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3 | Art Teachers Are All Crazy

Chapter 3 | Art Teachers Are All Crazy

I spent the rest of the day, and the night in a single room. Our proper detention started at eight in the morning. I wasn’t allowed any mobile phones, laptops or games. Mr. Crowley let me keep the guitar, probably because I freaked when he went to touch it.

I’m very protective.

I woke up the next day to the ringing of the school bell. There is nothing worse than that sound on a Saturday morning. I groaned and got out of my bed. It was seven o’clock.

Just a warning, but I am not a morning person.

Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and grumbling to myself, I went over to my bags and rooted out an outfit for the day. Kelly had packed for me, because I had forgotten all about my detention that morning.

Kelly seemed to have the same idea as me though. This was detention for troubled kids. I needed to look badass. I pulled out a pair of ripped black jeans, my guns n’ roses t-shirt and a pair of black and white converse. After I got changed, I sauntered to the bathroom with my toothbrush, toothpaste and my hair brush. I quickly washed my face, and brushed my teeth. I began brushing my long, black hair.

I loved to brush my hair. I really don’t know why. I don’t straighten it, as it already is straight. I don’t curl it, because I can’t be bothered. I just brush it. It helps me relax.

Once my hair was brushed, I attempt to put it up in a ponytail, but it was one of those days where it just refuses to go up. It falls down, or bits stick out and irritate me.

I decided to leave it down, and threw a hat over it. I applied a small amount of eyeliner and mascara and I was done.

Stretching out my arms, I walked down the stairs to the main entrance. There was a group of kids already there. Mostly boys, but there were two girls there who seemed to be stuck to each others side with super glue. Both of them were showing way too much cleavage than necessary and their make up wasn’t applied properly, not exactly detention material.

“Okay everyone!” A voice called over the noise. “I am Mr. Crowley, and this is Miss Atkinson,” He gestured to a relaxed, hippy looking woman at his side, “if you follow us, we’ll bring you to the canteen where you will have your breakfast. We will then begin.”

“Begin what exactly?” I grumbled under my breath

We walked to the canteen and Miss Atkinson made everyone sit together at two tables. There was probably twelve students all together.

I sat beside a fair haired guy, who had a lip piercing and was pretty ripped. The two girls sat together giggling across from us.

Everyone began to eat the sausages and egg that was provided.

I wolfed it down. I was starving. You see I eat a lot, and all I had was a quick dinner sent up to my room that night. I needed dessert and tea and late night snacks after that!

I looked around me studying the group. The two girls seemed quite annoying yet innocent. Like they were trying to be something they weren’t. The guy beside me seemed popular, a group of boys seemed pretty cool. They laughed a lot.

Mr Crowley began to talk again. I groaned and buried my face in my hands. It was way too early for this shit.

The guy beside me chuckled. “Don’t worry cutie. I’ll protect you.” He winked.

“Excuse me?” I asked, “Why would I need protecting?”

“You haven’t been here before. Plus you don’t seem like a troubled kid.”

“Bitch please.” I muttered. “I could beat your ass any day, especially now, because I’m tired. So shut up.”

The guy rolled his eyes. “You’re probably just a good girl, who did something stupid like have a beer for the first time and your parents over reacted. We get them regularly.”

I thought about replying, but decided to ignore him. I faced my attention on Mr Crowley. “Firstly, we will all have a group session where we’ll talk among ourselves. We will then split you all into groups to do your good deeds.”

Good deeds? Seriously?

“So if you are all finished. Please follow Miss Atkinson to her room.”

Miss Atkinson led us to room twenty three, where she made us all sit down in a circle. She sat down among us.

“So. I’m going to start, and I want you all to follow my lead,” She smiled, “my name is Violet. I am thirty six years of age. I love shopping. I am here because I want to help people.”

I stared at her as if she was insane. Is this not what people do when like they’re addicted to drugs? Or alcohol?

“I work in this school as a health, and art teacher. Now someone else go.”

There you are. Art teachers are all crazy.

There was an awkward silence. Everyone sat staring at the ground not knowing what to do. No one was going to go first. I played with my hands awkwardly. Someone please go. I silently begged. I hated awkward silences.

“Smile and wave.” I muttered, reassuringly to myself under my breath, even though the last thing I needed was people thinking I talked to myself.

