Control the Beat

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5 | Future Husband

Chapter 5 | Future Husband

“Good morning mother!” I smiled cheerfully.

She narrowed her eyes at me. “Morning.” She replied, cautiously.

I sat down at the breakfast table and helped myself to the pancakes which were served on the table with yogurt and fruit.

“Would you like some lemon with that, Esme dear?” My cook Cordelia asked. I smile at her, “Yes please Cordelia.” She ruffled my hair and busied herself at squeezing my lemon juice over my pancakes.

I could seriously have done it myself, but I have known Cordelia for many years, and many years have I put up an attempt to get my own lemon juice.

And many years I have failed.

“So mother.” I smiled. “What do you and daddy darling plan to do this summer?”

“The usual.”

“Really? Nothing supreme? I would have thought you would be hoping to have a ball this summer.”

“A What?”

“A ball? You know…Fun?”

“Oh yeah. Um, we plan to have a lot of fun.” My mother nodded, licking her dry lips nervously.

“Sure…” I drawled.

I wolfed down my breakfast, keeping my eye on my mother. She fidgeted under my gaze. I began to feel guilty. She was my mother after all, I shouldn’t be able to manipulate her this easily.

Well… She was the one lying.

I smiled happily at her as I handed my plate to Cordelia. “Thanks Cordelia. It was delicious, as usual.”

She beamed in response, and patted my head as she lifted the plate and walked off.

I smirked up at my mother. “I think I might go and say hi to Keara. See if she has any exciting news to tell me.”

With that I jumped off my stool, and jogged out the door. I chuckled quietly to myself. I glance over at Keara’s house once I was out of my gate. There was a series of delivery trucks outside it. I could see tall men, struggling to lift in huge boxes which probably contained decorations.

A young guy, probably around my age, cursed out loud, as the bottom of the box he was carrying ripped. A pile of contents spilled onto the ground.

I laughed lightly, and skipped over to him. “Need a hand?” I asked politely. The boy looked up and grinned. “That would be nice.” He replied, his voice was deep and musical.

I picked up a hanging decoration, that had Keara’s face imprinted on it. The other decorations also had her on them. “Well, by the time this party’s finished, everyone’s going to be sick of her face.” I mused.

The boy laughed. “I’m already sick of her face. My dad made me take this job over the school term, and out of all the deliveries we were made do. This is the worst.”

We both stared at the decorations.

“That’s definitely photoshopped.” I declared. Keara was very pretty. I knew that, but her eyes weren’t as oval or bright as they were in these pictures. Her lips were also a lot smaller.

The boy smirked slightly, as he squinted his eyes at the picture. “She looks like a barbie doll.”

I looked him up and down. He was hot. Like seriously hot. He had the messy hair, tanned skin and amazing cheekbones. He was even hotter than Josh.

He looked like a typical heartbreaker. Even is his delivery guy uniform.

“You don’t look like a guy who would mind having his own barbie doll.” I replied.

“I wouldn’t mind them for a night. But not for keeps.”

I wrinkled my nose. “Gross.”

He chuckled. I lifted up one of the boxes. “This’ll give me a good excuse to get inside.”

He shot me a questioning look, before shrugging. “You’re not a murderer are you. I don’t mind if you’re a thief, because they could afford it, but if you’re a murderer…”

“Murderer… Pfft no.” I pretended to look around cautiously.

He rolled his eyes in response, and we both lifted the boxes into the house.

“Honey I’m home!” I shouted, once I entered the house. No one answered.

“You’re so weird.” The guy murmured.

I gasped. “Weird? May Riley is not weird!” I shouted. “Well maybe she is a bit..”

The boy raised an eyebrow. “You done?”


“May Riley. That’s your name then.”

My future husband actually knows my name. I thought.

“Future husband huh?” The boy grinned.

I turned my head around slowly, blushing. “You can’t read minds can you, because that’d be weird…”

“Funny you don’t even know your future husband’s name.”

