Control the Beat

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17 | Pranks & Underwear

“There will be teams of five.” Mr Williams announced to the eagerly waiting crowd. “You will have an hour to prepare yourselves. There is a pile of prank equipment waiting for you in the dining area. There are no rules except that no one is allowed to get seriously injured.”

I grinned, and jumped up and down on my feet. It was an amazing day. An amazing week actually, maybe it was too warm. It hadn’t rained in a long time.

“And no smoke, or anything hazardous is allowed either.”

I gasped. “How did you know!” I whispered in awe, causing him to chuckle.

“I will blow my whistle in an hours time, and you will be allowed to start. There will be trainers all over the camp, and they will disqualify you if you have been pranked. If you’re disqualified, you must have your badge removed. The last prankster standing, wins for their team.”

The badges were huge, and said ‘Still going’.

Shane and Josh were holding my arms tightly, refusing to let go. They were insistent that I was in their group, no matter who tried to steal me. Shannon sat in front of us, already announcing that she was in my group.

“We need one more person.” Shane murmured, running a hand through his hair.

“Who?” Josh queried.

“Well. We have the experienced one.” I motioned to myself. “Shannon’s the insider, she was in the popular clique and knows a lot about our enemies. Shane’s the one that everyone trusts, so he can be very useful.”

I paused and stared at Josh. “Why are you here again?”

He glared back, causing me to laugh. “Ah well, I guess we need the muscle. So all we need now is the brains.”

“You’re taking this very seriously.” Shannon snickered.

“And you’re not! Dude this is going to be the best day of my life!” I yelled dramatically. An idea popped into my head, and I jumped up. “Melissa!”

I ran through the crowd, until I saw her curly hair. “Melissa! Hey!” I grabbed her and turned her around to face me.

“Hey May!” She chuckled.

“Will you be on my team.” I deadpanned.

She looked at me with surprise. “Wait seriously?”

I nodded eagerly. “I need some brains on my team!”

Her mouth formed into a smile slowly. “Yes. I’m on the winning team bitches!” She screamed, causing a lot of stares.

I chuckled, and pulled her back to my group who had watched the scene. “Okay. Grab a bit of everything from the dining area. Everything!”

“Like, every single thing?” Josh pondered.


Shannon chuckled, and grabbed Josh’s hand, pulling him away. “Come on.”

I turned and pointed at Melissa. “We’ll need markers, paper and scissors.”

I turned to Shane who grinned. “So what are we going to do?”

“We are going to get our room ready.” I ordered.

Shane snorted, and followed my march to the cabin. “You’d think you were leading an army camp.”

“This is war Shane!” I whispered threateningly. “If you do not take this seriously, I can not call you my fellow soldier.”

His eyes widened, and he straightened up. “Sir yes sir!” He yelled, causing me to grin.

“That’s more like it! Let’s go!”

We raced to my cabin, and I gave it a quick once over, making sure no one had set an early prank. Once I was sure we were safe, I entered the room and took in my surroundings. “Okay, so throw everything on the beds.” I told him. “Clothes, shoes, papers. Just throw them out of the way.”

Shane did as he was told. “Damn, who owns this bra?” He whistled. I glanced over, and gasped as he held up my black lacy bra.

“Dude?” I yelled, grabbing it from him and throwing it onto the bed. “No touchy!”

“You said everything.” He shrugged, with a smirk.

“And did I say that you should comment? No.”

Shane snickered away to himself, as I finished the clean up. I had made a reasonable amount of room for us to start creating our boobie trap’s.Which may I add our sneaky hidden traps. They have nothing to do with female body parts you dirty minded creature.

Shannon entered with Josh carrying two black bags full of objects. Melissa followed with her pencil case.

“Okay, so what’s first?” Josh asked, rubbing his hands together.

“Yeah we better get moving, those people are crazy.” Shannon muttered, “We almost died trying to get this stuff.” She poured the objects out of the bag, and I inspected them. I was quite impressed with all they had picked up.

The objects consisted of water guns, balloons, sticky tape, glue, glitter, plastic bags, feathers and all sorts of items to make a prank. People couldn’t just lift an already made prank and run on with it. I like Mr Williams’ thinking.

I clapped my hands in excitement. “This is going to be so fun!” I squealed, and my minions laughed.

I sat on the floor, and crossed my legs. “Okay! I’ve an idea.” I announced, I pointed at Josh. “Blow up as many balloons as you can. I would, but I can never blow them up..”

I sucked at blowing balloons up.

“But don’t tie them, until you put this note inside.” I quickly grabbed a marker, and a sticky not, and scribbled the words ‘Never mind. You don’t need the equipment. GET PRANKED.’ on it, and of course, I signed my name on the back for good measure. Once he had the balloon blown up, I popped the note inside. “So, you write stuff like that on these notes, and put them in a balloon. Once the balloon is tied, give them to me.”

