Keep the Beat

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Chapter 24

Chase’s POV

“Chase,” Keara snapped, as I lay on the floor of her bedroom, “Chris wants us all in the dining area in five minutes to vote on who’s getting the important parts in the concert.”

“That’s nice to know.” I drawled, staring up at the ceiling.

“Well get up, mess your hair up a little bit and walk with me.”

“Why would I mess my hair up?” I had spent longer than usual putting gel in my hair and wasn’t fond of the idea.

“Because you’re leaving my cabin? I don’t want people to realize that all you’ve been doing is lying on the god damn floor.”

I rolled my eyes and got to my feet. “Whatever my beloved.”

Her eyes narrowed hearing my sarcastic tone, “Maybe you should start acting a bit more like my boyfriend.”

I laughed at this, “I sit by you every day. I pretend to laugh at your jokes- because lets be honest. That’s all anyone can do, pretend. Your jokes are terrible. And last but not least, I even let you kiss me yesterday! What else do you want?”

“The deal was that you would act like my proper boyfriend! I don’t want you to scowl when I touch you, be rigid when I kiss you or run off with another girl!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Please. You jumped up to start a fight with that guy just for May.” She spoke her name bitterly, “You think I don’t know that you went off with that whore after?”

I snarled under my breath, “Don’t say shit about her, Keara.”

“I’ll say a lot more if you don’t pull yourself together.”

I let out a heavy breath, glaring at the almighty bitch with hatred. “Lets go.” I ordered, storming out the door.

We had gotten home from LA the night before and May was glowing. Even though she wouldn’t look me in the eye, I knew that she had started to realise that there was more to the story. I couldn’t believe she would think that I’d go off with Keara without a good enough reason. A smile lingered on my lips, thinking of the kiss.

Keara grabbed my hand as we approached the entrance of the dining area, but I ignored the thought of it. The smile still on my lips as I remembered the feeling of her lips on mine, smoothness of her skin, the way she cursed at me while kissing me.

“Took you long enough.” Max muttered glaring at Keara and I as we entered. Cassie turned to him and gave him a ‘shut up’ look. Cassie knew. It killed her to keep it to herself, but she knew why I was doing this just like Caleb did and Josh did.

I sat down at the table that Keara had claimed, beside Stella- my former Turn It Up camp mate, the sleaze James and few more of their followers. Chris entered, Kelly by his side. I watched as Kelly’s eyes found May, making sure she was okay.

“On the table, you are sitting at, there are sheets explaining the rules to voting. All acts that auditioned for the concert will of course perform, yet they may not perform in one of the desired positions for example; the opening or closing act.” Chris explained. He didn’t even bother saying hello to us anymore. I had a feeling that we were driving him to insanity. “In the concert field, there has been a sort of voting ballad set up. For the opening act, Mr Williams memorial act, audience participation act and the closing act. You will write your vote and a piece of paper and place them in the ballad. Voting closes at three o clock. By five O’ clock this evening, the results will be announced. Does everybody understand?”

There was a chorus of yes sir and not really, which caused me to roll my eyes. “You’re going to vote for me, right?” Keara smiled at me with fake adoration- or perhaps real adoration. I wasn’t sure. The girl was delusional enough to fall for me and my dazzling smile.

“Hell no.” I muttered, and she glared at me. She grabbed my hand again, and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“Do you want me to send that video, Chase?”

I gulped, and turned to her with a fake smile. “I was only joking, honey.

Keara seemed satisfied and turned away to continue her discussion with Stella. I looked up and over to my previous table. May was gazing at Keara and I’s intertwined eyes, she didn’t look angry but confused and hurt.

I wanted to scream. I hated seeing her like this, I hadn’t realized how much of a hold I had over her until Keara announced our ‘relationship’. I knew she wasn’t indestructible, I had seen that first hand. But she was strong, and when she was with me I had always felt like she was strong enough to take on the world- with our without me. I was never sure if May was serious, she never discussed making things official or saying the three words that caused my heart to ache. I always expected her to realize how much of a failure I was, and to leave. But seeing how she reacted, hearing her tell me that she loved me…

I shuddered in my seat, causing Keara to look at me in confusion.

