Control the Beat

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22 | Lists & Dares

“Where are we going?” I grumbled for the fifteenth time.

It was nine o’clock in the evening, and we were walking through the woods. We didn’t do much throughout the whole day. Shannon and I looked though the clothes my mother had sent, we then spent the day in the concert field with the whole gang, just talking about unimportant things.

“We’re almost there.” Josh replied.

Shannon and Josh came up with an idea. They wanted to have a miniature party, with a small amount of people. So basically the group consisted of myself, Shannon, Cassie, Shane, Josh, Chase, Melissa, Max, and Chase’s friend Caleb. It was going to be fun.

Well I hoped so anyway.

Cassie skipped on ahead of the rest of the group with excitement. She was carrying a backpack full of junk food, while Shane carried the blankets.

“Here!” Cassie yelled from ahead. We sped up until we found her standing in front of a small river. The place was surrounded by blossomed trees, and had small tree trunks and logs around a fire pit.

“We set this place up years ago.” Shane explained.

“It’s really pretty.” I mused, as I sat down on one of the logs. Cassie began to take the food out of her bag, as Shane laid down the blanket. She threw packets of Doritos and chocolates down onto the blanket.

“We’re going to be fat by the time were done.” Shannon smirked, as she stared at all the food Cassie had brought.

I shrugged. “I’d go fat for those m&m’s.” I leaped towards a packet and began to eat them. “So what’s the plan?”

“We are going to pig out by the fire, and play games and be normal people for once.” Melissa declared.

“Normal’s boring.” I winked.

Josh and Shane were kneeling in front of the fire pit, trying to get it started with some twigs and matched. “This isn’t working!” Josh snapped.

Shane dropped the two stones he had been rubbing. “This always worked in the movies!”

I rolled my eyes at his stupidity, but continued to watch his entertaining efforts to light the fire. It wasn’t even cold.

He threw the stones into the pit in frustration causing me to snort with laughter. “Just use the matches.” I laughed.

“He’s trying to figure out how to work them!” Shane complained.

I snickered, and got up from my seat and snatched the matches from Josh’s hands. “Give me a leaf or something.” I ordered. They did as they were told and sat down watching. The others were pissing themselves laughing while eating Doritos.

“You slide the match across the box like this.” I cooed to them, and did as I instructed. The match caught fire, and I lit the leaf with it, and put it down beside the branches and other leaves. Soon enough there was a fire going, and the boys watched in awe.

“So that’s what you do.” Shane exclaimed. I ruffled his hair and got up to sit next to Shannon who was organizing marshmallows onto a stick.

“So.” She waved her hands around for everyone’s attention. “The plan for tonight.” She pulled out a sheet of paper from her pocket.

“Wait you actually made a list?” I deadpanned.

“Um, yeah?”

“Come on, you can’t have fun by following a list!”

“Well how else do we do it?”

“Seriously?” I rolled my eyes, and snatched the list from her hands and tossed it into the river. She pouted as she watched the sheet become wet, and sink to the bottom. “Do you always make lists?”

“Well whenever I had a sleepover with the girls, we did.” Shannon frowned.

I shook my head in disapproval. “The best way to have fun is by being spontaneous.” I threw a piece chocolate up into the air and caught it my mouth.

Shannon rolled her eyes and let her hands fall in defeat. “Fine. So what do we do?”

I shrugged my shoulders and threw another m&m at Chase, which he caught in his mouth. He grinned after actually catching it. “Okay! A game, we all have to be able to catch the sweet in our mouths, who ever doesn’t has to do a truth or dare given by the thrower.” He announced.

I nodded in approval. “A bit cliche, with a little bit originality. I like it.”

Josh shook his head in amusement. “What happens if the person throwing, has a shit throw?”

“Then it’s the opposite way around.” Chase replied.

I bounced up and down on my seat, and Chase aimed the next sweet at Caleb. The sweet hit of his nose and hopped to the ground. Caleb pouted.

“Truth or dare Caleb?” Chase mused.

“Dare!” Caleb shouted, puffing out his chest in an attempt to seem more manly. The attempt failed miserably.

“I dare you to climb up that tree-“


“-in only your underwear.”

Caleb paused, and glanced over at Chase with an ‘are you serious right now’ expression. Chase just nodded, while the rest of us chuckled. Caleb sighed, pulled off his shirt and began to unbuckle his jeans. I covered my eyes while shaking with laughter.

“It’s only his pants, not his d-” Chase started.

“I was being polite!” I shouted, and he chuckled.

Caleb groaned. “I hate you.” He snapped at Chase, who smirked in reply. He walked over to the tree and looked up at it. “What if a branch sticks into-“

“You live with it!” I shouted, interrupting his non-appropriate sentence. He sighed, and jumped up and caught hold of the first branch. He pulled himself higher into the tree, which was around the time that we all took out our phones and began recording.

“I hate you guys!” He yelled down at us, as we laughed.

“Love you too!” I cried. He shook his head and couldn’t help but laugh along with us. Once he reached the top he stopped, and began to climb back down. Once he hit the ground, he bowed to us causing us to burst into another round of laughing.

