Keep the Beat

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Chapter 11

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” Shane hissed, staring through the crowd of dancing people.

“Shane it could have been a lot worse, you could be naked right now.” I shrugged, while the rest of the group chuckled.

“I hate playing dares.”

Shane was wearing Shannon’s bright pink skater skirt along with one of Jessica’s luminous bras. “On your marks,” I hushed dramatically, “get set-“

Shane sighed heavily and braced himself.


He took of running through the crowd of dancing people, hollering nonsense. I let a bellowing laugh, while Chase doubled over trying to stop his chuckles. Shane shot me a glare as he ran past again to go on his second lap.

“What are you guys doing?” Jessica drawled, rolling her eyes at the scene.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Melissa grinned, plonking down on the grass. “Dares.”

“You wanna play Jessica?” I asked, waggling my eyebrows playfully. She pretended to think about this for a moment before shaking her head. “Too bad, you’re already playing.”

Shane jogged over to us, panting slightly. “Some dude smacked me on my ass.”

I choked back a laugh, “You’re just too cute in your little skirt!”

“And the lipstick,” Chase agreed, “guys dig lipstick.”

Shane flipped us off, and turned around in a full circle. “It’s my turn to dare one of you motherfuckers.” He announced, before pointing to Cassie. “I dare you to play the Barney theme song and force all the campers to sing along.”

Cassie flushed and cursed under her breath. Tell Cassie to set a table on fire or run around naked, she’d do it. But messing with her music choices was a huge no in her opinion, yet she was as stubborn as myself so she climbed to her feet from her position beside Melissa, and dusted herself off. “My poor reputation.” She grumbled before making her way back up to stage to take over the DJ set from the person she left in charge. I sat down on the grass beside Melissa watching intently with a grin on my face.

“Damn I love dares.” I whispered in awe. “I am the dare queen.”

“Remember the first time we played dares and you were dared to k-” Chase began as he sat beside me but I slapped my hand over his mouth.

“Don’t spoil the moment dude.”

He mumbled incoherently and watched Cassie take the microphone in her hand and face the crowd of dancers. “Okay guys, I am going to sing a song you all will know,” She gulped and pulled a face making her look like she just ate a lemon, “and you all must sing along.”

I let a howl to let her know that I would co-operate, and soon enough everyone was screaming in excitement. She shot me a death scare, before taking in a deep breath.

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination… And when he’s tall, he’s what we call a dinosaur sensation.” She paused and sighed heavily as the crowd stared at her in both confusion and amusement. I began to clap my hands to the theme tune. “Barney’s friends are big and small, they come from lots of places. After school they meet to play and sing with happy faces.”

“I think the scariest thing is that she knows the lyrics off by heart.” Josh murmured and I smirked.

“Barney shows us lots of things, like how to play pretend. ABC’s, and one two threes and how to be a friend!” I yelled along gesturing for everyone to join in.

“Barney comes to play with us, Whenever we may need him. Barney can be your friend too. If you just make-believe him!”

Cassie buried her face in her hands in embarrassment. We all cheered loudly ignoring the inquisitive looks. Cassie bowed awkwardly and raced off the stage and over to us. I bit my lip and attempted to keep a straight face as she glared at us.

“My turn,” she growled, “I dare Max to sneak into Kelly’s kitchen and steal some of the brownies she made this morning. I need to bury my embarrassment with food.”

“You do know you just gave him a death wish right?” I murmured thoughtfully, “Kelly will be pissed.”

“I know.” She smiled sweetly at Max who glanced at me.

“How pissed are we talking, out of ten?”

“Probably three hundred.”

Max cursed under his breath. He puffed out his chest and nodded, “I’m gonna do this.”

“You are.” I agreed.

“I’m the man!” He slapped his chest, and bounced up and down on the balls of his feet.

“You’re the man!” I yelled back, and pointed towards the kitchen area, “Go, go, go!”

Max took off running towards the kitchens. I smiled and shook my head, “And we never saw him again.”

