Keep the Beat

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Chapter 16

“Okay cool, who are we killing?” I asked, curiously. I glanced at the group and my eyes landed on Caleb. I raised an eyebrow at him, causing him to put his hands up in defense.

“Not me, I’m too lovable to kill.” He argued, shooting my an innocent smile.

I smirked slightly, and turned back to Shannon who was still fuming. “You okay?” I questioned cautiously.


I jumped back, slightly terrified by her anger. “Wow okay.” Chase wore the same expression as me and we both edged slowly away from Shannon. Everything turned silent again, which made me feel incredibly awkward.

“This is so dramatic, get me some sweet and salty popcorn!” I heard a girls voice whisper. My eyes fell on Rose, who was seated beside her brother, watching intently.

“Rose!” I squealed and made my way over to her, giving her a side hug. “Do you know that I love your name? Because my middle name is actually Rose too!”

“Hiya!” She greeted with a wide grin, ignoring my small rant. “I’m not supposed to be back here because the visitors are supposed to stay in the field but Shane dragged me in.”

“No one will find out.” I assured her, “Do you like the camp?”

“It’s entertaining. There’s drama everywhere.”

“Yeah so do you know who we’re killing?”

“Josh. It’s always Josh, he’s such a fuck up.”

“Hey!” Josh snapped, glaring at her. She rolled her eyes at him and put her finger to her lips, silencing him.

I narrowed my eyes at Josh and raised an eyebrow. “What did you do?” I demanded.

“I didn’t do anything!”

Shannon scoffed at this. I sighed at their childishness and turned to Shane, knowing that he’d give me the gossip. “Josh said that Shannon shouldn’t have dyed her hair, that he preferred it brown because it’s more natural.” Shane explained, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Shannon then said something like, ’unfortunately for you there isn’t a way to dye your personality so you’re stuck being an asshole. But at least it’s natural!” He copied Shannon in a high pitched voice, waving his hands in sassy motions. I nodded my head both impressed by Shannon’s response and Shane’s impression of her.

“But then Josh went all, ‘you’d swear that dye has gone to your brain and given you a whole personality change, you’ve never been this much of a bitch!’” Rose added. “I thought that was a bit harsh.”

“And then Shannon was like, ‘I’ve always been this much of a bitch, you just never bothered getting to know me and I’m sick of pretending to be Mary Poppins! You can blame May for that!’” Shane mused.

“I claim responsibility for Shannon embracing her bitchiness.” I admitted shrugging.

“Then Josh went a bit out of line…” Rose mumbled. “He said maybe you should stop trying to be May and just be yourself, because dying your hair doesn’t give you your own personality.”

“Dude.” Chase exclaimed, glaring at Josh. “What the fuck?”

“Stay out of this Chase.” He grumbled.

“So by dying her hair, she’s trying to be me?” I demanded, approaching Josh.

“No it’s just-“

“Josh you were so out of order!” I snapped, shaking my head.

“I was giving my opinion!”

“No one asked for your opinion!”

He scowled at me and crossed his arms. “No one asked you to choose sides either.” He hissed.

“I’m not ‘choosing sides’, I’m pointing out that you’re acting like an asshole!”

“You’re acting like a bitch!”

“You’ll be crying like a little bitch if you say that again.” Chase and I chorused, before looking at each other in bewilderment.

“Woah that was weird.” Rose murmured, eyes wide. Shane nodded in agreement, while Shannon pointed out that she always thought Chase and I were the same person.

“You’re all acting like whiny-” Josh was interrupted by Shannon who threw a glass of water at him. He dodged it and it splashed in Jessica’s face. Everyone paused, mouths agape in shock as Jessica wiped the water from her eyes.

Her face remained neutral as she grabbed her own glass of water and tossed it in Shannon’s direction only to hit Cassie. Everyone continued to stare in disbelief as Cassie slowly got to her feet, her face filled with fury.

Yet I did the sensible thing, the one thing that would stop a brawl. I grabbed the jug of water off the table and spilled it over Chases head and screamed, “Water fight!”

And with that I sprinted out of the dining area with the jug in my hand, to the lake so that I could refill. I ignored Chase’s whines of protest as he got up, dripping head to toe.

“I’m on Team May!” Caleb screeched. I looked around to see Caleb running over to me.

“Teams of two!” Shane agreed, grabbing his little sister and pulling her away.

“You’re such a traitor Caleb!” Chase yelled, marching over to the lake.

“One man for himself!” Caleb shrugged back, before whispering to me. “There’s water guns and balloons from last years prank war in the gardening shed.”

I frowned at him, “How did you know this and I didn’t?”

“I have my sources.”

That answer was oddly mysterious and I liked it. “Let’s do this.”

