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2 | Caw Caw

Chapter 2 | Caw Caw

“Detention? For a weekend?” Sarah exclaimed. She took a bite out of her breakfast bar and tucked her curly blonde hair behind her ear.

“Yup. It’s one of a kind too,” I replied. I tossed my apple core into a trashcan that was sitting a few feet away from our table. “It’s one for troubled kids.” I smirked slightly at the word troubled.

“But what about Shauna’s party?” Sarah cried out, throwing her hands into the air in despair. “You’re missing the end of the year party, the party of a lifetime! How could you be so careless May?”

I rolled my eyes at her. And people say I’m dramatic? “Okay Sarah, come on. You saw what she did to us! She deserved it!”

Sarah hesitated, before shaking her head. “May, I actually think Keara’s quite nice. She did apologize. Plus, it’s in all the newspapers! All of them! She’s probably so upset, and your parents are in trouble.” Sarah said.

I gaped at her. “Keara? Nice?” I spat. “She talks to you as if you are a real person once. Once! And you now worship the ground she walks on?”

She glares at me.

“Oh em gee. Keara Cinders talked to me, I better make sure the carpet is worthy for her to walk on. Let me get my maids hoover.” I squealed in a high pitch voice.

“Shut up May.”

“Okay, Okay. So it was whether the weekend detention and miss Shauna’s party, or my parents find a summer camp for troubled kids. It’s a no brainer. What would you choose? Actually. Don’t answer that.” I snapped. “Anyway my cousin’s collecting me after lunch, and were going straight to St.Levlins school.”

Sarah sighed. “You have to stop these stupid stunts May. They get you nothing.”

“They bring me accomplishment. They bring justice. They make me happy,” I murmured matter of factly, “personally, I think it’s better than waving pom poms and pretending to have a clue about cheerleading. Cheerleading is dance, they don’t dance! And I’d prefer not to dress up like a barbie slash bratz doll. Barbies are quite innocent, they don’t seem that mean. Definitely the bratz side.”

Sarah clenched her jaw, and stood up abruptly, glaring at me. “Keara asked me to join the cheerleaders and invited me to go to Shauna’s with her.” She cried quickly. She seemed to have realized that she had just announced her betrayal to the whole cafeteria as she stared at me guiltily. My mouth fell open in surprise. “What?”

“I said I would join, and I’ll think about going to the party with her, and now I’m going to go with her because you’re not going and Jack is off god knows where...” She trailed off.

I stared at her. “She treated us like shit for years, and now you’re her new experiment?”

“It’s not like that-“

“Like hell it’s not like that! All you ever wanted was to be popular Sarah, I was never good enough. So fine! Go.” I yelled. People began to stare at us, but I didn’t care. I was hurt. I would never go to Sarah’s arch enemy, Melissa, and become BFFs. Even though I thought Melissa was nice. I would never have hurt Sarah like that.

I stood up, threw my school bag over my shoulder and stormed out of the cafeteria. I heard Sarah calling after me, but I ignored her. How could she?

I slammed straight into a person outside the door, and we both fell over. I hadn’t fully closed my bag, so it spilled all my books onto the ground. I cursed under my breath. “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t-” I looked up to see Marc watching me, worried.

I shut up, and gathered my books quicker.

He lifted some of my books up and handed them to me. “Are you okay May?” He asked softly. I bit my lip.

Part of me wanted to tell him everything. He used to be my best friend, my dance partner, the person I trusted most. Until everything fell apart and he became a douche.

I glared at him, snapping out of my moment of weakness. “I’m fine.” I snatched the rest of my books out of his hand, and walked away from him as fast as I could. “May! Jesus, just stop!” Marc called after me. I kept walking towards the library until a hand closed around my wrist, stopping me.

“Just listen to me. Okay?” He whispered.

“How about no?”

He pulled me into the library and down to the back where no one went.

“I know you better than anyone! What happened, just tell me?” He asked, after he finally let me go.

“Nothing happened.” I hissed, crossing my arms stubbornly. Marc rolled his eyes, “Sure you just looked like you were about to cry because what, you ate a lemon?”

“Lemons are nice.”

“You hate lemons.”

“I used to hate lemons,” I corrected, “during the time we were friends. But now, I find them nice. They’re different, just like I’m now different. Do you see the pattern?”

Marc glared at me. “Stop being so stubborn May.”

“I thought you liked it when I was stubborn?” I replied, looking him straight in the eye.

Marc’s face fell. “May…” He sighed, stretching out to touch my hair. I slapped his hand away, disgusted.

“You said it. The fact that I was the best prankster in the school. That I wasn’t into makeup, that I preferred football and music over shopping and cheering.”

