guys should get up.” Shane advised. “We have publicity class in an hour.”

Shannon and I groaned and made an attempt to get out of our comfortable state. Chase watched our efforts curiously, as he held back his laughter. “I can’t do this!” I wailed. My head hurt, my eyes hurt, my back hurt, I was tired and I wanted to sleep. The morning was even more impossible than every other morning.

Eventually we got out of our beds, and kicked the boys out of our cabin.

“Have you any idea who spiked your drink?” Shannon whispered. Her throat was too sore for her to talk properly.

I shook my head in reply. “Nope. But I will. And they will pay.”

Shannon finished putting on her new make up, and started brushing through her short hair. “Do you remember it all? Because I don’t.”

“I remember everything.” I groaned. “I did something really stupid.”

“Like what?”

“Kiss someone.”

Shannon winced. “Ouch. That’s going to be awkward.”


I groaned, and rubbed my eyes, hoping for them to stop stinging. “Put on sunglasses.” Shannon advised.

I decided not to tell Shannon that I kissed Josh. I didn’t want to upset her, plus it was only a drunken kiss. Nothing big.

Once all the makeup was removed, my hair was washed and brushed and I was dressed, I threw a beanie over my head, sunglasses on my eyes and followed Shannon to the dining area.

I was thankful for the shades. The sun was high in the sky, and would have made my eyes hurt like a bitch. “You’re up!” Cassie yelled from her table.

I winced at the loudness of her voice. “Don’t yell.” I croaked.

“Please.” Shannon added.

I slid into my usual seat next to Shane, and lay my head against his shoulder. My usual morning routine.

“Hey May, Shannon.” Josh greeted, shooting a weary look at Shane, who glared back. I was to weak to reply, so I merely shot him the peace sign, while Shannon greeted him with a wide smile.

“Last night was amazing!” Cassie gushed.

“Why?” Shane queried.

“Well, while all you were partying, I was allowed to help edit the video.”

Everyone jumped out of their seats, and leaned over to Cassie, hoping to hear more. “What was it like?” I yelped.

“It was rubbish.” She deadpanned.

Everyone stopped and stared at her in shock. “Joking.” She laughed. “It was actually amazing, the lighting was perfect, you can hear the words clearly, the dancers were all in unison, and of course Chase and May were deadly.”

“Can we see it?” Shannon asked.

“Tonight. Mr Williams is going to show it at dinner time.”

I grinned and stuffed a spoonful of cornflakes into my mouth. “I can’t wait to see it!”

“Come on guys. Get to class.” Dave interrupted us, shooing us away.

We shuffled off to the main cabin, in which most of the classes take place. Terry was taking our class today. She made us sit down in empty seats. I sat beside Shannon and closed my eyes. I was hoping my shades were dark enough that you couldn’t see my eyes were closed.

“The hardest task in the music business is keeping your head.” Terry called out. “If someone dissed you, or called you names. You need to remain professional.”

She continued talking, and I didn’t try to keep up. My head was still killing me.


I popped up. “Yes.” I replied with a tight smile.

“If you were a famous rock star worldwide, and someone messaged you on twitter saying that you suck, and can’t sing. What do you do?” Terry questioned.

“I’d follow her. Give her a free ticket to my concert, then invite her onto the stage, ask her to sing a song, and hope that she’s shit.” I replied simply.

The class chuckled, and Shannon shook her head in amusement.

Terry smirked. “Well.. That is one way of doing it. But the correct answer is that you ignore it. Got it?”

“Boo that’s boring.” Max replied, with a small smile.

Terry grinned and shook her head while laughing. She was the most laid back teacher in the camp. After a half an hour of Terry’s instructions on staying professional, we were let out of class.

“If any kid started on me, and dissed my singing? I’d humiliate them all over twitter.” Josh announced, and people nodded in agreement. I walked out the door with Shane and Shannon, and down our usual path. As we walking past the lake, I spotted Melissa. She was cursing, and leaning into the lake, reaching for something.

