Keep the Beat

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I found out that my summer would most likely be in ruins the day I crashed the party. Well crashing it sounds a bit extreme, I merely climbed the gate. But this was the day I silently declared war on my rival. Keara Cinders was not going to win this time.

“May I’m already there, where are you?” Josephs anxious voice reached me through the mobile phone. I watched from a distance as he looked around frantically like a lost little puppy.

“Chill Joe!” I replied, snickering. “I’m climbing the fence as we speak.”

He looked over to my white fence, where I stood in my black dress, sunglasses and beanie. I waved cheerfully, and pointed to Melissa who was making her way over to him.

“So guys thanks so much for coming to my party!” Keara gushed to the crowd. She stood on the white, elegant balcony, overlooking her guests beside the pool. The party sucked. It consisted of hormonal teenagers making out, and a few dare devils who would every now and again cannonball into the pool. “But of course you would come, it’s me after all.”

The crowd chuckled awkwardly at her over-confidence. The music had stopped, and she had everyone’s full attention as per usual. The Cinders, her parents, were grinning from the corner of the garden as they watched their little girl make her speech.

What parent’s stay and watch a full swing teenage pool party, dude? They’d be scarred by our generation’s shitty attempt to party…

I quietly clambered over the wooden fence from my garden to Keara’s, while everyone’s attention was focused on little miss priss. A few people glanced in my direction, and grinned when they noticed me. I cursed my disguise and made my way into the crowd.

“So as you all know I have an important announcement. It will affect my life, your life, and the towns!” She announced dramatically. I rolled my eyes as I fixed my glasses in an attempt to make myself look different. I couldn’t help but think she was going for the wrong career, acting in some cliche film was definitely suited for her.

“With my fathers help, I have been accepted to an amazing place.”

With her fathers money, more like it. I thought. I removed the sunglasses from my face, and using the hair band that was on my wrist, tied my hair up. I was getting tired of my cover, not that it was any use anyway. Nearly everyone I’ve seen knew who I was. So when you watch a movie, where someone wears sunglasses, and a hat, and seems completely invisible to the rest of the world? Don’t believe it.

“Guys I am so happy to say that, with my beautiful voice, and incredible dancing skills-” She continued boasting, as many of her guests began to lose interest.There’s only so much a person can take of perfect Keara Cinders life. Even Sarah was yawning by her side. And just as nearly everyone was about to doze off, Keara dropped a bomb shell.

“-I am going to Camp Turn Up The Beat.” She held up her pass. Instead of having it signed by a camper, it was stamped. She had payed in. I wasn’t too shocked that Chris excepted payments, as he needed as much financial support as possible, but the fact that this loser got in made my head spin. This loser is now my camp mate.

I froze and my mouth dropped open as I began to realize the problem. Pause, rewind and freeze! Hushed whispers carried out throughout the crowd of people, and they started to applaud and cheer. Melissa had spat her drink out and was now choking beside the table, while Joseph attempted to pat her back.

“I promise you that I will be the one singing in the next video, and I will be the leader of the camp. I’ll bring respect to this town!” Keara babbled, beaming at the amount of attention she was getting. I could see Marc struggling to keep his smile, and stop himself from rolling his eyes, I could also see Melissa laughing her butt off at her performance by the food table.

I pushed my way through the crowd, and closer to the balcony. People let me pass easily, and smirked as they prepared for my very own performance.

“I will rule Camp Turn Up The Beat!” She screamed, causing me to wince at her shrill voice. Jeez chill!

Keara giggled and bowed to everyone as if she was the freaking queen of Narnia.

“Yeah well. Not if I can help it.” I mused from the front of the crowd. People turned to watch me, hoping for the usual Riley versus Cinders show down.

Keara narrowed her eyes in my direction. “How did you get in-” She paused, realizing that her question was pointless. “What do you mean by that? How does it even involve you?” She snapped.

I couldn’t help the sly grin that spread across my face at her confusion. She promised she would be the leader of the camp? Be the head of everything, the main singer and dancer? Well I promise that I will stop her at all cost. I promise to keep the beat.

“Oh Keara.” I smiled wickedly. “You shall see.”

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