Keep the Beat

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Chapter 10

We all glared at her expectantly, waiting for her to answer Jessica’s question. She crossed her arms stubbornly, and stared back at us.

“Stella.” Chris greeted, coming up behind us.

“You knew she was coming?” Jessica grumbled, “Couldn’t have given us a heads up?”

“Or Josh could have given us a heads up.” Chase muttered.

Stella smiled sweetly at Chris, before shooting me a dirty look and following him to his office. I stared after her, contemplating what I could do. I could grab Jessica’s shoe and throw it at her head.. I shrugged my shoulders in defeat and turned to Josh. “So yeah, welcome back Josh!”

“Exactly,” Shannon agreed, “welcome back Josh! It’s been weird without you here.”

Caleb scoffed at that, and leaned against Chase. Both of them stared coldly ahead into space. I shook my head at their childishness, and tried to hold in my laughter. Max slapped them both on the shoulder in an attempt to lighten the mood, “I say we have a celebration party!” He announced.

I nodded in agreement, “You guys can organize it though, I’m just in charge of being awesome, and spying on Chris and Stella. Bye!” I grabbed my partner in crime and dragged him after me, out of the field and down the path towards the offices.

“Why do I always get dragged into this kind of stuff?” Shane whined, causing me to scoff.

“You love it Shane, stop lying. You love being the Robin to my Batman.”

“I want to be Batman!”

I snorted with laughter and tugged him along, “And I want to find out why the hell Stella is back. She attempted to bruise this pretty face, I have a right to know!”

Shane rolled his eyes and followed me. Chris’s office was beside the new nurses office. It was a small cabin, painted white with square windows. I tiptoed closer and put my ear against the office door so I could listen. Shane chose to peak through the window instead.

“-I will apologize Chris. But you understand why I did it right? I just wasn’t thinking clearly, my parents were getting divorced and I was upset!”

“Stella, I understand that, but you did hit May!”

“It didn’t even hurt her, besides I’m sure she’ll forgive me when I apologize!”

I scoffed at that. Shane eyes widened and he began waving at me frantically. I frowned, and furrowed my eyebrows at him. He gestured to the door, and I heard the handle being pressed down. “Shit!” I cursed and scrambled after Shane to the other side of the cabin. We both sat quietly, listening as Chris and Stella exited the cabin.

“What are you two doing?” Kelly asked as came out of the nurses office and approached us. I shook my head frantically at her, gesturing towards Stella and Chris who were at the other side of the cabin. Kelly who had put up with my usual mischief, quickly diverted her attention to Chris.

“Hey Kelly, I was just talking to Stella.” He replied, and she nodded casually.

“Right yeah that’s cool, hi Stella who tried to bruise my pretty cousin’s face. You should know she’s like iron man, made of steal, hard to hurt her. Anyway let’s go for a walk.” She grabbed both Stella and Chris by the arm and began to pull them in the opposite direction.

“Damn I love my cousin,” I murmured, “even though she sucks at acting.” I tugged Shane to his feet and we began to walk back to the concert field.

“Will you forgive her if she apologizes?” He asked curiously.

“I’m a very forgiving person.” I replied simply.

“But if you forgive her, she’ll be back here. The last thing we need is another Keara.”

“She is very like Keara isn’t she? Accept Keara can actually put on make up without looking like a pumpkin.”

“So are you going to forgive her and end up giving Keara an ally?”

I shrugged my shoulders and grinned at him, “It all depends on how I’m feeling when she asks me.” We stopped outside my cabin and gave him a quick hug. “I better get ready for the party. Hopefully it wont be like the last one Stella and I both attended.”

“Wouldn’t want more acts of violence now would we?” Shane teased back.

“Pfft, never.”

“Are you ready May?” Shannon asked, as she fixed her earring into its place.

I nodded and stretched my legs out towards her, “Feel my legs! They’re so smooth!”

Shannon rolled her eyes at me and pushed my fully shaved leg away. “So that’s why you don’t wear shorts? You don’t shave your legs?”

“That’s so much effort!” I complained. I had actually taken the time to shave my legs that day for the party so that I could wear my ripped shorts and combat boots.

Jessica headed towards the door, carefully stepping over the objects in the room so that she wouldn’t trip in her high heels. Cassie and Max had organised the party, and thankfully Cassie had set a ‘strictly no drinking’ rule so that there wouldn’t be any dramatic incidents. No one would go against Cassie and her rules either, Cassie was terrifying.

“Come on May!” Shannon called as she headed out the door.

“Coming, coming!” I mumbled, fixing my hair into a high ponytail. Shannon was acting stranger than usual, she was fiddling with her hair and pacing nervously. “Shannon you need to relax.”

“I can’t relax,” she whispered, “I’m scared of how Caleb reacts if I still like Josh!”


“I don’t know if I do or not… Caleb brought me into the woods, and when he had a picnic and he sang me my favorite song-“

“-Oh my god that’s so cute! Who’d have known my Caleb was such a romantic!”

