Keep the Beat

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Chapter 8

Jessica and Keara were in a full out war. And when there’s a war, there’s drama. Everyone in the camp were waiting eagerly for a fight, and a small fight always turns into a brawl between all of us. Soon Chris started to get pissed-

“That was my apple Jessica!” Keara snapped, shooting daggers at Jessica who was swirling the apple around in her hand.

“Exactly,” Jessica responded, smirking, “was.”

We were all lying out on the lawn for lunch as it was extremely sunny, and we all wanted a tan I guess. And those of us who were already tanned just wanted to watch the drama.

“Jessica.” I shook my head in disapproval, “How many times do I have to tell you. Stealing food is off limits, it’s not nice.”

“I’m not nice.” She responded bluntly, and I nodded.

“Fair point, but can’t you just steal her nail polish or something? Food is too close to the heart…”

Jessica shot me a lot, and bit into the apple. I sighed in defeat, “Refereeing isn’t fun.”

“Shut up May.” Keara snapped, “You’re not funny.”

“I beg your pardon!” I gasped and clutched my chest dramatically, falling back onto Chase’s lap, “I think she’s delusional because we all know I’m fucking hilarious.”

Chase poked my cheek in an attempt to find out if I was human or not. “I think she’s an alien.” He whispered dramatically.

“People tell me that often, you know because I’m so out of this world.”

“You stole that line from me.” Chase complained, sighing in exasperation.

“It looks better on me though.” I grinned, and dodged the handful of grass he threw at me.

“Get a room.” Cassie and Melissa snorted at the same time, then high-fived each other. I rolled my eyes at their immaturity, and lay back down on Chase’s lap.

“We would get a room, accept then we’d miss all this drama, and you’ll all be missing our beautiful presence.” Chase explained, and I nodded in agreement.

“I’d miss Chase, not May.” Keara intervened, and I pouted.

“I’d miss May not Chase…” Max winked at me, and I clambered over my friends so that I could give him a hug.

“This is why you’re my favorite!” I cried, as I hugged him tight.

“Wow, one person likes you May. You should feel accomplished.” Keara hissed, and I smile sweetly in response. “Like you are never are the first pick, even your parents don’t like you.”

I laughed coldly, my finger nails were digging into my palm as I tried to control my temper.

“They even liked me better-” Keara gasped, as she felt the cold content being poured over her head. Everyone’s eyes widened as we watched Jessica pour Melissa’s juice over her head. Melissa stared at the hand which she had once held the drink in, and sighed with a shrug of her shoulders. “At least it was for good use.”

I patted Melissa’s shoulder in a comforting way, as she mourned for her orange juice, and sat down beside Max. “It will always be remembered as the juice that shut Keara up.”

“You absolute cow!” Keara cried, trying to pull her hair away from her face, “My hair!”

“I should’ve warned you that when you are in a war against Jessica you should always tie your hair up..” Shannon mused, smirking at Keara.

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because I don’t like you.”

The two of them began to bicker, followed by Jessica, Melissa, Max and Caleb started arguing for the fun of it. I glanced over at Chase, who seemed to be just as fascinated as I was. I swear if you dressed them up in bright pajamas, and gave them some dummies, they’d look as if they were in kindergarten.

“Just shut up!” I heard Kelly’s voice yell out. “You are driving me insane! I thought this place was supposed to be fun, not full of annoying hormonal teenagers fighting over stupid stuff.”

“I second that.” Chase nodded, folding his arms in a way to make himself look mature. I pushed him over in disapproval.

“Aren’t you like the cook or something?” Keara replied, giving Kelly a once over.

“Yes Keara babe. I am. So unless you want me to spit in your food, I’d keep your mouth shut. You have no right to come here and try to undermine May. I am done with your bullshit.”

“Hear hear!” The campers who were speculating shouted.

“Just go to class. Lunch is over. And pick up your rubbish!” Kelly ordered, I chuckled quietly at her demanding tone. Kelly wasn’t someone to be messed with. Chase pulled me to my feet and we began to walk to our Public Relations lesson.

“You’re cousin’s as scary as you.” He whispered dramatically, and I hid my laugh.

“Where do you think I get it from?”

He thought about this, “Your gran can be pretty scary.”

My grin widened as I thought back to the day Chase met my Grandma. We were going to the cinema, because I was bugging him about seeing the new Star Wars. When he came to pick me up in his beaten up car , which he had used his savings from working with his granddad to buy, my grandma had been over for tea. Or mostly to give out to my dad about not calling by to visit her with me. Chase’s car was quite loud, which made her freak out and start shouting about there being a tractor outside our house. Living in a town which holds no farms, I couldn’t help but piss myself laughing at that. Grandma had run out with the first ‘terrifying’ object she could find to discipline the driver of the ‘tractor’. The terrifying object was a phone charger, and it took Chase a while to convince her that he was not driving a tractor. He also took offense, because that car is his pride and joy.

