Control the Beat

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6 | Queen B

Chapter 6 | Queen B

“You’ll be there in fifteen minutes miss.” My driver informed me. I nodded in response. I was too excited, and too nervous to reply.

I would be at Camp Step-Up-The-Beat in fifteen minutes.

That’s nine hundred seconds.

That’s the amount of time that it took me to say this multiplied by ninety.

Maybe I was thinking too much into this.

I didn’t even understand why I was so worked up over this. I needed to relax. I have two friends there, who were nice and hopefully wouldn’t leave me on my own like a loner, I thought.

Wait. So what if they leave you. You are a strong, independent women May! You are the prankster. You are cool.

So by now, I think you realized that I was losing it.

The morning after I was told that I could go to the camp, I instantly called Kelly, to tell her the good news. She was probably even more excited than I was. My ears are still sore from her scream. She offered to give me a ride, but my parents insisted that I took the car.

Kelly was annoyed about this, as she wanted to pick out my outfit.

But I woke up really early in the morning, so that I could pick out the perfect outfit. I ended up just wearing my greenday t-shirt, my ripped shorts and converse. My hair was thrown into a messy bun.

I leaned my head against the cold glass, and listened to greenday, who was blasting through my headphones from my ipod.

My phone beeped and a message popped up.

I’m really sorry -M

I growled in frustration. Did he not understand what my fist meant? I glanced at my list of messages. They were all Sarah, Kelly, Marc or Mom.

“Hey Craig?” I called out to my driver.

“Yes miss?”

“Do you need a new phone?” I quickly deleted all my messages, pictures, contacts and removed my memory card full of music and tossed the sim to the side.

I handed my phone across to him, and he took it stunned. “I’ll stick with my ipod.” I told him.

“What if you need to call miss Kelly?” Craig asked, cautiously.

“I’m sure they have some sort of phone up there, plus I know her number off by heart,” I shrugged, “You can sell it or keep it. I don’t mind.”

Craig nodded, smiling slightly. “My daughter has been asking for a new phone…”

I beamed. “Perfect!” I felt bad at the fact that Craig couldn’t buy his daughter her own phone, and made a mental note to force my parents to give him a raise.

I stepped out of the car with my luggage, and stared around me. I was astonished.

I stood in the car park and look up at the huge walls in front of me. The walls were covered in different colored writing, painted pictures and graffiti.

I walked towards the gate in the wall. There was a man beside it taking tickets.

“Newbie?” He asked me. I nodded. I was trying, oh so very hard, not to let out a girly squeal right now. I couldn’t get over the fact that I was here.

In camp step-up-the-beat.

On the camps ground.

Like, I bet greenday or someone famous walked on this ground.

I had a sudden urge to kiss the ground, yet I decided not to freak the man out.

“You have a pass?” He asked, he seemed amused by the awed look on my face.

“Oh yeah!” I remembered, mentally slapping myself for not handing over the pass. “Here you go!”

The man glanced over the pass. “Oh yes! Shane told me you were coming.” He commented. “You must be special, kid.”

I made a face. “Define special…”

“Shane’s been here many years, and has never given away his pass.” The man chuckled. He handed a new ticket over to me. “This is your new ticket. If you want to invite someone, you just sign their name here.” He points to the dotted line.

I smiled at him, and thanked him. He took my luggage, telling me that he would have them put into my new room.

I walked into the camp, and my heart fluttered with excitement.

It was crowded, people were shouting each others names, and greeting each other. I looked around for Shane or Josh, but I couldn’t see them anywhere.

I began to feel quite awkward, until a siren went off throughout the camp. Everyone became silent.

“Shush now everyone, try and make yourself look a little orderly.” A girl called out. She grabbed a microphone and jumped onto the podium. She was around my age, sixteen, and really pretty, with short brown hair.

“To those who don’t know. My name is Shannon. And I am the vice leader of step up the beat this year!”

Cheers and shouts arose from the audience at this.

“I’m going to quickly explain the rules, before I hand you over to the leader. At this camp, we don’t tolerate violence. Any fights is to be won through dance wars, voice battles et-cetera. You got me?” She asked sternly.

There was a murmur of yes’s through the crowd.

“Pranks are allowed. We will have our prank war a few weeks from now too. As long as they are harmless. No one is allowed to leave the grounds without permission. And everyone has to respect each other, if anyone disrespects a person. The person disrespected is giving a chance to freely humiliate the offender.”