Even though I kind of did…

It remained silent for at least two minutes, and I was growing impatient. Violet kept saying, “It’s okay, take your time. It’s hard at the start.”

It is not okay! I thought. Someone freaking talk!

I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Oh for god’s sake I’ll go!” I snapped. I was relieved that it was no longer awkward. But then everyone was staring at me. Some bewildered, others confused.

I groaned. “My names May.” I waved awkwardly. “Um, I’m sixteen. I don’t work…”

“Where do you go to school?” Violet interrupted.

“I was getting there!” I snapped impatiently. Some chuckled at my outburst. “I go to school at Corey High School. I love food? And I’m here because my parents made me.”

“Why did your parents make you?” Violet pressed

“Why are you an art teacher?” I countered.

“I love art.”

“My parents are bossy.”

“Please give a reasonable answer May.”

I glared at her. “I’m here because I set a smoke bomb of in some bitches house for revenge.”

There was a moment of silence.

“That was you!” One of the guys exclaimed. “As in Keara Cinders house?”

Another asked. “How did you even manage that?”

The blonde guy stared at me, bewildered. I bowed awkwardly.

“Okay.” Violet wasn’t comfortable with everyone’s reaction. “Next please.”

It took probably an hour to get through the introductions. The two girls were here for drinking alcohol, the blonde haired guy beat someone up, others were here for too many detentions in their school and some guy was here for stealing a car.

“I’m splitting you into groups of three,” Violet called out. “so Jonathan, Katie and Marissa.” The two girls giggled again, as the redhead, Jonathan, groaned.

“Josh, May and Shane.” I looked up to see the blond haired guy, and some curly head looking at me expectantly.

She finished calling out the names, and led us into the garden. “Your group will be planting new flowers around the school to help the school look cleaner and give it some color.”

Josh rolled his eyes and we walked over to where the tools were. (I mean the equipment, not the people. But there are plenty of them too). “I thought these were supposed to be good deeds. Not slavery.” I grumbled. Shane smiled, and ran his hand through his curly brown hair.

“What would you say a good deed would be?” He asked, as he grabbed a spade and a pair of gardening gloves.

“Helping the homeless?” I asked, unsure.

Josh laughed, “Like we’d be allowed outside the school.” He replied. “We’re troubled kids, remember.”

I put my gloves on. “I guess. But all I did was set off some smoke, you beat someone up. It’s a little different.”

“I beat someone, who deserved it, up.” Josh corrected.

“How did he deserve it?”

“He hit my little sister.” Shane interrupted. “That’s why I stole the car, I was on my way to get her away from him, but Josh got there first.”

“How old was this kid?” I asked, a little shocked.

“Sixteen. My sister’s fifteen.” Shane replied. I pulled a face and patted Josh’s arm. “I would have did it too.”

Josh smirked and began shoveling in the flower-bed. We planted flowers and worked at the gardening bed for hours. Planting the whole way around the school. It was actually quite fun. We talked about Keara and I explained why I wanted revenge. I also ran after the two girls with a worm. They ran around the school screaming like crazy.

It was mean, but it was hilarious.

“What do you think you’re doing Josh?” Mr Crawford shouted. “You’re going to damage the sprinklers! Do you want to ruin everything?”

Josh just looked at him. “Sure?”

“And why are you two just watching him? Do something!” He shouted.

We watched the annoyingly hot teacher walk away. “Yeah. I’ll do something alright.” Josh raised an eyebrow at me.

“Like what?” He smirked.

“Didn’t you read the magazines? I’m the prank mastermind.” I replied.

Shane smiled. “What do we do?”

“Do all these sprinklers work?” I asked.


“Do you have the button thing to turn them on?”



I grabbed the shovel from Josh and made two holes in the flower bed. Both beside a sprinkler. I then covered the holes with some leaves and branches. Classic prank.

The boys stood and watched me work.

“Hey, Mr Crowley?” I called out. “One of our sprinklers don’t work.”

He came over to me.

“Which one?” He asked.

“The one at the back.” I replied calmly.

Mr Crowley stepped his way around the flowers, over to the sprinkler I pointed at. He stepped into one of my holes, losing his balance and he fell over.

“Let me just try that sprinkler again.” Shane mused. He turned them back on, and water hit Mr Crowley right in the face.