My crew nodded in confusion, and I sighed at how slow they were. “I’m going to tie the balloon up in little bags, and right emergency prank equipment on them. People will pick them up, but once the bag moves upwards, this pin-” I held a small tacking pin in front of them, will slide into the balloon, popping it.”

They stared at me in awe. “We’ll put a stone on the little handle bit, so it doesn’t blow off or anything.” I added.

Josh gave me a weird look. “Did you just come up with that there now?”

“When you said that everyone was trying to get equipment. That’s when I came up with it.”

We spent twenty minutes making around twenty five of our ‘not-so-emergency-prank-equipment’. Once we were done, I sent Shannon and Melissa on a new job, they had to fill the bath with water, and mix the glitter and glue into it, add them into water balloons, and tie them. I also asked them to put some different colors of paint into different balloons.

Evil right? Just thought I’d show Jessica how its done. Beside’s, water’s over-rated.

I put all my fake emergency equipment into a back bag, and had Shane and Josh follow as I set them around the camp in random places. Josh and Shane had to make sure that no one caught me doing this.

“All good?” Josh asked, as I sat a stone down, keeping the back in it’s place.

“Yup!” I nodded, smiling. “We’re going to kick ass.”

We jogged quickly, back to the cabin, and found Shannon and Melissa complaining about the glitter on their hands.

“Suck it up princesses.” I replied, rooting through the other objects we could use. I thought for a few moments, and stared at our remaining objects. There was feathers, buttons, water-guns, nets and string.

“Okay..” I murmured, I grabbed the roll of string, and the net. Carefully I cut the net into quarters, and used one quarter for my next prank. “So we’re putting feathers into this net.” I explained. “We’re going to find a tree, and somehow get people under it. Ambush them with our water guns, that’s going to be full of the glue glittery stuff, and then empty the feathers on them.”

“You’re putting that stuff into the water guns, as well as into the balloons?” Shannon

“We are.” I nodded slowly.

“You’re evil.” She deadpanned.

I let out an evil cackle, before replacing it with my serious face. “Get to work!”

After finishing our last boobie trap, we heard a whistle being blown. I looked up at the crew with wide eyes. “It’s started.” I whispered dramatically.

I quickly put all the water balloons into a washing basket, and told them we would get them later. “Everyone keep the guns.” I pushed the nets of feathers into a backpack, along with paper, pens, sticky tape and string. The only equipment a prankster needs.

“Let’s do this.” I was about to go outside, but I heard a creek at the door. I quickly pointed to the window, and climbed out of it quietly. Once everyone was safely out of the window with their own equipment. I walked around the cabin quietly, with my water (now glitter) gun at the ready. That’s when I saw Max standing there, setting some sort of trap up. I chuckled as he knocked on the door. “Guys? Are you in there?” He called.

My eyes lit up. “Wait here.” I whispered. “When I scream, he’ll come in, and you ambush him from behind.”

They nodded slowly, as I ran back around the cabin and in through the window. I blew up a balloon, and put it under the blanket. Making it look like a person in the bed.

Once I was happy with my results, I climbed back out the window, and waited for Max to knock again. Once he did, I let out a piercing scream and shouted help.

I was very proud of my acting. Where is my grammy?

“May!” He yelled, and burst through the door. He looked around frantically, until he saw the bed, and ripped the covers of it, revealing the balloon. He paused, slowly realizing what had happened.

“Gotcha!” I laughed through the window, and squirted him with the gun. Josh and Shane ran into the room, also squirting him with the glittery liquid.

A trainer popped his head through the door and smiled sympathetically. “You’re out man.”

I laughed loudly at Max. “Dude, you should have known not to prank us first.”

Max pouted slightly and took off his badge. I pointed to the direction of the door. “Out.”

Once Max had left, I locked the door and took off across the camp, followed by Josh, Shane, Shannon and Melissa.

I ordered Shane and Melissa to set up a net of feathers in the tree’s by the dance square, and asked Shannon and Josh to film, using Melissa’s camera, people being pranked by our traps.

What? I wanted to see everyone’s reaction! Plus, it get’s them to work together.. I should be cupid.

I quietly followed a group of campers, who were heading to their meeting spot in the dancing square, just where I had the feathers set up. They were from TIU, and were whispering quietly.

Once they sat down, I jumped out and began squirting my gun at them, as did Shane and Melissa from the trees. They then emptied the feathers, leaped away from their hiding place and sprinted after me.

“How many people have we taken out?” Josh mused.

“Well, five people with the feathers, three with the guns, about nine with our fake emergency packages, and we still have two more people targets to get.” I replied. “Jessica and Chase.”