“Please. My future husband will be a rockstar or something. Not a delivery guy.”

“Rock-star huh? You got it all planned out.”

I nodded with fake excitement. “Uh huh! Uh huh! And my kids will be called Taylor, Billy Joe and Hayleigh!”

“Oh my god, me too!” He gasped. “What will your future husband’s name be? Maybe we had the same dream, ’cus I swear my wife was going to be called May! Coincidence? I think not.”

I rolled my eyes, and tried not to laugh while I continued walking. “Where do these go? The dining room?”

“If you can call it that.”

We entered the dining room. Or too most other people, it would be known as a ball room. If I had to use one word to describe the Cinder’s dining room, it would be big.



“Bring them over here.” The boy ordered, as we walked over to the corner which was already crowded with boxes.

I sat them down with a grunt, and dusted my hands off. “Where is the future queen to be?” I asked sarcastically, glancing at the water fountains and flowers which surrounded me. I’d hate to be a guest with hay fever…

The boy shrugged. “I’m going to go before she comes-“

“About time! How long does it take to deliver a couple of boxes?” Keara’s shrill voice echoed around the room.

“Damn Keara. You know I’m not good at maths.” I replied. Keara’s eyes widened when she saw me. “You! What.. How-?”

“Is it what or how, because they are complete different meanings.”

“Get out!”

The boy coughed awkwardly. “Is everything okay here?”

Keara turned to glare at him, but faltered when she saw his face. “Everything’s amazing now.” She winked. “I’m Keara.”

“Yeah… The decorations told me so.” He replied with a tight smile. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“I was talking to her…”

I laughed. “I’m amazing now.” I mocked.

He smiled. “I have to go… Oh and your future husbands name is Chase by the way.”

“Really. I thought it would have been Theo James…” I replied dubiously.

He winked, “See you around.”

I watched after him. I doubted I would see the hotty again. He doesn’t go to our school, and I was going to camp SUTB for the summer.

I let out a girly squeal at that thought.

“What the hell.” Keara shot me a weird look. “You can go now!”

“Keara… I forgot you were here.” I replied lightly.

“It’s my house!”

“The decorations made that obvious. Say, what are the decorations for anyway?”

Keara swallowed slowly. “A party.”

“A party? Am I invited.” I gasped.

“Please. Like I would let an annoying long nosed, piece of trash like you into my party.”

Now that was just uncalled for. Rude much?

“Oh Keara, Keara, Keara.” I smiled at her. “That was quite low even for you, and do you seriously think you’re going to stop me?”

I grinned. “You can tell that to my parents too.”

Keara narrowed her eyes at me. “Now you-“


I heard Marc call out across the room. I could see a look of concern on his face as he walked briskly over.

“Marco!” Keara cried out.

“Polo!” I shouted.

Keara shot me a dirty look. “Oops, sorry.” I replied, biting away a smile.

“Marco make her leave. Please!” Keara begged, beginning her fake display of waterworks.

“Sure.” Marc replied. He kissed her on the cheek. “It’ll be fine.”

She smirked smugly in my direction.

“Come on May.” Marc ordered.

“But I was only starting to have fun.” I whined, pouting slightly.

Marc ignored me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room. Struggling against his grip, I managed to wave a small goodbye to Keara. “See you next semester!” I shouted.

“That was a bad act, May.” Marc muttered. He was mad. “Breaking into her house with some guy?”

“Firstly, this time I didn’t break into the house. I walked through the front door, and secondly. He was a hot guy.” I responded, shooting Marc my signature smirk. “So how about you run back to your barbie.”

We were walking down the path towards the park. Our estate was beautiful, in a way. There was a few trees, that had pink leaves which never fell. Not even in winter. I guess they are fake or something. There was no grass anywhere except the small park we had, everything else was covered in concrete and compost.

“What did you mean, by see you next semester?” Marc asked quietly. He fiddled on the strings which were hanging from his hoodie. Marc was handsome. I couldn’t deny it. His curly hair sat perfectly on his head, and his skin was pale. He had full red lips and bright blue eyes. He was the perfect guy. The one every girl would want.