I laughed at his shrieks. “You three,” He gasped, as he tried to get away from the sprinklers. He pointed a finger at the three of us laughing, “go to room ten this instant.”

“You’ve only been here for one day and you already got us in trouble.” Josh muttered to me.

I rolled my eyes, “It’s fun, and could you stop pretending that you don’t worship my guts. I can see it in your eyes.”

His lip twitched slightly. “Sure I do.”

Shane groaned. “Come on Mister C. Just let us go already.”

Mr Crowley looked up from his paper. “Have you learned your lesson.”

“Yes.” We chorused.

“And what is it?”

“Not to turn on the sprinklers?” Shane guessed.

“No, its not to laugh at a humiliated teacher.” Josh argued.

“It’s to not be dicks.” I piped up. Mr Crowley thought about my answer,”That’ll do. You can go to your room.

My eyes widened. “Seriously?”

“Just go.”

I looked at Josh and Shane, who just shrugged and ran for the door. “How did that even work?” Shane laughed.

“We should say were dicks more often.” Josh chuckled.

We decided to camp out in my room, as it was closer. I opened the door and burst through it dramatically. “Welcome gentlemen to May Riley’s luxurious weekend room.”

Josh pushed me into the room. “You’re such a weirdo Riley.” He laughed. I shrugged in reply and jumped onto my bed.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

Josh just shrugged.

“Woah, is that a Martin D-28 Dreadnought?” Shane asked in amazement. “You play guitars?”

I nodded, “It’s hardly there to look at.” I replied with an eye roll. Josh chuckled at that.

“Play.” Shane ordered.

“Eh.. No.”

“Please play.”

“No way.”

“I’ll give you a surprise if you play.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “What kind of surprise.”

“A good one.”

I looked at Josh, who shrugged again. “Don’t you ever speak?” I asked him, bewildered.

“I’m more of the quiet, mysterious type.” He replied with a smirk.

“You mean the annoying, cocky type.”

“Oh just play.” Josh ordered. “Shane won’t shut up until you do.”

I heaved a sigh, and glared at the both of them. “What will I play, exactly?”

Shane grinned triumphantly, “Anything.” He handed me my guitar, and I snapped at him to not touch it. I thought for a second before I began to strum on the strings. After a while, Shane’s scrutinizing glare got too much and I complied to his wishes and began to sing.

“My lover’s got humor. She’s the giggle at a funeral. Knows everybody’s disapproval. I should’ve worshiped her sooner. If the heavens ever did speak. She’s the last true mouthpiece. Every Sunday’s Getting more bleak. A fresh poison each week.” I sang nervously.

I saw Josh’s mouth form an ‘o’ shape. But Shane just grinned, and sang with me. “‘We were born sick, ’ you heard them say it. My Church offers no absolutes. She tells me, ‘Worship in the bedroom.’. The only heaven I’ll be sent to, is when I’m alone with you--“

Shane’s voice had a beautiful, musical tone, like Ed Sheeran’s style of singing.

Shane nudged Josh, who groaned. “I was born sick, but I love it. Command me to be well. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.” I sang softly, alone.

“Take me to church.” We all sang at the same time. Josh had a husky voice, which surprised me. I would have imagined him to be like Justin Bieber or even Olly Murs.

I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies. I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife. Offer me that deathless death. Good God, let me give you my life.” We repeated the chorus, before stopping and staring at each other.

“You never told us you could sing!” Shane exclaimed.

“Shane. I’ve known you for only a few hours. I’m hardly going to tell you my life story.” I drawled.

“Still.” Josh interrupted. “You’re really good.”

I put my head down, and let my hair hide my face. I was never good at taking compliments and I would bet a million dollars that I was going red. “So are you.”

“You’re actually sound May.” Josh continued, it looked like it hurt him to say those words. He ran his hands through his blonde hair awkwardly.

I guess he looked kind of cute when he did that.

“So what’s my surprise?” I shouted out, hoping to change the topic. Josh and Shane exchanged a look.

“You’ll find out tomorrow.” They both replied.

I pulled a face at they’re reply. “Seriously?” I complained. “I was hoping it would be food.”

They nodded. Smirking at me. “You guys suck.” I muttered. They laughed at me and Josh pulled a packet of cards from his pocket. Declaring a game of Blackjack.

I learned that I was very bad at playing cards.

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