Josh took his place on the ground next to me, shaking with laughter. “I love how you can just convince people of anything.”

“It’s called the art of manipulation. I once had Keara believing that Will Smith was my long lost uncle.” I mused, smirking at the memory. “Good times.”

“You didn’t.” He snorted.

“No really, I did. I also had her believing for years that my grandfather was actually Clint Eastwood because my grandma was a babe and got all the the beauts.”

“Clint Eastwood was so beautiful when he was younger.” Shannon murmured, “I watched a western with my father and I only kept watching for him.”

I nodded in agreement, “They aren’t made like that anymore.”

Chase shot me a look of disbelief and gestured to himself which I ignored. He would never be a young Clint Eastwood.

“Guys.. Look.” I followed Shane’s gaze to the direction where Max was sprinting as fast as he could towards, with an angry ginger right behind him.

“Well guys it was nice knowing you,” I clumsily got to my feet, “but I’m out.”

I grabbed Chase’s hand and pulled him after me, sprinting the opposite direction. “Why are we running?” Chase panted.

“We will all have to face Kelly’s wrath, and we messed with her brownies. She’s out to kill.” I gasped between breaths.

“But they’re only brownies!”

“How dare you!”

I dodged through the crowd of people, and clambered over the fence that surrounded the concert field. Chase followed blindly with a bewildered look on his face. “If this is your way of getting us on our own, it sucks.”

“Someone feels self important.” I muttered.

I stopped running once I reached the deck, and decided to crouch behind the deck chairs instead of sitting on them.

Chase crouched beside me, watching me with an amused expression as I peered over the chairs. “She can’t see us from here.” He informed me.

I shushed him with an eye-roll, “You do realize she’s related to me, right?”

“Good point.” He mumbled.

“I see people coming!” I hissed, and pushed his head down.

“But I’m hungry!” He whined, as I smacked the back of his head and scoffed. This guy wouldn’t survive as a spy for one second. He’d have us hung up and hit with turnips if we ever were in the field.

“May! Dude you need to help us!” Shane shouted out. I peeked my head up out of curiosity, careful to not be seen. Shane was still wearing the clothes I had forced him into, and I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Kelly has sort of captured Max and is holding him hostage until the person who dared him comes forward. But Cassie has locked herself in her cabin and refuses to come out.” Shannon called.

“And because you’re Kelly’s cousin, them two believe that you should hand yourself over and plead guilty. I don’t though, I just wanted to see where you dragged Chase of to and why you left him behind.” Caleb added, pouting.

I hesitated for a moment, before shaking my head and staying in my hiding spot.

“May you should come out, Kelly’s pretty mad. She said she’d hit Max with a wooden spoon.” Josh chuckled. I paused for a moment, before nodding my head in approval. A wooden spoon would hurt. Chase shook his head at me in amusement and lay dramatically on the ground with a heavy sigh.

“And you think she wouldn’t hit May with a wooden spoon? Have you met our crazy ass cook?” Caleb snapped, disagreeing with Josh at every chance he could get.

“May would come up with an idea if she stopped hiding, do you know my friend?”

“Our friend.”

“Would you chill out?”


Chase grinned proudly at his buddy while I rolled my eyes at their petty arguments. I thought about what Josh said and jumped to my feet. “Right you are Josh-y boy.”

“He’s never right.” Chase grumbled.

“I do have an idea. Y’all want me to go to Kelly instead because you don’t think she’d hit me with a wooden spoon? You’re right, she’d hit me with a saucepan but that doesn’t matter-“

“-it doesn’t?”

“we are going to have to nominate someone to free Max. And I say what better than to nominate the weakest of us all?” I narrowed my eyes at the group, eyeing from Chase to Shane. “Am I the weakest of us all?”

No one replied, which made me grin at the power I held. “Thought so. Yeah. I’m powerful, I’m like the Voldemort but with a nose. I’m like Loki without the Taylor Swift. I am Hades.”

“You are an idiot.” Jessica added, rolling her eyes.