I broke her, not Keara. Me. I was bad for her, I knew that. I made her feel weak just like she made me weak. I wanted to go over there and hug her, tell her that she could take on the world on her own, that no one should ever make her feel broken, that her personality glowed and took over other people’s lives- in the best way.

I sighed and lay my head in my arms. I had been with a lot of girls before, usually just for fun. I would play around with them and I’d always be in control of my feelings because I didn’t care. But she- that tiny bundle of mischief took joy in stomping on my ego and showing me that she was the one in control- The HBIC as she called herself.

I missed her so much.

I felt someone shove James aside and sit beside me. I smirked at Caleb, who slapped me on the shoulder in a greeting.

“What’s up?” I asked, quietly.

Caleb smirked, “Cassie sent me over to tell you that she thinks she has control of the problem.”

My eyes widened, and turned to him in disbelief. “Are you serious?”

He nodded, “She said that we all have to meet her in the dance square in half an hour.”

I turned to look at Keara who was still conversing with Stella. “How is she?” I asked the same question that I always asked.

“She’s actually better.” He smiled, “I’ve a feeling it has something to do with you two disappearing together in LA.”

I bit my lip and shook my head at him, getting out of my seat. “Let’s go vote.” I told him, ignoring Keara’s requests for me to wait for her.

After Caleb and I had voted for all the acts- including ourselves for the opening performance, we made our way to the dance square. “Tell me if you see Keara.”

“She’s over there with James, trying to convince people to vote for her. She won’t be following.”

I nodded and quickened my pace. Once we reached the dance square Cassie was already waiting, sitting cross legged on the ground with her laptop. Josh was sitting beside her and Kelly was on the wall, arms crossed.

“We need to start deleting.” Cassie stated. “I traced the video to six places. Her phone, her laptop, her email, her one drive and her dropbox.”

“That’s only five.” Caleb stated.

Cassie winced, “That’s where there’s a problem.”

“What kind of problem?” Kelly demanded.

“We are able to delete all those five. Chase can get her phone, Caleb and I can sneak in and get it off her laptop and I can hack into the email, onedrive and dropbox and delete it off them. But…” She hesitated so Josh continued.

“Keara emailed the video to someone else.” Josh explained.

“To who?” I whispered.

“That moron Marc.”

I cursed under my breath, clenching my fists. Kelly got off the wall and began to pace up and down, clenching her teeth.

“What the hell are we going to do?” Cassie mumbled.

“You can start by telling me what the hell is going on?” A sharp voice cut through the air, I turned around to see Jessica standing behind us with her hands on her hips.

I looked at Caleb, “I thought you said we weren’t being followed.”

“Hey I’m not James Bond, give me a break!”

“You’re a terrible side kick!”

“You’re the sidekick!”

“No you are!”

“No you!”

“No you!”

“Oh god, shut up.” Jessica snapped, “And tell me what is going on. I feel insulted that I wasn’t invited to this top secret organisation thing you’ve got going on. I’m obviously the best choice when it comes to deceiving and spying.”

I couldn’t help but shrug and agree. Jessica was a high-class bitch who can threaten or bribe her way out of any situation.

“Keara has something over May-” I began.

“Get to the point Commons, what has she got?”

I deadpanned, and rolled her eyes. “I was building suspense.” I whined, before continuing. “She has a video of May breaking into her house and planting the smoke bomb that caused such an up rage in their town. She’s threatening me to be her boyfriend- because let’s be honest everyone wants me to be their boyfriend- so that she could get to May, and make her and I quote, ‘crumble at her feet.’”

Jessica frowned, “How did you find this out?”