“And then we just talked about everything, and it was nice… I spent so long pining over Josh that I didn’t realize why I kissed Caleb in the first place.”

I put my hand over my chest and awed. “Cuteness overload.”

Shannon rolled her eyes and pulled me by the hand out the door. We could hear the music playing all the way from the field. Shannon stood up straighter and pursed her lips in an attempt to hide her anxiety. I hid my chuckle and we both made our way towards the sound of the music. The field was already full of people dancing and singing.

“Why are we always late?” I mused to Shannon.

She shrugged, “A queen is never late. Everyone else is merely early.”

“You know you just quote the princess diaries, right?”

“I never watched them.”

I nodded my head impressed that she had managed to be that smooth without even hearing the quote before.

“May!” Cassie cried running over to me, “Thank god you’re here. You have to ease the tension, it’s killing me.”

“What tension?” I frowned. She pointed over to the refreshment table where Chase, Caleb, Shane and Josh were standing. I fought back a smile and shook my head at their childishness. “Come on Shannon.”

She shook her head frantically, “I’m going to dance. Bye.”

“So much for being smooth.” I grumbled and followed Cassie over to the trouble makers. Chase looked up and shot me a weak smile which I returned with a wink. “What’s up my brothers from other mothers?”

Caleb pulled a face, “I’m just wondering how something like that can belong to the same species as me.”

“Caleb be nice.” I ordered. Chase was staring at his drink with gritted teeth.

“So how have you been May?” Josh smiled at me, pushing me playfully. “I haven’t talked to you properly in ages!”

“I’ve been good, I’ve kept out of trouble so you know, less punishments!” I smirked.

“Somehow I don’t believe that.”

I snorted with laughter while Chase rolled his eyes. Cassie decided to interrupt and ask Josh and Shane for their help with setting up her equipment. They nodded in response and grinned at me before leaving.

“Somehow I don’t believe that,” Chase mocked in high pitch voice, “seriously? Is that the best he can do?”

I furrowed my eyebrows and turned to Caleb, “I think Shannon’s looking to dance with you!” Caleb’s eyes lit up and he made his way through the crowd. I smiled to myself before glancing at Chase. “You need to chill.”

“I’m perfectly chill,” he shrugged, “It’s not like he’s got anything on me.”

“Dude, there’s like a one million girls around you everyday but you don’t see me being all grumpy and stuff!” I grumbled. He narrowed his eyes at me.

“I didn’t kiss those ‘one million girls’ though did I!”

“Are you seriously coming back to that?”

“You started it!”

“I didn’t like you when I kissed Josh, dammit!”

Chase paused and a cheeky smirked formed on his lips, “That’s so sweet!” He cooed, teasingly. I flipped him off.

“You’re such a loser.”

“Would a loser jump onto that table and shout that May Riley causes him to have no chill?” He smirked.

I grinned slightly and nodded, “A loser would yes, but I dare you to do it anyway.”

He thought about it for a moment, a silly smile playing across his face. “Fine.” He pushed some cups and plates out of his way, and climbed onto the refreshments table. “May Riley causes me to have no chill!”

I snorted with laughter and ducked away from everyone’s view. Chase jumped back down and waltzed over to with a victorious grin. “Now it’s your turn.”

“I didn’t sign up for a game of dares-“

“I dare you to run up to a random person, and with a British accent accuse the person of stealing you…crumpets.”

“My crumpet?” I questioned.

“Your crumpet.” He stated with a smirk.

“What the hell is a crumpet?”

“It’s like a pancake I think…”

“I’m accusing someone of stealing my pancake?”

“Crumpet! Now go!”

I shrugged and skipped past him, deciding on which person I would accuse. “May. I’ve been looking for you!” Stella announced as she approached. I glanced at Chase and grinned evilly.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” I declared in my terrible attempt of a British accent. “You stole them.”

“Stole what? I just wanted to apo-“

“My crumpets you fool!” I stomped my foot to add some special effects.

“I don’t- I didn’t.. What’s a crumpet?” She stuttered.

‘Good question,’ I thought to myself, but shook my head at her. “Shame on you.” I flicked my ponytail and walked back to Chase who was in fits laughing.

“What are you two doing?” Shane asked as he approached, followed closely by Melissa. Chase and I looked at each then back at Shane. He froze under our smirks and began to back away. “What’s going on?”

“Shane!” I sang joyfully, “I dare you-“

“No! I don’t like your dares! You are evil when it comes to dares!” He snapped, stumbling backwards. I snorted at this while Chase made chicken sounds.

“Shane you aren’t going to back out of a dare, are you?” Caleb questioned as he approached with his arm wrapped around a terrified looking Shannon. She was just as pleased about our dares as Shane was. Max had also pulled Cassie over after he saw my little performance with Stella, knowing full well that we were playing.

“You are not going to peer pressure me into playing dares! I refuse-“

“Right so as I was saying,” I grinned, interrupting him. “Shane, I dare you…”

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