“That was a good day.” I sighed in satisfaction, and Chase rolled his eyes.

“I thought I was going to be killed by a phone charger.”

“Please, my grandma wouldn’t kill you with a phone charger, she has more class.”

A snort of laughter came from behind us, and I grinned when I saw Caleb approaching us. “All I heard was grandma, charger and Chase dying. I really don’t want to know.” He announced, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

“How come it feels like I haven’t talked to you in years?” I inquired,

“Because I went time traveling, and you literally haven’t talked to me in years, but no one except you notices because your awesome.” He responded casually, and l grinned at his reply. God I love this guy.

“I take offense.” Chase informed us, “I’m awesome, so why didn’t I realize?”

“You’re not important Chase.” I shrugged.

“I’m important to you baby.” He smirked, sending me a cheeky wink and causing me to gag.

“You did not just call me baby.”

“You loved it.”

“I hate when a guy calls me baby. Like do I look like a two year old to you sweetheart?” I shuddered, and Caleb tightened his hold on me, shielding me from Chase’s cheesiness.

“Do you want me to answer that or-” I punched his arm before he could finish.

“Stop being so violent woman!”

I ignored him, and turned my attention back to Caleb. “So what’s been up with my boy? Any ladies I should know about?”

Caleb sighed, and rubbed his face in frustration. “Maybe, but she’s being difficult as usual.”

“Why?” I inquired, curiously. How could you be difficult with that face?

“She likes someone else.” He pouted, which made me pout. I ruffled his hair and prepared myself to give one of my ‘May Riley knows all’ speeches.

“Prepare yourselves.” Chase muttered, seeing my stance change and the determined look on my face.

“Do you know what you’re going to have to do then Caleb? You’re gonna have to prove that you’re better than this guy. Show her how much you know her better than him. Bring her places that he would never think of, get her things that are personal to the both of you. Flowers and chocolates only go so far, showing that you know her will make her see you in a different light, nothing else.” I expressed truthfully. Caleb and Chase stared at me stunned. Caleb smiled, but Chase spoke first.

“I damn hope it’s not her your crushing on, because we all know I’ll still win that game.”

I face palmed myself, while Caleb chortled and high-fived him. “You should just propose already.” He announced, and started to skip on ahead. “But thank you May m’dear. You’re my favorite.”

“Damn straight I am!” I shouted after him, before turning to Chase. “Can’t you be non-idiotic for two seconds?”

“What fun would that be?”

“Tons for me!”

“Stop acting like you don’t love my presence.”

“I don’t love your presence.”

“You blink when you lie.”

I groaned in frustration, while he stood there with his stupid smirk. “Everyone blinks. You need to blink, so of course I blink!”

Chase pecked my cheek and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards our class. “We’re already late.”

I crossed my arms, annoyed, but followed him anyway. “You know one of these days, I will tie you upside down from a tree, in Antarctica, and I’ll leave some nice hot chocolate in a flask on the ground, and drink some while watching you suffer.”

“Is there trees in Antarctica?” He questioned. I paused thoughtfully and pursed my lips.

“I actually don’t know, we should go there to see.”


Once we reached the class, everyone was already inside. Unfortunately, this was one of the classes which we shared with both Keara and Jessica, so we were greeted by insults and yelling. The teacher looked fed up, as she stood in front of the class with a weary expression. Caleb was sitting beside Shannon, both of them eating from a packet of grapes, while watching intently.

“Where’d you get the grapes?” I asked, when I sat beside them and grabbed a handful.

“From Keara’s backpack.” Shannon responded, shrugging. I popped one into my mouth and chewed it slowly, nodding in approval. So this was why Jessica always stole peoples food, it felt oddly satisfactory.

“My father told me that no one could threaten me, not even you Jessica! He said that I am above everyone else-” Keara screeched, while Jessica laughed bitterly.

“Well your daddy lied. He probably does that often, especially when he calls you pretty!”

I rubbed my temples as I listened to them yell, “Oi! No bringing your daddy into this Keara, and no implying that one or another is ugly Jessica.”

They both glared at me, and I rolled my eyes. “You know you don’t intimidate me right? And this badge-” I hastily scribbled on Shannon’s copy and ripped the page out and held it up to the crowd, “-says that I am the referee and I hold all authority.”

“Shut up Riley-“

“No you shut up Cinders! Just because your last name is cinders doesn’t mean you can act like Cinderella! You’re annoying the shit out of everyone here!”

“I sort of find it entertaining, but carry on…” Chase murmured under his breath, causing me to kick his shins.