“I do May. I do.”

“Funny you brought me in here Marc.” I looked around me. “Wasn’t it the other week when you turned on the sprinklers and soaked me?”

He didn’t reply, merely pouted at the ground like a lost puppy.

“Exactly,” I murmured. “I’m going home early today. Have a shit summer Marc.”

I walked away, shooting a peace sign over my shoulder.

I sat on one of the seats outside the office waiting for Kelly. “Miss Riley, your lift is here.” The secretary told me. I nodded and went out into the front hall to see my cousin standing with a hand on her hip. “So, you’re going to a weekend of detention, with a bunch of bad boys?”

I smirked, “You always see the bright side of things Kell.”

“Hey what can I say? It’s about time you showed that Keara one who the boss is.”

My cousin was the best person in the world. She had long red hair, and electric blue eyes. She was gorgeous. She was also the only person in my life that understood. Her mother was my dad’s sister. So she had the same upbringing. My father and Kelly’s mother run one of the biggest businesses in America. It’s a fashion industry, called Riles. My mother was a fashion designer there, my father and aunt just handled the paperwork. It’s a family business, and they inherited it from grandma, who was too old to run it. Unfortunately, my grandma’s sweetness wasn’t inherited.

We climbed into Kelly’s car and she threw a gossip magazine at me. “Check it out. You even made the front page.”

A Bucket Full Of Cinders:

The Cinders family were all smoking with rage yesterday after Keara Cinder’s own bedroom went up in billowing smoke. The Cinders called the fire brigade thinking they’re house was on fire, when it was actually a ‘homemade smoke bomb’. The smoke seemed to be created by a candle, plastic bottle and a bucket full of ash.

It was revealed that this was a prank, which made a fool out of the Cinders family. What we really want to know is who would want to play such a prank on Keara Cinders? Perhaps she isn’t the sweetheart she seems to be. Perhaps she deserved her luxurious room to be turned black with smoke.

Or maybe someone was envious.

But most of all, how could a plastic bottle and a candle cause so much smoke? Is it even possible? Maybe it’s a mastermind at work?

We really want to know who created this impossible prank, and their reasons. We’ll find out soon.

“How much did it take to pay those journalists off, and not reveal my name?” I asked Kelly with a sly smile. She bit her lip, an attempt to stop her own laughter.

“A lot.” She replied. “Tell me mastermind. How did you do it? A plastic bottle and a candle?”

I shrugged, “I found out that newspaper smokes a lot. Especially damp newspaper. I covered the bottle with damp newspaper and put some inside it with some ping pong balls.”

“Ping pong balls? How on earth did you find out that they cause smoke?” Kelly asked, amazed.

“Dad burned my favorite one when I was child.” I shrugged.

Kelly smirked a little. “Well, you are now prank famous! The downside is you’re going to detention, missing Shauna’s party, but there is bound to be hot guys.”

I laughed. “Did you pick up my stuff?”

“All in the backseat, I took your guitar too, in case you get bored.”

“You touched my baby!” I gasped.

Kelly rolled her eyes, “Suck it up.”

She turned on the radio, and began singing along to the song on the radio. She looks so perfect, by 5 seconds of summer. I hummed along to the song. Even though it wasn’t my favorite 5sos song, I still loved it. It was played on the radio most along with amnesia and Don’t stop.

It took an hour to get to St.Levlins. Kelly pulled up outside the school. It was quite big, with red brick. “Why did we have to come so early?” I asked, confused. Normal school was probably still on.

“Well, because your a late entry, you need to be assessed.” Kelly replied casually.


“Yeah, It’ll be nothing. Just say you know what you did was wrong. Smile and wave and you’ll be okay.”

Smile and wave was Kelly and my motto. It came from the Madagascar film.

“Smile and wave.” I repeated, nodding my head.

“Good luck Esme.” Kelly winked. I narrowed my eyes. No one but my parents called me Esme. Marc had given me the nickname May when we were children, and it just stuck.

“Don’t call me that.” Was all I said, as I climbed out of the car, and took my bag of clothes and guitar out of the backseat. I turned and faced my home for the weekend. It looked old, the red brick looked tired and it was covered in ivy. It didn’t exactly scream scary.

I lifted my guitar case over my shoulder and began to walk towards the front door.

Here goes nothing. I thought.

As soon as I walked through the front door, a school bell rang. Classroom doors opened, and students filed out. It was half two, so there was probably only one class left.

I heaved a sigh and walked over to the door that read secretary. Boys whistled as I walked by. Most likely they presumed I was a new student. I wasn’t wearing anything special to be noticed. Just a black jeans, and a baseball jersey, my hair was pulled back in a pony tail. My outfits were one of the reasons why I hadn't more than two friends at highschool. According to Keara, the dress code for girls is to go full on Beyoncé. Girls followed what she wore because she was the Queen B, and they didn't feel like they had a choice.