I frowned, “Were you here the whole time? I nominate Jessica for the wooden spoon challenge!”

“That’s delightful. Except do you really think Kelly would believe that I dared Max to steal some brownies which hold about five million calories in them, for me.” She reasoned, smirking at me.

I furrowed my eyebrows, “Five is a bit of an over-exaggeration but yeah, good point.” I sighed and pursed my lips, “I think we’ll need everyone to prove their worthiness.”

“How exactly?” Shannon pressed.

I glanced around at the small group who had chased after me. “Where’s Melissa?”

“Cassie dragged her with her.” Shane explained, shrugging.

“Okay, this is the plan. The first one to get through those woods, grab a flower from that big pink tree at the edge of the Turn It Up section, and bring it back here. Last one back has to face Kelly’s wrath or the first one to surrender.”

Shannon glanced at us all with wide eyes, “But May it’s dark…”

I gasped in mock disbelief, “What? You can’t be serious, I didn’t even notice. Look there’s the moon! How did I miss-“

“Oh shut up!” She snapped, “We can’t just go through the woods in the dark! It’s creepy and stuff…”

“Exactly!” I grinned wickedly.

She groaned and hit her head of Caleb’s shoulder several times. “Why are you using me to purposely injure yourself?” He asked, shooting her a confused look.

“Shut up.”

I smiled and gave them a quick wave, before pushing Chase aside and grabbing Jessica’s arm tugging her with me, “One man for himself!” I yelled, “I’m taking the evil one.”

“What the hell May!” Jessica screeched as I pulled her along with me into the woods.

“Jesus I can’t see a thing.” I mumbled, I stopped behind a tree while Jessica glared at me in confusion.

“What are we doing?”

“Did you honestly expect me to go the whole way through this wood in the dark?”

“You said that you would-“

“No I said first one to surrender would.” I winked at her and put my finger to my lips. I heard footsteps making their way through the wood in our direction.

Jessica narrowed her eyes at me. “What are you doing May?” She whispered.

I shushed her. Shannon was grumbling under her breath, “Stupid May. Stupid dark. Stupid wood. Stupid Caleb for telling me to ‘go with Josh if he’s so perfect’, stupid Josh for insulting my hair.”

I grimaced at the fact that Shannon was having a bad evening, but shrugged. Maybe Kelly will go easy on her then. I grabbed a few branches off the ground, and began to crack them.

Shannon stopped and sucked in a deep breath. “Who’s there?” She whispered.

Jessica decided to go with it, and threw a pine cone at her. Shannon jumped and shrieked. I muffled my laughter in my hand. Jessica crouched behind the tree, shaking with laughter. I started to knock another branch off the tree slowly, causing a thudding noises. Shannon began to turn back, whining with fear.

I cracked another branch and she let out a cry, “Okay stop! I surrender! Okay! Guys help!”

“It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark,

Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart.
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it.
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes,
You’re paralyzed!” I sang softly, hiding my laugh.

Shannon spotted me, and let out a growl, “You bi-“

“’Cause this is thriller, thriller night!
And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike.
You know it’s thriller, thriller night!
You’re fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight!” Jessica sang with me, laughing our heads off.

“You hear the door slam and realize there’s nowhere left to run.
You feel the cold hand and wonder if you’ll ever see the sun.
You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination.
But all the while you hear the creature creepin’up behind.
You’re out of time!” Jessica sang the second version, grinning at a pissed off Shannon.

“’Cause this is thriller, thriller night.
There ain’t no second chance against the thing with forty eyes!
You know it’s thriller, thriller night!
You’re fighting to survive inside a killer, thriller tonight!”

I let out a snort of laughter and toppled onto the ground. “Oh man, Shannon I’m so sorry!”

“You guys better run.” She ordered slowly, breathing heavily. I glanced at Jessica and we both took off past Shannon back towards the camp. “You’re so dead!”

I let out a cackle, “First to surrender does the Kelly’s wooden spoon challenge!”

“I hate you all!” Shannon screamed, stomping her foot.

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