“I’ll catch up later.” I informed my friends, and jogged over to Melissa.

“Hey what’s wrong?” I asked, curiously.

I spotted her guitar floating in the lake. “Shit.” I cursed. “What happened?”

“Jessica’s gang happened.” Melissa groaned. “I’m supposed to play my new song in class.”

I hesitated for a moment. “You can borrow my guitar… If you want?”

Melissa jerked her head up, her brown eyes were round with surprise. “Really?”

I nodded, “As long as you guard it with your life.”

Melissa nodded eagerly.

“Cool. It’s in my room, come on.”

I know what you’re thinking. What the hell were you doing May. That’s your prized possession. What if Jessica get’s her hands on it.

I treated Melissa like shit for years. I ignored her just because Sarah told me to. I felt guilty, and would do anything to make it up for her.

We walked to my cabin, and rubbed my head. I still felt like shit.

“You look like crap.” Melissa announced.

“Thanks.” I smirked.


“Someone spiked my drink.” I frowned.

“Bitches..” Melissa grumbled, and I laughed in agreement.

We approached my cabin, and I handed my keys to Melissa. I doubt I would have been able to open it myself, I found it difficult enough to walk in a straight line.

“Melissa..” I began. “I’m really sorry for ignoring you at school.” I looked down at my shoes, feeling guilty.

“Don’t be.” She smiled. “I get it.”

“You shouldn’t have to get it! I listened to Sarah, I don’t even know why she doesn’t like you.”

“She never told you?” Melissa frowned, “I thought you were best friends. I thought you knew..”

“Knew what? Because apparently we aren’t as close as I thought.”

“I… I can’t tell you. She should.”

“Melissa. I’m not talking to her anymore. I’ve treated you for shit for years. I need to know why.”

Melissa hesitated. “I’ll tell you. But not right now.”

I was about to reply, but stopped myself. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to know.

Melissa turned away, before swinging her head back around so suddenly it probably gave her whiplash. “Do you remember Keara’s party everyone was invited to when we were fifteen?”

I thought about that for a second. “The one where everyone but me was invited, and I turned up as batman, and crashed it?”

Melissa nodded, and chuckled. “Well before that epic entrance. Sarah did something-“

Melissa turned the key and was about to pull the handle as she was talking, when I noticed a piece of string glistening in the sunlight. “Stop!” I yelled.

Melissa looked at me in confusion. “What?”

“Do not touch that door handle!”

I followed the string until I realized it led to the roof. Chuckling to myself, I climbed onto the window sill, and looked on the roof. “Wow. This is probably the oldest prank in the book.”

In front of me was a small plastic box, filled with water balloons. If we had of opened the door, the string would pull the box down on us. We’d be soaked.

I looked around me, until I saw Jessica and her minion behind a tree watching. “Tough luck mate!” I yelled over to her. “Try again next time!”

Her face turned bright red, and she ran off embarrassed.

Melissa stood there pissing herself laughing. “Hold on for a second.” I ordered her, as I climbed of the window sill, and started untying the string. Once it was free, I climbed back up and pulled the basket of water balloons down.

“These can come in handy.” I mused. I thought back to what Melissa was saying about Sarah, and thought back. Sarah had seemed very upset after it, and I presumed it was because I had crashed her night.

After giving my guitar to Melissa, we walked to the dining area. We had an hour break before we go to our next class, so everyone sits at their tables and talk. I usually create fights and arguments. It’s my hobby. After I finished telling Shannon about Jessica’s failed attempt to prank, I turned my attention to Cassie.

“You tell him Cassie!” I shouted, as Cassie flipped her ex boyfriend off. She looked up at me chuckling. The guy was an absolute fool. She could do so much better.

“You need to stay out of other people’s business.” Jessica yelled from her seat.

I raised an eyebrow, and turned my attention to her. “Well I’d prefer it if you stayed off my roof. But hey, we can’t all get what we want.”

“Stay off your roof? What?” Josh queried.