“Just stop trying to win everything! The fighting is getting tiring! I usually love drama, but this is getting boring.”

The door of the cabin was swung open, and Chris stormed in. “Everyday, every afternoon, every night I have to listen to you all fight! What the hell is wrong with you?”

“She’s a bitch! A bigger one than me!” Jessica snapped, pointing at Keara who snarled back at her. We all nodded in agreement because we couldn’t have said it any better.

“She’s out to get May. She won’t leave her alone!” Shannon added.

“May Riley is an actress! She makes me look like a bad guy all the time!” Keara hissed.

“Throwback to the day that you ruined Ms Mallery’s car, yet May was thrown in jail for it…” Melissa murmured under her breath.

“Wait you were in jail?” Caleb laughed in disbelief, looking at me.

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, luckily Jack was there to get me out.” I shook my head at the memory, and frowned.

“Wait who the hell is Jack?” Chase snapped.

“The loner at our school who idolizes your idiotic friend.” Keara grumbled.

“You’re just jealous that he picked me over a date with you.” I snorted.

“Pick you?” Chase pressed.

“He’s just a friend Chase, relax.” Melissa comforted him from across the room.

“He only picked you because you brainwashed him! He’s just a stupid boxer anyway, he’s pretty pathetic.” Keara snapped, before glaring at Caleb. “Are they my grapes?”

Jessica picked up her pencil case and threw it at Keara. “You’re pathetic!”

“Enough!” Chris stood beside our teacher, panting. He looked exhausted, and ran his hand through his hair. “You guys are young. You should be living your lives, not fighting all the time!”

“Are you saying you never fought when you were young Chris?” Jessica smirked.

“I did, but not like this. Maybe the odd punch but that was once every three months. Not every single minute!”

We all rolled our eyes, and turned our attention to Chris. He cleared his throat, and sat on the desk, staring at us. “I can remember that when I was a little youth I, wanted to fly around the world making a new life, I never thought today, I’d be what I am now.”

I narrowed my eyes in his direction, not believing that he was going to be able to sing this song. I had heard him sing before, but he always sang much different songs to this.

“Yo, wanted to be a fireman,
Than I lost the desire man,
The second I got old enough,
To buy myself a cider can,
Yeah, I was a smart little kid,
That side’s departed me since,
These days you can catch me,
Sitting on the bench in the park with a lager and crisps!” He rapped. All of the campers sat with the same expression as myself, and watched him in awe.

“Back when I was younger,
I wanted to be everything on the planet!
Now that I am older,
It seems the ambition has vanished.” I joined in with him and sang.

“Yeah when I was a youngster,

When I was a, when I was a youngster,
Youngster, when I was a youngster.
Yeah, and now that I’m older,

I wish I could’ve been everything that I wanted,
I’m on it!” The campers bellowed out in unison.

“I think that if I think back back to the days,
When I thought I didn’t think that,
Nothing that I thought would not be possible,
Ha, try and figure that out,
Back when I didn’t know how,
To settle for a desk job bring in those pounds,
I wanted to live in those clouds,
These days I deliver those sounds!” Caleb rapped, taking over from Chris who was grinning at us.

“I always thought of myself as a simple dreamer,
I never tried too hard but believed it,
now all of a sudden, it’s gone my way!” Chase finished.

We repeated the chorus, not caring that we weren’t all in tune due to the differences in our styles of singing and once we finished we cheered loudly. Chris clapped and smiled, “Now isn’t that better? Working together as a team, with this positive energy!”

“I still don’t like her.” Jessica stated, shooting a dirty look at Keara.

Chris sighed in defeat, and grimaced. “Fine then, I suppose I have to force you to get along. May, Jessica and Keara, you three will be organizing tomorrows show and the three of you will performing together in it. Won’t that be fun?”

“No!” The three of us bellowed at him in distaste.

“I think it’ll be fun.” Corey spoke up from his corner, a smirk on his face.

“Jessica keep your boyfriend on a leash.” I ordered, pulling a face in Corey’s direction.

“Who even is he again?” Jessica furrowed her eyebrows, and looked at him. Chase snorted with laughter at that.

“For the first time ever Jessica, I second that question.” Chase announced, glaring at Corey with a look of hatred, “You hide away for ages, and then just pop up out of nowhere, and no ones even remembers who you are.”

“Leave Corey alone Chase,” Caleb argued, “It’s not his fault that he’s a little odd.”

“You’re odd!” Corey snapped.

“At least people remember who I am.”

“Guys stop picking on Corey!” I snapped.

“You started it May, remember?” Keara retorted.

I groaned, and banged my head of the table. “Why can’t we all stop fighting for two minutes?”

“Because we suck.” Melissa grumbled, unimpressed.

“Hear hear.” My group of friends chorused.

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