Shannon smiles happily. “So now, everyone put your hands together, for your leader.”

Another girl made her way onto the stage and waved gracefully to the crowd. She was obviously popular yet she looked a little more natural unlike the ones in my school. Her makeup didn’t go overboard, she was graceful like a princess. Her long blonde hair sat perfectly and she was tall like a model.

I saw Shannon roll her eyes, as she walked off.

“Hello guys! Are you all ready to make this the summer of a lifetime?” She screams. The crowd yells in response.

“My name is Jessica! Which you all probably already know.” She winks. “I am the leader of SUTB this year, and probably next year!”

She giggles lightly. “So let’s start having fun!”

Music began to play and I saw a group of guys jump onto the stage.

Hey, once upon a younger year,
When all our shadows disappeared.
The animals inside came out to play.
Hey, when face to face with all our fears,
Learned our lessons through the tears,
made memories we knew would never fade.”

I started dancing to the music. Random people began dancing with me, all smiling.

I looked up at the stage to see Shane step forward.

One day my father-he told me,
Son, don’t let it slip away’,
he took me in his arms, I heard him say,
When you get older your wild life will live for younger days!
Think of me if ever you’re afraid.’”

He noticed me in the crowd and winked. I grinned at him, and sang along with the crowd.

He said, ’One day you’ll leave this world behind.
So live a life you will remember.’
My father told me when I was just a child..
These are the nights that never die
My father told me!”

I began jumping up and down to the beat. I loved Avicii and knew his songs off by heart.

I was twirled around by the guy I was dancing with.

“Hey!” A voice shouted over the music. I turned round to see Jessica walking towards me. Her expression was furious.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She cried, pointing at the guy beside me. “You think he would like someone like you? Huh? I’m the queen here okay? So back off.”

I stared at her, stunned. Did she seriously just call herself a queen?

“Jess, calm down!” The guy beside her whispered, looking embarrassed.

“No Corey! You’re my boyfriend! You should be standing up for me!” She screamed, people began to look in our direction. I could see Shane laughing from the stage.

“Okay, princess. Calm that pretty head of ours for a second.” I snapped, stepping forward.

Shannon was behind Jessica. She looked amused.

“Do you know who I am?” Jessica asked smugly.

“I do, the person everyone already knows, leader, queen bitch of the camp. I got it.”

“Excuse me?” Jessica hissed.

“Oh you’re excused. It’s okay, I deal with bitches everyday”

“Don’t call me a bitch, you little tramp.”

My mouth dropped open. I narrowed my eyes towards Shannon. “Did that bitch just call me a tramp?” I asked slowing.

Shannon’s eyes widened, and she nodded dramatically.

“Don’t call me a tramp, bitch!” I bit out.

“Stop calling me a bitch, tramp.”

“Oh you are a bitch, ’cus you’re just asking for it!”

“Like you could give it!”

“Oh, are you starting on me?”

“Enough!” I watched Josh make his way over, and grab my hand.

“Seriously, you’re here one day and things are already causing trouble.”

I smirked at him. “Oh you know me. My middle names trouble. Well it’s actually rose, but trouble would work.”

“Josh!” Jessica pouted, trying to grab his hand.

“Back off Jessica. She’s with me.” He replied. I winked mockingly at her and nodded, as he grabbed my hand.

“Yeah man I’m with him!” I glanced at Corey who looked shocked. “Being with him is a good thing, right?”

Josh led me away from the scene and over to a table of drinks. “You really don’t want to mess with Jessica… Whenever she decides she hates someone, she does as much as she can to ruin them.”

I thought about this. “Luckily, I don’t have that much for her to ruin.”

A hand suddenly wrapped around my waist, and I felt myself being spun around.

“You’re only here a day, and you’re already popular.” Shane whispered in my ear. I chuckled in reply.

“What can I say? I’m trouble.” I smirked.

“Or troubled.” Josh added.

Shane laughed happily.

“Come on.” Josh threw his arm over my shoulder. “We better go and meet the gang.”

“Where are they?”

“The dining area, it’s a little walk from here.”

“What exactly is this place called?”

“This is the concert field. I’ll draw you up a map tonight.”