Caleb grabbed a sweet and tossed it at Shannon, who opened her mouth as wide as she could, hoping it would land in it. Except instead of landing in her mouth, it landed in her eye. “Ow!” She squealed, and threw it back at him.

“Truth or dare Shan dan?” Caleb mused. Shannon glared at him.


“Hmm. What was your first kiss like?”

Shannon turned scarlet, and her nostrils flared. “Terrible.” She spat.

I raised an eyebrow and watched the exchange curiously.

“Eh Shannon, it’s called truth or dare. You picked truth so you must speak it.” He winked.

“How do you know she wasn’t?” Josh snapped.

“It was fine!” Shannon cried, irritation laced her voice.

Caleb smirked but let it drop.

“Okay let’s do something else..” I announced. The tension is the air was way to high for me. I looked at Melissa for help.

“Let’s play… Song role play?” She asked, unsure.

“What now?”

“It’s where one person makes a song lyric, and you have to just continue it as best as you can.” She explains.

I nodded at that. “That sounds cool.”

Chase leans back against a piece of wood. “Okay, Melissa you start.”

“Uh..” She thought for a second. “I like the way you walk, on the floor.. And out the door?”

I pause for a second and search my mind for something that would work. “I like the way you talk. Like a cat that can… Roar.”

Shannon snorted with laughter at this, before continuing the song. “I hate the way I’m saying this. But I can’t make it stop.”

’Cus I’m drunk, and when I’m drunk I talk. And you’re all I got.” Cassie sang.

The boys watched us with an amused expression, while we started to get into our little song.

My friends make that face when you pass me on the corridor!” Melissa sang.

My sister goes swit-swoo if I mention you at all…” I continued.

“My father get’s all mad when he see’s you in the shop.” Shannon added.

“And my mother starts to cry, and say’s my kitty’s growing up!” Cassie smirked.

“I don’t know what’s going on! But I know that you’re involved!”

“Look at them talk like we’re characters from..” Melissa paused. “The wizard of oz?”

We all stopped and stared at her. “I couldn’t think of anything!” She cried defensively, and covered her eyes with her hands. I snickered.

“I hate all this shit.”

I feel a little sick.”

“Not sure if it’s because you just walked by, our the vodka that I drink!”

We continued to laugh while we started our next verse. “I like the way you smell. Like a man, but with a shower!” Cassie giggled.

“Not that I’ve been smelling you.. I’ve got a bit of willpower!” I added with a mocking smirk.

“I like the way you smile, with a smirk, when you’re being a jerk.” Shannon sang.

“And now that I think about it, you always have that smirk, ’cus your always being a jerk! That really shouldn’t be a perk.” Cassie rapped.

“Wait was that line about Chase?” I mused, and the girls chuckled.

“I’m a lovable jerk May.” He winked.

I raised an eyebrow at his reply, and decided not to comment. “We should show everyone that song.” I mused. “It’s epic.”

“Yeah! Everyone at school would be bowing at our feet!” Melissa snorted.

“Imagine Keara!” I giggled, “She wouldn’t know what to do!”

“Who’s Keara?” Caleb interrupted.

“This doll in my school.” I explained.

“Three words: One hot wannabe.” Chase mused. “She’s very annoying.”

I nodded in agreement. “She can be entertaining though. Like, when you annoy her she’s hilarious.”

“Call her!” Caleb suggested.

“Prank call?”


“But prank calls are so.. Stupid.”

Caleb rolled his eyes, “I wanna hear her get annoyed!” He whined.

“I don’t have her number.” I chuckled.

“I do!” Chase added helpfully. I shot him an inquisitive look. “She gave it to me when I was about to go home after the shift.”

A grin slowly made it’s way to my face. “Give me your phone.” I whispered.

He rolled his eyes, and pulled it out of his pocket and tossed it to me. I tossed it back with a pout. “I don’t know how to put it on private..I’m a good girl, I don’t prank call.”

He rolled his eyes, and pressed a few keys before throwing it back. I searched for Keara in his contacts, and pressed ring. Everyone became silent, and I put the phone on loudspeaker.

“Hello?” Keara’s snarky voice hissed through the speaker.

“Hello is this Miss Keara Cinders?” I asked, in a posh voice.

“Yes. Speak faster, I’m a little busy.” She snapped. I rolled my eyes at her rudeness.

“Hello Miss Cinders. This is Charlotte from.. P&A fashion industry.”

I could just imagine Keara’s eyes go wider than usual. “What?” She screeched. “Oh em gee! Hi! I’ve been waiting for this call for such a long time!”

I held back my laughter. Of course she had. “Oh really?”

“Yes! I’ve been a model for quite a while. I recently started modeling for Riley’s. But they have nothing on you.”

“I’m very flattered.”

“I can’t wait to tell my parents. Will you be able to send me a private plane to pick me up? I’d like it to be a personal one too, I’d prefer not to mix with others. Oh and have champagne on it too!”

“Um, Ms Cinders-“

“Oh, and I’ll have to have my father call you tomorrow!”

“Ms Cinders!” I shouted, trying to stop her rant. “I was calling to ask if you had May Riley’s number?”