Cliche I know. But when your town is basically ruled by a girl who lives the cliche life, you don’t have any choice but to be dragged into it.

I noticed Sarah drifting into the cliche world a few months back, and it had only ever been Jack and I who avoided that society. Jack was another one of my best friends who was currently traveling due to his boxing career.

I knocked on the secretary’s door, and walked in. “Hello?” A woman in a fancy work suit greeted.

“Yeah, hey! I’m here for the detention thing? I’m supposed to be having a assessment or something?”

The woman pursed her lips, unimpressed with my reason for visiting. “Yes. I will call Mr. Crowley and tell him you’re here.” She flicked a switch on a microphone, and spoke into it. “Can Mr. Crowley please come to the secretary’s office. Thank you.” I could hear her voice come from the intercom in the corner of the office.

Why would you have an intercom in the place you’re speaking into the intercom? I thought, Okay, Mr. Smith is in the corner of the office, I better call him on the intercom so that he hears me.

I rolled my eyes at the stupidity of it.

The office door opened, and a older man around my fathers age, with scruffy blonde hair walked into the office. He was quite handsome, despite his age. “You’re miss Riley? Yes?” He asked.

I nodded, and he beckoned me to follow him. We walked down the hall to classroom number ten.

We both went inside. It was empty.

I started feeling uncomfortable. I was inside a room, in a school I don’t know, with a hot yet older man that I didn’t know, alone. Hello creepy!

“So Miss Riley, please take a seat.”

I did as I was told. “Please call me May, Miss Riley makes me sound like my Mom.”

Mr. Crowley cracked a smile. “Of course, of course,” He replied, “so May, you have been sent to detention here. Do you know why?”

"I know why yes." I smiled pleasantly.

He hesitated for a moment, "Care to elaborate?"

“Well Mr Crowley, am I allowed to tell you… Or will it damage my parents reputation?” I replied, with an innocent smile.

“Well doing the act would have already damaged their reputation, but don’t worry. They told me everything.”

“Well they have a lot of money to keep my act a secret, and how do I not know your not some journalist in disguise?” I challenged.

He studied me for a second. “Do you really care about their reputation that much?”

I thought about that for a second. “Nah not really, I made a smoke bomb and put it in my neighbor’s room.”

Mr Crowley nodded at that. “So you don’t care about your parents?”

“I’d care if they got sick and all. But I don’t really care about their work or anything.”

“Why’s that? Is it because you feel like they abandon you when they work? Do you feel like you come second to them, like your worthless. Is that why you rebel? Because you hope to get their attention”

Dude. Too many questions for me to keep up with!

“Woah, that’s real deep. You should be the next Doctor Phil.” I snort, was he expecting me to break down and share all my secrets?

He wasn't pleased with my answer. He narrowed his eyes at me. “Why did you put that bomb in the girls room.”

“Revenge.” I answered, simply.


“Mhm, she’s super mean. A bully. She’s had it in for me ever since I told her that she had a weird hairstyle when I was five. Five! Do you know how long of a grudge that is?” I thought for a second. “Eleven years long! She also ruined my end of the year English essay, and I got in shit. She ruined my new hat too, it was more for style than for dealing with water.”

I doubt that made any sense to him.

“You must have spent a lot of time making that ‘smoke bomb’ as you call it. How exactly did you learn to make it? Why would you make it?”

“Don’t expect me to go giving away all my secrets mister. As to why…” I smiled slyly, “I’m the prank mastermind. It’s what I do.”

Mr Crowley didn’t look amused. “Would you say you’re troubled, May?” He asked.

“Troubled… No.”

“What would you say you were.” He pressed.

“I merely have the talent to cause trouble.” I replied coolly with a grin. I mentally patted my back for that reply, it sounded badass as hell.

Mr Crowley stared at me, daringly. He seemed to be hoping for a more sensitive answer. I stared back without blinking. He finally let out a sigh of defeat, causing me to snicker. I had had enough of the emotional shit, seriously. He looked way too much into things.

“Miss Riley, I think that will do. I will lead you to the room you will be staying in for the weekend.” He told me.

I pouted slightly. “I thought you were going to call me May.”

He glared at me, and I groaned. Great, he hates me now. I thought, this is why people shouldn’t question me.

I stood up and stretched. I knew by the way Mr Crowley looked at me, that he now believed me to be a troubled kid or merely trouble. So all I did was play along.

“Lead the way mister Crow. Caw Caw.”

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