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28 | Bitch Please

“Thank you Miss Riley. I’m glad you have learned from the consequences of your actions.” My therapist smiled. He was probably only glad that this was going to be our last session, and he wouldn’t have to put up with me for the rest of the year.

I nodded solemnly, while preventing myself from rolling my eyes. “Thank you sir. It has been a great experience.” I forced a smile. He held out his hand for me, which I reluctantly shook.

“Damn, I want to punch you in the face.” I muttered under my breath.

“What was that?”

“I said I just really want to get on with a trouble free life!” I lied.

He nodded in agreement. “Okay Miss Riley, you may go right after I sign these papers for your parents. You don’t have to return to this office for the rest of the year. I hope you keep up your good progress and stay out of trouble.”

“Oh I will.” I grinned, keeping my eyes on the papers he was started to fill out. These were the key to my freedom. Once he signed his name at the very bottom of the document, I grabbed it from his hands and scanned it to make sure he had filled everything in. I sighed with relief, and turned to him. “Stay out of trouble? Bitch please.”

His eyes widened. “Miss Riley-”

“Nope! You’ve signed the papers. There’s no going back now. I’m free!” I skipped towards the door and screamed, “Therapy sessions are out!”

Melissa was standing outside waiting for me. She raised an eyebrow at my outburst. “What?” I grinned.

“You’re an idiot! I spent a full day writing that stupid fake diary for you, to get you out of that prison, and you almost blow it with that?”

“Firstly! I am very thankful for the quite emotional diary thing you did, and secondly. He signed the papers, he can’t take it back now!”

“I can’t believe you were going to send it that diary you wrote. Like come on, too much information! I doubt he’d let you go after reading that.”

“It was fun to write.” I shrugged.

I had spent a month writing up my own diary on the summer in camp, yet Melissa thought that it was too descriptive. And due to the fact that I refused to say the words I regret my actions, Melissa didn’t think I would be freed from my nasty therapist. So being the loving friend she was, she wrote a complete fake version of events.

“Yeah right.” We linked arms and began to walk down the school corridor. We did our usual routine, we walked down by the wall, we ignored the popular girls who shot us dirty looks, we smiled at the shy kids, and nerds, we rolled our eyes every time we saw Marc and greeted Keara with a fake grin, and the simple use of words.

Sarah was sitting beside Marc and Keara, third-wheeling. She glanced up at us, and pouted. Every time I saw her, I wanted to literally kill her, yet Melissa always held me back. Why you ask? On the way home from camp last summer, Melissa told me why Sarah hated her so much.

It ended up that at a party, Sarah kissed Melissa. But she instantly regretted it and was scared that Melissa would tell everyone and ruin her reputation. She made me hate Melissa for years because she was embarrassed. Melissa always presumed I wouldn’t talk to her because she was a lesbian. She thought I knew, which I didn’t!

I loved Melissa, no matter what her sexuality was. She was my best friend.

“Keep walking May.” Melissa ordered, pushing me on as I gave Sarah a death glare.

“The cheek of her to even look at us.” I grumbled. Melissa rolled her eyes, and shoved me forward. I stumbled over my feet, almost landing on my ass, but thankfully was caught by a nearby student. “Thank you! She’s just so violent!”

The guy chuckled awkwardly, and was about to walk off but I stopped him. He was extremely good looking, with jet black hair and bright blue eyes. I would recognize those eyes anywhere. “You’re Jack, right?” I stated rather than questioned.

He nodded, a small smile tracing his features. “Yup. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, Riley.”

“You weren’t here at the start of the year? Where were you?”

He wrinkled his nose, “I had some sporting commitments... but they’re over for the next few months so I said I’d go back to school.”

“Oh..” I paused. “I’m giving you some advice. Run back to your commitments, get away from this place as fast as you can.” I stage whispered, looked around nervously. “They’re crazy.”

He smiled slightly, “God, don’t I know. I was already ambushed on the way in.” He chuckled.

“Of course you were.” I nodded, “A good looking fella who has changed drastically over the summer is seen walking into the school, cue crazy ass desperate chicks. This is Melissa by the way.”

He blushed, slightly and put his head down to hide his embarrassment at my choice of wording. “I’m Jack.” He told Melissa, “You were in some of my classes last year. I didn’t really try to talk to you though.” He didn’t try to talk to anyone, I cocked my head to the side and analysed the quiet boy who was becoming tense by the second, and had to restrain myself from awing and pinching his cheeks.

“Okay, I shall take you under my wing this year.” I announced mostly to myself. “We need to tie this friendship with a party though.”

“Keara’s throwing a party tomorrow. Apparently she can’t tell us her ‘exciting news’ but she’s going to celebrate it anyway.” Melissa mused.

“Oh! Are we invited?”

“Well... No.”

“Well that’s rude! I don’t care, we are going. Okay Jackie Chan, throw your number in there.” I handed him my phone, “I’ll text you and let you know what time we’re collecting you tomorrow for this extremely important party we are going to crash.”

“Firstly, don’t call me Jackie Chan. And secondly, Crash?” He asked amused.

“Sure! It’ll be fun.” I grinned.

He laughed and nodded, while typing his number into my phone and handing it back to me. “Okay. I could do with a little fun.”

Melissa grinned, and began pulling me away. “We have to go and get some badass dresses to show Keara up.” She mused. “Make sure you look decent Jack!”

“I’ll try.” He laughed.

“Okay, see you Jackie! Wait, is it okay if I call you Jackie? I call Melissa Issa, or Me, or Mel.. I call everyone a nickname..” I realized. “Why do I do that?”

“Because you’re an idiot.” She deadpanned, while Jack snorted. He was probably regretting saving me from falling.

“That’s just mean. Okay bye!”

I waved at him, and sprinted down the hall, pulling Melissa with me as she whined about too much exercise. Once we reached her car, I jumped into the passenger seat, and turned on the radio. “So have you heard from Chase lately?” Melissa smirked.

“I have.” I nodded, looking out the window. I felt a blush crawl onto my cheeks.


“And what?” I laughed.

“You’re a shit friend, you know that?”

I snorted with laughter and gave in. “Okay, we just.. Talk? Nothing big.” I thought back to our recent series of texts and continued laughing.

“I will get Shannon to help me get every single detail out of you.” She threatened. I instantly remembered Halloween, when Melissa and Shannon refused to give me chocolate until I gave them some stupid details about my love life. My eyes widened in fear.

“Don’t!” I whined. “If you do, I’ll.. I’ll make Shane and Josh throw you into the river again!”

Before school started; Shane, Josh, Melissa and I went camping. And well.. It didn’t end to good.

“Fine truce!” She cried in panic. I giggled at that, and turned my attention to the radio.

“So guys! We are all so excited for this years Turn Up The Beat’s concert coming this summer. After the song that the two camps, Step Up The Beat and Turn It Up released together, everyone is crazy to hear some more! They were absolutely unbelievable.” The radio man announced. “And now that the two camps have properly joined together, we’re expecting great things! We’ll keep you informed!”

I turned to Melissa who was smiling crookedly. “I can’t wait until summer arrives. It is going to be epic.”

“You said it, bruh!” She responded, fist-bumping me.

“Keep your hands on the steering wheel!” I yelled.

“You’re so dramatic!” She replied.

“I am not! You could have killed us!”

“Why do I even like you May?” She yelled.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Because I’m so lovable? Now put your foot down. We have a party to crash.”

The End

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