Except me.

“I meant…” I paused dramatically. “See you next semester!”

He glared at me. “You’re neighbors. You’ll see each other within the next three months.”

“Perhaps I won’t be here during the summer.” I replied casually.

“Where will you be?”

“None of your business! Mr nosy.”

We finally reached the park and Marc sighed in defeat. We sat on the swings silently. It was awkward. I hated awkward silences, but I was determined not to break this one.

“I miss you okay!” Marc snapped. “And I’m sick of you hating me all the time!”

I was taken aback by his outburst.

“I’m sorry for being a dick! And I’m sorry for dating Keara a week after-” He hesitated. “I just, I know you hated her and everything. But I wasn’t thinking!”

“You think I’m mad because you dated Keara?” I asked, my voice unsteady. My blood was boiling with rage.

“No! I know why you’re angry!”

“Do you, really!”


“Then don’t you dare act all innocent, because I swear Marc-“

He cut me off. Jumping off his swing he grabbed my wrist and pulled me forward. He slammed his lips against mine.

I kissed him back for a few moments, forgetting about everything. But reality suddenly hit me, and I pushed his away. “You-What, how!” I stuttered. I rolled my hand into a fist and punched him in the nose.

“Fuck!” He cried, grabbing his nose.

“You have a girlfriend!” I cried, “And you cannot just use me again, you dick!” Tears began to pour from my eyes, and I hastily wiped them away. “Stay away from me.” I hissed.

I turned and sprinted from the park. The wind rushed by me as I ran, drying my tears as quickly as they shed. “Stop being a baby.” I repeated to myself as I ran.

I arrived home, to see my parents standing, arms crossed, in front of the stairs.

“So. You heard about Keara’s party then?” My father demanded.

I didn’t trust my voice to speak, so I merely nodded.

“We can’t have this ball being messed up. You must behave!” My mother snapped.

I gathered my wits, and cleared my throat. “How about we come to an agreement?” I asked.

My parents waited. “I have an opportunity to go to camp step up the beat, for the summer.” I explained. “I will be away for the whole summer, and I won’t be able to mess anything up.”

My mother glanced at my father. “I don’t see the harm..” She said quietly.

“It’s a music camp though!” My father snapped.

“It’s just for fun.” My mother argued.

They talked quietly for a couple moments. “Fine.” My father said. “You can go. As long as you don’t get into any trouble.”

I grinned widely. “Thank you! Thank you!” I hugged my mother, and kissed my father’s cheek. I think my move shocked them as much as it did me. I hadn’t hugged or kissed my parents in years.

I ran upstairs and jumped onto my bed. “Yes!” I laughed. I gazed at the wall with a dopey smile on my face. I still wasn’t sure if I should be happy, considering my parents actually wanted me away from them for the summer. They’d do anything, and sending me to Camp Step Up The Beat was among that everything. There was a picture of me at my first dance competition on the wall I was staring at, with Marc… My mind suddenly went to what happened with Marc, and my smile slowly faded.

I sighed and grabbed the picture, throwing it into the bin. My mood instantly fell, and I could feel tears forming. I lifted up my guitar and started playing a few chords for distraction.

“Maybe I’m just crazy.
Maybe I’m a fool. Maybe I don’t know how to love but maybe I do.
Maybe you know more than me but this much is true.
This little heart and brain of mine say-“ I sang.

“We’re through with you..” I whisper. I started to play my guitar faster.

And I wonder does it blow your mind…
That I’m leaving you far behind.
I wonder does it stop your heart to know,
You’re not my sunshine. Anymore!”

I laughed slightly, realizing how true the song was.

“Okay you’re pretty.
Your face is a work of art.
Your smile could light up New York City after dark…
Okay you’re coverboy pretty,
Stamped with a beauty mark.
But it’s such a pity, a boy so pretty
With an ugly heart.”

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