I nodded, and followed him towards the dining area. It looked a lot like a park, it had benches scattered around it, grass growing underneath with flowers and trees surrounding the area. It was pretty.

“Tables are actually very important here. It tells everyone who you are. There’s the barbie dolls.” He pointed towards a table that was painted pink. I pulled a face at that. “There are the technology nerds, they make the performances.”

“Like DJ’s?”

“Not exactly… More like the lighting and stuff. There are the quiet ones, the emo ones, the country ones and then there are us. The badasses.”

I snorted at that. “You call yourselves the badasses? And who made this mean girl style up anyway? Let me guess… Jessica’s secretly Regina, right?”

“You kind of just go with it.” Shane shrugs

People from the ‘badass’ table began hooting and shouting. “Hey Josh! Who’s the new hottie.”

My eyebrows raised at this.

“Shut up man. Anyway, this is May Riley. She got in with Shane’s pass card.” Josh informed him.

A dark skinned guy jumped up from his seat and held out his hand. “I’m Max!” He introduced, with a grin.

I shook his hand, matching his grin.

“So, you’re the girl with the pranks?” A girl smiled.

I smirked, “That’s me.”

“I’m Cassidy but everyone calls me Cassie.” She tells me.

I beam at her.

“Come on, join the table.” She ordered. I sat down on the bench. It was surprisingly comfortable.

The dining area began to fill up, everyone was taking their place at their own table. A man made his way up to the top table. There was a lot of older people, who I presumed were the trainers.

“Welcome, or welcome back to camp step up the beat!” The man shouted over the exciting chatter. “I am Dave, the manager of the camp. I will be standing in for Mr Williams, as he is not feeling well. Shannon has already gone through the rules, so I need not remind you. All I can say is treat the trainers with as much respect as you can.”

He sat back down with a smile. “Enjoy your food.”

I watched a group of men and women come into the dining area with trays of barbecued food. My stomach began rumbling so loud, you could probably hear it in Antarctica. I hadn’t eaten since that morning.

I helped myself to barbecued ribs and some salad.

“So, I hear you already got in a fight with the queen B?” Max mused, while we all ate.

“Seriously? You call her the queen B?” I snorted.

Max shrugs. “Everyone has a code name.”

“What’s yours?”

“Typically awesome, TA for short.” He winks.

“You sure it doesn’t mean, typical ass?”

He frowns, “No…”

Everyone at the table started to laugh, and I look at them. “I’m right, aren’t I?” I asked, amused.

Shane nodded, still laughing, while Max curses under his breath. We talked while we ate. Everyone here seemed so interesting. I tried to make my life sound fun, I told them about some of the pranks I performed and how I met Josh and Shane.

Everyone began to clear out after food. Josh pulled me off the bench and over to the notice board.

“Let’s see where you’ll be staying.” He told me. He glanced through the list of names before finally finding mine. “There!” He pointed. “You’ll be staying in cabin twenty four, your room mates name isn’t up though..”

I bit my lip anxiously. “What if I have to stay with a total cow, who always acts like she needs milking?”

Josh stares at me, in a ‘stop being a weirdo’ way. “I’m sure you can handle it.”

I smirked, “Oh baby I can handle it.” Josh let out a snort of laughter at this. It was so unfair. He snorts and he’s still attractive.

“Come on you creep.” He orders, throwing his arm over my shoulder. “I’ll show you the way.”

Chuckling, we walked out of the dining area, after calling a quick goodbye, and down a long path. “So the cabins are all over here.” Josh explained, waving his hand around.

The cabins were situated beside a huge lake. The lake was orange, from the sunset. It was the most amazing view I had ever seen.

“Here’s twenty four.” Josh announced. I looked in through the door. There was two beds. One side of the room was decorated with posters of one direction, Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus and Paramore. Quite a weird combination of artists, which made me instantly like my room-mate. Weird are my favorite kind of people.

“So you’re my new room mate, huh?”

I turned around to see Shannon standing behind me, looking amused.

“Hi…” I said slowly.

Shannon grins, “Don’t worry, I don’t really care about Jessica.”

I smirked. “That’s good then.” I looked around awkwardly. “So you’re a one direction fan?”

Shannon narrows her eyes. “Touch them posters, and you die.”

I rose my hands up in defense. “Chill. But just so you know… Five sauce are so much better.”

I smirked, as she growled under her breath and I took that time to run before I was murdered by a directioner.

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