“She tried to prank me with water balloons today.” I laughed.

Jessica struggled to hold her pride. “I could prank you any day!” She stuttered.

I stared at her for a second, before bursting into a fit of laughter. “Oh god.” I laughed. “You tried to prank me with water balloons today!”


I continued laughing. Water balloons was one of the most pathetic attempts to prank someone, unless you use them in a unique way. They were just overused.

“Okay. Okay!” Shannon yelled, as she stood up onto our table. “There is one way to settle this.”

She looked around her, with a grin. “I think it’s time to call our annual prank war.”

The crowd cheered, and I grinned.

“We’ll ask Mr Williams to referee, let’s say tomorrow at ten. We can invite camp Turn It up as well.” She smirked at everyone. She had every person in the dining area’s full attention.

“Tomorrow at ten.” Jessica repeated, with a determined nod. “I always win.”

“Only because you have all your little minions with you.” Shane muttered into my ear.

“There’s just one little dilemma to your plan though Jessica.” Melissa called out.

Jessica glared at her. “What?” She snapped.

Melissa pointed at me. “She is the prank mastermind. That girl is a problem.”

I grinned at Jessica’s flabbergasted look.

Suddenly Cassie jumped onto the table and began to clap her hands to a beat I recognized. “That girl is a problem.” She sang, “Is a problem, problem.”

“I’m your dream girl.” I sang, standing up. “This is real love, but you know what they say about me.”

“That girl is a problem,
Girl is a problem,
Girl is a problem problem.” Cassie and Melissa sang together.

“Oh Baby.
You so bad boy.
Drive me mad boy.
But you don’t care when they say about me…” I continued.

“That girl is a problem.
Girl is a problem.
Girl is a problem problem.” A lot more people began to sing.

“That girl. Is a god damn problem!
That girl is a god damn problem!
That girl is a god damn problem!” Shannon yelled.

“We’re hell raising.
And we don’t need saving.
Cause there’s no salvation for a bad girl…
We’re rock bottom.
But there ain’t no stopping.
’Cause they don’t know nothing about love…” I sang.

“We’re hell raising!
And we don’t need saving!
’Cause there’s no salvation for a bad boy!

We’re rock bottom.
But there ain’t no stopping..
’Cause its you and me against the world!” Shannon joined in.

Jessica stood up and began to sing with the rest of us. She couldn’t deny that she loved singing randomly as much as we did.

“I’m your dream girl.
This is real love..
But you know what they say about me…”

“That girl is a problem!
Girl is a problem!
Girl is a problem problem!”

We stopped singing once we heard the sirens go off throughout the camp. “It’s on.” I grinned at the crowd.

“I’ll inform Mr Williams.” Shannon added, running off.

“Prepare to lose.” Jessica snapped to me.

I smirked, “Bitch please. Were you not just listening to Melissa? I am the prank mastermind.”

Before Jessica could reply, Shannon entered with Mr Williams. “Well as you’re all here, I may as well show you the video.” He cried with a grin.

Everyone nodded eagerly, as a group of people began setting up the large TV.

Once Mr Williams pressed play, everyone’s attention was on the screen. No one talked, or even thought about the prank war.

Cassie was right. The video was amazing.

I watched Chase and I singing. You could hear the words clearly, and they were written in fancy writing at the bottom of the screen anyway.

The dancing part was incredible. The lighting fixed on the dancers as the jam went off, and they didn’t disappoint.

Once the video finished, the list of performers names appeared on screen. Myself and Chase’s appeared last, which I was thankful for. I doubt many people would reach the end of the credits to know who I am. I bet Cassie did that on purpose. I planned on thanking her later.

Once the video was cut off, the campers cheered, and high fived each other.

Mr Williams interrupted the crowd. “And by the way!” He yelled, “I’ve agreed to having the prank war tomorrow. I’ll inform Chris now. I’m refereeing too!”

He chuckled to himself. “Nothing like a fun day of pranks.”

I smirked. Nothing like a fun day of pranks indeed.

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