It took only a half an hour for the whole camp to become aware of the water fight, and for the guests to clear off before they got soaked- all apart from Rose, of course. The campers had also stolen some of the water guns and balloons from the shed, but the rest of the campers had to start getting creative. They were using water bottles, buckets, sponges, spray bottles- some even (following my trend of course) rolled up socks and turned them into water bombs.

“Okay Caleb, this is our hit-list.” We were both camped out in the kitchens, writing up a hit-list using a bread board and nutella.

“Chase, Shane, Shannon, Melissa, Jessica, Cassie, Josh, Max, bitch face, Stella-” Caleb read off, “And recruit Rose?”

“What? I like the girl. Besides, my middle name is Rose so it would be rude not to.”

Caleb shrugged and nodded, “So who do we get first?”

“I’d say Chase will be the hardest to get, the sly little shit. So we’ll put him last. Let’s go for Shannon, Melissa, Jessica and Max first. We’ll get Josh after that. Then try to get Cassie, and have a little fun with Stella and Keara.”

“Let’s go team unicorns.” Caleb stated, high-fiving me before grabbing his equipment and sprinting from the kitchen with a war cry. I ran after him, scolding him for his lack of slyness. Wars are one by sneakiness and spies.

We decided to look for Shannon by the cabins, as she would probably be trying to stay low and look like the innocent one who just doesn’t want to get her hair wet, when she was really evil and had a water gun behind her back. Soon enough we spotted her beside the cabin, falsely cowering yet hiding her gun.

‘Go around the back’ I mouthed at Caleb, and we bother made our way around the cabins until we were facing Shannon’s back. We both pulled out a squeeze-y bottle and pointed it at her.

“We’re sorry to do this babe.” Caleb smirked and we squirted the bottle at her, laughing at her shrieks of disbelief. I heard someone creeping up behind us, so I turned and squirted it again at a frowning Melissa.

“Get yourself owned!” I shouted at the raging pink head and pouting Melissa. Shannon rolled her eyes before shrugging.

“I already got Josh so I’m happy.”

“Atta girl.” Caleb winked at her, and I mentally squealed. He turned to me and raised an eyebrow. So perhaps I didn’t mentally squeal.

“Fight me.” I shrugged, “So Josh is off the list. We need to get Jessica next.”

“Jessica’s trying to get Keara though.” Melissa informed me, and I gasped.

“How dare she try that without me. Let’s go lover-boy.” I grabbed Caleb and dragged him behind me on the search for Jessica.

We found her in the middle of the rest of the campers, who had formed a circle around her and Keara who were pointing guns at each other. I narrowed my eyes at them.

“Caleb, I think this is time for operation surprise attack.” I murmured. Everyone on my hit-list was here, Shane and Rose were watching the drama in awe, Chase was grinning at the entertainment, Stella was cheering for Keara and both Max and Cassie were trying to stir the fight by edging them both on.

“Get Shane first, he’s the quietest.” I whispered in my strategic voice, “Plus we can steal his bucket of water. Then we go for Cassie and Max with the socks, use the spray for Stella, then we use the bucket of water for both Keara and Jessica.”

“What about Chase?”

“We’ll need to run, because we won’t be armored enough for him…”

Caleb took a deep breath, “It was good fighting with you, Riley.”

“Likewise lover boy.” I nodded at him, respectfully before both of us made our way through the crowd. I squirted Shane in the ear, making him jump but covering his mouth before he could cry out.

“Take one for the team Shane. Take one for the team.” I ordered, gesturing to Keara.

“I hate you.” He muttered, before glaring at Rose. “Why didn’t you have my back?”

“Because this shit’s too exciting!” She snapped, returning her gaze on Jessica and Keara who were both still circling each other like some cowboy shit. I lifted Shane’s bucket of water, and dipped my sock in it.

Caleb had already made his way over to Cassie and Max, and we both fired the socks at them, making them jump and yell out as the socks slammed into their face, sending water everywhere. I didn’t waste any time, as I lifted the bucket of water and fired it at Keara, letting Caleb throw a wet sponge at Jessica.

“What the fuck!” Keara screamed, glancing down at her drenched self. I sprayed Stella in the face as she approached me with a jug, and chortled as her eyeliner ran down her face.

“And that lady and gents is how you do a water fight!” I shouted, glancing at Caleb as we both turned to run back to our secret layer. Instead I ran straight into a chest, and cursed at the familiar check-shirt in front of me.

“Hey Chase.” I smirked, “So about the small water jug misunderstand-” Before I could finish, a jug of water was emptied over my head causing me to cringe at the unfamiliar cold feeling. He smiled down at me, winking.

“The ‘I’m a drenched unicorn’ look suits you.” He mocked.