Chase let out a snort of laughter, and Melissa ran into the woods where she could laugh freely.

“What?” She yelled.

“Yes. I can’t get her number anywhere, and her parents haven’t been answering the phone. I heard you were neighbors, so I wondered if you had it?”

“May Riley is pathetic. She wouldn’t be able to model to save her life!”

I frowned. Well that’s rude. “Well I feel she would be a great model. She’s free, lively, she’s got the awesome badass look. Oh and her nose is perfect thank you very much!”

I lost my patience at the end. The nose insult still got to me.

“But she’s-“

“I will make sure that no one in my company hires you unless it is for cleaning toilets. Good day. I said good day!”

I hung the phone up, and looked up at my friends. They had tears of laughter streaming from their eyes.

“Oh May, why are you so badass?” Shane teased.

“Yeah she’s such a bad girl!” Max chuckled.

“I’m a good girl.” I corrected with a smirk.

Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught!” Cassie yelled.

“She’s a good girl! She’s daddy’s favorite! He saved for Harvard! He knows she’ll make it!” I sang.

Cassie filled in as the guitar in the background, by making weird sounds.

She’s good at school. She’s never truant. She can speak french.”

“I think she’s fluent!” We sang together.

“Never truant my ass.” Max snorted, I ignore him.

Cause every night she studies hard in her room.
At least that’s what her parents assume.
But she sneaks out the window to meet with her boyfriend.
Here’s what she told me the time that I caught her.” Cassie sang.

“She said to me,
’Forget what you thought!
’Cause good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught!
So just turn around and forget what you saw!
‘Cause good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.’” We yelled at the top of our voices.

“I actually love 5 seconds of summer!” Caleb called from over beside the river.

I stopped singing, and gave him a ‘what the fuck’ look. “Why are you over there?”

“I thought I saw a fish!”

I continued to stare at the weirdo, as he jumped with excitement when another fish jumped. He slipped on his feet and fell into the river.

“Shit!” We raced over to the river, and found him laughing his head off. “This isn’t even cold!”

Chase snorted with laughter and jumped in after him. “Guys?” I snapped, as Max, Josh and Shane followed.

To be honest, I would have probably jumped in too. But I was afraid of water. I always had been. I don’t even know why. I sat down at the river bank and watched them play.

They hung out in the river for a while, and once they climbed out, we threw towels at them so that they could dry off.

“You’re lucky Shane brought towels.” Shannon grumbled, and handed the last one to Caleb. After drying his hair, Chase threw the wet towel at me causing me to scowl.

I sighed and jumped to my feet. I needed to stretch my legs. The moment I was on my feet, Shannon tossed a sweet at me, and smirked when I missed it.

“Truth or dare May?” She grinned mischievously at me.

I frowned. “But we aren’t pl-“

“You didn’t catch it May.” Melissa sang, fighting her laughter.

I groaned but nodded. “Dare.”

Shannon smiled thoughtfully. “Well. I dare you to…”

I waited patiently, and shot her a blank stare as she hesitated.

“Kiss Chase.”

My mouth dropped open and I glared at her. “No way.” I hissed. Shannon nodded with her smirk. I shook my head in protest. “No. I’m not going to.”

“Well. It is a dare…” Melissa drawled. “You don’t have to do it. But if you don’t, what shall that ever do to your reputation?”

I gave her the dirtiest look I could muster, before glancing at Chase, who looked rather amused.

Who cares about reputation? It’s my reputation. I break the rules. I do what I want.. I don’t have to do a dare if I don’t want to..

“Imagine May not doing a dare.” Max tutted. I pouted at him, why was he taking their side?

I swallowed slowly, and glanced back at Chase who was still smirking to himself. “Fine.” I whispered.

Chase’s head jumped up in surprise and everyone stared at me. “May you don’t have to!” Josh rushed out. Shane pushed him over, shutting him up.

I walked over to Chase and sat down beside him. Everyone was staring at me, as if I was Luke Hemmings from 5 seconds of summer. “Stop staring at me!” I wailed, and they looked away discreetly.

“And you stop smirking before I slap it off.” I grumbled to Chase. He laughed but didn’t reply.

I breathed in and out deeply.

“Oh and it’s a proper kiss. In case you try to cheat your way out of this. On the lips, and at least fifteen seconds.”

I flicked her off, and turned back to Chase. “It’s just a dare.” I reminded him. He nodded, and bit his lip to stop his laughter.

I performed a face-palm, before leaning closer to him. “I hate you.” I grumbled.

He smirked. “Sure.”

I grimaced and leaned forward, closing the gap between us.

I pressed my lips tightly against his, and he responded immediately. His arms, which were still wet from the swim in the river, went around my waist, and pulled me closer. He kissed me back gently. My stomach began to flutter and my heart felt like it was going to explode. I closed my eyes, and kissed him longer, he slid his tongue on my lower lip. But before I allowed entrance, I heard someone laugh.

“God guys. I said fifteen seconds!” Shannon smirked.

My eyes widened, and I pulled away immediately. He gazed at me curiously.

“Just a dare.” I breathed.

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