After running to our cabin and refilling our guns, we walked slowly to the concert field. Lot’s of people were there, so we had to take our chance. We entered the field, and there seemed to be a time out. People were sitting around, laughing and chatting.

I was staring around trying to get a glimpse of Chase, when I felt a gun being pressed to my forehead, and felt a small bit of water trickle out of it. “So, I’m deciding whether I squirt you now, and have a boring exit for you. Or plan something huge, and have you go out of this war in style.” Chase whispered in my ear.

“Funny,” I mused, “I’m deciding too.” I had my gun pointing at his family jewels, my crew pulled out their guns, the same time as Chase’s did.

Chase paused, obviously not liking the direction my gun was pointing.

“Decisions, decisions…” I whispered, in a sing song voice.

I saw Mr Williams approaching, and watching us, deciding whether to step in or not. “Okay.. I think we need to call truce on this one.” He announced, “Both of you walk in opposite directions for two minutes.”

I walked up closer to Chase, gun still in one hand. I wrapped my arms around him. “You know, you could have been on the winning team. All you had to do was ask.” I kept my arms around his waist.

Chase stuttered, unsure of what I was doing.

“Seduction isn’t allowed! Come on Mr Williams!” I heard Jessica screech. I backed away with a winning smirk. “See you around guys.” I winked.

“You’ll have to find me first.” Chase called.

I turned around, my smirk not leaving my face.

“One way, or another, I’m gonna find you. I’m gonna get you, get you, get you, get you. One way or another.. I’m gonna win you. I’ll get you, I’ll get you!” I sang.

“One way or another I’m gonna win you.
I’m gonna get you, I’ll get you!” Shannon joined.

“One way or another I’m gonna see you.
I’m gonna meet you, meet you, meet you, meet you.
One day, maybe next week,
I’m gonna meet you, I’m gonna meet you, I’ll meet you.” Our crew sang.

I waved for more people in the field to come over and join in. Mr Williams had officially called time out, so no pranks can be performed.

“I will drive past your house
And if the lights are all down
I’ll see who’s around..” Chase murmured.

“Let’s go!” I shouted.

“One way or another I’m gonna find you,
I’m gonna get you, get you, get you, get you.
One way or another I’m gonna win you,
I’ll get you, I’ll get you.
One way or another I’m gonna see you,

I’m gonna meet you, meet you, meet you, meet you.
One day, maybe next week…
I’m gonna meet you, I’ll meet you, I’ll meet you.” The crowd of campers bellowed.

“And if the lights are all out-
I’ll follow your bus downtown,
See who’s hanging out…” I sang slowly.

Shannon and Melissa jumped in to take over the song. “One, two, three four!” Melissa screamed.

“Na, na, na, na, na, na.
Na, na, na, na, na,na.
Na, na, na, na, na, na.”
Shannon sang, changing the song and copying One Direction’s remix of it. I rolled my eyes at this. Of course she’d bring One Direction into the situation, she’s a bigger fan girl than me.

“I wanna hold you, wanna hold you tight.

I wanna hold you, wanna hold you tight.

I wanna hold you, wanna hold you tight.

Yeah, teenage kicks right through the night.” She sang.

The crowd copied her, and re-sang the verse. Jessica changed it back to ‘One way or another’, and myself and my crew took it as our chance to run and get a head start.

“What the hell-” Josh gasped, after we sprinted away from the field, “was that with Chase?”

“Was what with Chase?” I asked innocently.

He glared at me, and I laughed. “Oh that? That my friends, was our key to success.” I pulled out Chase’s cabin key. “Literally.”

Shannon burst out laughing. “So while you were groping him, you stole his key?”

“That was brilliant.” Melissa snorted.

I bowed. “So the plan.” I beckoned Melissa, Shannon and Josh forward and whispered it into their ears.

“How exactly are we going to do that?” Josh inquired.

“I can handle it.” Shannon interrupted, looking over my shoulder. I turned around to see Chase prank a guy with his stupid water gun. I quickly shoved everyone behind a bush.

“That was his best friend.” Shannon whispered. “He’ll know where Chase’s cabin is, and with a little persuading, he’ll get our equipment.”

I stared at her for a moment. “Wait Chase actually has a friend?”

She rolls her eyes and my response, and I turned serious again. “Are you sure soldier?” I asked.

“Positive.” She saluted me.

“Get do it then!”

Shannon chuckled and took off, over to the guy who just threw his badge off. Melissa and Josh closely followed.

“So Shane.” I whispered. “You and I have a job to do.”

Shane nodded and twiddled his fingers like Mr Burns on the Simpsons. “Excellent.” He whispered back. I snorted with laughter and jumped to my feet, dragging him back to my cabin.

I decided to climb through the window, because I didn’t trust the people at camp. Once I was through, I grabbed the basket of balloons full of glitter and the others full of paint, and handed them to Shane out the window.