“So much for Alpha male…” I sighed, wiping the water from my face.

“You idiot Riley!” Keara hissed, “You and you’re fucked up face and that- that ugly shit hide away for ages and then decide to come and soak me?”

“Pretty much.” I shrugged, ignoring her insult. “Jeez, lighten up Keara. It’s only a bit- well a lot- of water.”

“And you’re only a piece -well a lot- of shit!” Keara snarled. “You’re a disgrace.”

Shannon scowled at her, before turning to Caleb and asking him if he’s okay after the shit ass insult Keara had fired at him.

“I’m okay, I’m okay.” He shrugged, “Kinda being awkward socially…”

I turned to him with a wide grin on my face, gesturing for him to continue. Chase pulled me into his arms, and dragged me over to Caleb, away from Keara.

“With the fact that the girls-

Don’t lose their shit when they look at me…” Caleb shrugged at everyone.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,

That I’m not that good at anything.

And I don’t hit the notes perfectly,

when I try to sing!” He added.

Oh, oh! I know I am not alone! So turn the music up and let go!” I sang with him, smirking at everyone’s confused expressions. Only a handful of people knew this song in the camp, but I was determined to have them singing it until they’re eighty.

“Here’s to the rest of us!

To all the ones that never felt they were good enough!

I wanna hear it for the dazed and confused,

the freaks and the losers!

Let’s put ’em up.

Here’s to the rest of us!” Caleb, Chase, Cassie and I belted out.

I’m okay, I’m okay.” Chase sang, and I grinned at his words as I thought of his old beaten up red car that we both lover.

I don’t need to be a billionaire!
-So freaking bad!

And my trust fund hopes are looking sad!”

I jumped in, smiling to myself.

I confess, I’m a mess

I’m perfectly dysfunctional!” I bowed to everyone.

“But I don’t give a damn!

If you feel the same,let me hear you sing!”

Oh-oh I know I am not alone
So turn the music up and let go

“Here’s to the rest of us!
To all the ones that never felt they were good enough.
I wanna hear it for the dazed and confused!
The freaks and the losers.
Let’s put ’em up!
Let’s put ’em up-up-up!” Cassie sang and a few more campers joined in.

“The lost, the geeks, the rejects, the losers!
The wrong, the freaks, the hopeless, the future!” Caleb chanted.

“The lost, the geeks, the rejects, the losers!
The wrong, the freaks, the hopeless, the future!
The rest of us!”
The group of us finished, and our ending was greeted by a bunch of campers tossing buckets of water on us while cheering.

Keara glared at us, and shouted out something about us dedicating a song to the freaks that we are. Which caused me to smirk. “Whoops, sorry Keara. I forgot to add in stuck up prissy princesses!” I clicked my fingers in false disappointment. “The wrong, the freaks, the stuck up prissy princesses-“

“Fuck you Riley.” She roared, tearing off the opposite direction.

I scoffed, “You wish darling.”

The campers all began to clear off, laughing about the fight, or chatting about the song. Chase tugged on my hand, “Let’s go for a walk.”

I nodded and followed him away from the campers and towards the woods. I leaned my head against his shoulder and began to tell him about my Grandmothers visit. He held me tighter as he listened, not cutting in or interrupting me.

“She lied Chase.” I mumbled. “And then Marc had to show up which pissed me off, and then the whole Josh thing, and I have to figure out how to get out of the camp for the day so I can go visit Jack-“

“Marc, Josh and now Jack all in one sentence.” Chase mumbled.

“Jacks a good friend.” I told him, “I can’t miss his fight.”

Chase turned to me, and tilted my chin upwards so I was looking at his face. “Firstly, trust your gran. She’s crazy but she wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. Secondly fuck Marc and Josh, Marc is the most hated guy in the camp right now. Literally, everyone hates him. They actually like that both you and Keara told him to get out… And I just saw Josh having the chats with Keara, so you know what kind of guy she attracts. And thirdly; Talk to Chris and just tell him that you and Melissa need to see him. He’ll figure something out.

“And if he doesn’t, we can take a road trip and have someone cover for us.” Chase grinned at me, making my heart flutter as it usually did when he smiled.

“You’re an asshole but I’m lucky to have you here.” I whispered into his chest as he hugged me.

“How flattering!” He snorted.

“Don’t leave.” I let the two words that were on my mind since Keara set her eyes on Chase, slip out. “Like, no I didn’t mean that. You can leave, I’m not possessive or anything, it’s a free country and shit, I just don’t want you to leave to her because she sucks and you don’t because you’re pretty awesome and I sort of need you and what the fuck am I say-“

He cut me off with a gentle kiss to the lips. “Promise.”

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