I jumped out and I texted Shannon, telling her to keep an eye on Jessica and keep her distracted.

“Where does Jessica go nearly everyday, apart from her room?” I asked Shane. He shrugged, causing me to roll my eyes. Well he’s some help!

Shannon texted back.

‘I’ve got her, I also found out that they’ve been camping out in the main classroom. You’re very welcome! x’

I grinned. “Come on Shane.”

We sprinted, well I sprinted to the the main classroom. Shane more like dawdled behind asking questions.

“Okay. Here’s what we do.” I whispered. I gestured at the two trees on either side of the classroom cabin. “We tie a string from that tree, and that tree. Connect them in the middle with this basket. Connect this string to the front of the basket, and sit the basket just at the edge of the roof,so when we see them coming we’ll pull it, and it will toss the balloons out. And tada! We have very colorful barbie.”

“What if they see it.” Shane muses. I thought about this.

“Okay, I’ll chase them with my gun, they’ll have no choice but to run inside, and when they get onto the porch, you pull it.”

Shane nodded at the plan. “Sounds good.” He grinned. I laughed giddily, and began to set up our trap. Once we were finished I texted Shannon telling her to let Jessica go.

She texted back saying that she got busted, yet Jessica was on her way, and Josh and Melissa were setting up Chase’s fall down.

That made me laugh evilly again.

Shane pulled me behind the bush, and pointed to the group of girls and boys coming over. Jessica, her new second in command named Jenny, a guy called Drake and James.

I grabbed my gun, gave Shane two finger salute and ran out at Jessica shooting into the air. She screamed and began running to the classroom, as fast as she could. I could see Shane approach and grab the string. Just as she got onto the porch, with her crew, and tried to open the door, Shane pulled the string and balloons fell down on top of them.

A paint balloon hit off James head and spraying everywhere. Jessica was squealing, as she was covered in paint and glitter. “My hair!” She wailed, causing me to laugh like crazy.

“Just you and me now Riley.” Chase snapped me out of my laughing fit. I looked around to see a crowd of people standing around us. My gun was on the ground due to my laughter, and Shane was soaked from head to toe. I looked into the crowd to see Melissa and Josh were covered in feathers, yet Melissa winked at me.

Chase stood there, holding a water balloon. I gulped, “Truce?”

He smirked at me and raised the water balloon.

“Mr Williams!” A woman ran through the crowd, causing Chase to pause. “I’m sorry to say that Chase is out.”

I grinned, and glanced over to Melissa and Josh who were smirking at me.

“What! I didn’t get pranked!” Chase snapped.

“Well Chasey wasey.” I cooed, “That’s where you’re wrong.”

He turned his head to me slowly. “I was smart, and picked a good team, where I can trust my fellow warriors to follow my instructions, while I play the prank of the rainbow colored barbie.”

He looked at me with confusion, and I sighed. “Basically, while I was doing this prank.” I gestured to the mess of paint and glitter, “My teammates were doing another prank. Your prank.”

I smirked and beckoned the crowd, “Follow me peasants.”

The campers and trainers followed me to the dining area. Yet the sign that read dining area, was replaced by Melissa’s home made sign saying ‘The museum of Chase’s underwear’.

People began to giggle, as they looked around them. On the tables were a variety of underwear from Chase’s room. There were sponge bob square pants designed boxers, polar bear boxers, horse designed socks, socks with pink parrots on them, you name it. He had quite the collection. I looked around myself, as I hadn’t actually seen them, merely told Melissa and Josh what to do.

“I like the spongebob ones.” I informed him.

Chase groaned and buried his face in his hands. Melissa came up and slipped the key into my hand.

I held it up to Chase. “Did you seriously think I was casually groping you in front of the crowd?” I mused.

He snatched it out of my hand and scowled. I let out a whoop of laughter, and called my team. “Team Unicorn’s for the win!” I yelled, and the crowd cheered.

Mr William’s stood there laughing, and clapping. Shannon grabbed Josh’s hand and my hand, making us form a chain. I held onto Shane’s, and Josh grabbed Melissa’s and we all bowed in front of the crowd.

Some of the people we had pranked were scowling, which caused me to roll my eyes. “Don’t be sore losers!” I cried at them.

Cassie, who had fallen for the fake equipment prank, laughed and shot me her middle finger.

“We are the champions!” Shane screamed.

“Man.” I laughed. “I really needed to get that out of my system.”

Chase shared a look with Cassie and Max. I paused, what were they up too-

They lifted a bucket of water each, and tossed it at us. I let out a scream of laughter. While Shannon cursed them to the heavens.

Mr Williams kept blowing his whistle, hoping to get everyone’s attention, but what once was a prank war, soon turned into a water fight. Fun.

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