“I did.” Josh muttered, “We were talking once, and at the time I was mad at May and Shannon, so she thought I’d be interested in her plan. I told Chase about it, who confronted Keara about it.” He shook his head in disbelief.

“When I confronted her, she decided to admit it all. She was going to actually give the video to the police to get May kicked out, but I convinced her not to. Instead she made me her boyfriend.”

Jessica glanced at Caleb, “And what has this to do with you?”

“I’m Chases boyfriend,” Caleb defended, “We have no secrets.”

“And Cassie?”

“When Chase told Caleb, being the bright spark Caleb is, he convinced Chase to tell me. I was able to hack into her laptop- the day of the prank war, and take all her details on the video. I’m able to track every movement of that video.”

Before Jessica asked, Kelly explained herself. “I knew what happened straight away. Chase isn’t the first person she threatened.”

“What do you mean?” Jessica whispered.

“The only reason Keara is in this camp is because she found out that I was dating Chris. She forced me to convince Chris to let her into the camp, or she would release the video.”

“But she was so shocked when she saw May there.” Caleb pointed out, not knowing this.

“She’s the biggest bimbo you can meet. She never believed that May was as good as May is. And she knows her parents wouldn’t pay for camp, and didn’t think anyone would invite her. May’s dad pretended that May was away to a juvenile camp, and Keara believed it.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose in irritation, “None of this matters anymore. What matters is how we’re going to get that video of that asshole!”

Cassie looked at him helpless, while the others pursed their lips, thinking. “May could be arrested!” I shouted, “She could go to Juvie! And if she ever decides to pursue a career as a singer the press would ruin her! This video could ruin her life!”

“No.” Jessica snapped. “No it won’t.”

“I can go.” Josh insisted, “I’ve heard about this guy. I’ll convince him to give it up, and if he doesn’t then I’ll make him.”

Jessica was taking her phone out of her pocket and scrolling for a contact. “What are you doing?” I questioned.

“Fixing this.”

I frowned in confusion, watching as she put the phone to her ear. “Jack. May’s in trouble, I need you to take care of that kid Marc while I send someone in to do a job.”

“Get her phone.” Caleb murmured to me, “And Josh will create a way to keep her distracted while Cassie and I get to her laptop.”

I nodded, “Be careful.”

“I’m always careful.”

“Dude, you’re like the clumsiest person I know. Thank god Cassie’s going with you.”

A highly-offended Caleb gave me a shove before storming off in the opposite direction. I chuckled at this and started to walk towards the concert area. Jessica strolled up beside me, checking her phone.

“Did your friends take care of it?” I inquired.

“I’m not sure yet.” She mumbled, “I still can’t believe you Chase.”

I didn’t reply.

“Do you think May would have gave a shit if Keara released that video, as long as you were by her side?”

“Don’t get all soft on me Jessica.” I mused.

“And don’t try to act like you’re not a huge softie.” She scoffed. “You love her to bits. I sort of feel sorry for you in a way.”

“Why so?”

“To see her hurt. Or acting as if she wasn’t hurt. Or holding hands with Jack.” She laughed, “It must have killed you.”

I glanced at her, “I’m a big boy now Jessica, I can handle it.”

“Yeah sure, is that why Caleb said you were crying like a little girl after May confronted you.”

I felt a sudden pang of betrayal. “I was not crying! I do not cry, I’m not the crying type!”

“You were crying.”

“I had something in my eye and he overreacted, jeez.”


“It’s the truth!”

“I believe you.”

I pouted and at this moment missed May the most, knowing she’d have my back.

“Chase.” It was Josh, and he approached us.

“Yes Goldie locks?” I smiled brightly, causing him to roll his eyes. Josh may have helped me out, and had May’s back… But I still didn’t like him.

“When are you going to stop calling me that?”

“When are you going to stop being a whiny bitch?”

“When are you going to grow up?”

“I’m never going to grow up, I’m gonna be Peter Pan. Hey, if I think happy thoughts do you think I’ll fly?”

“Boys.” Jessica interrupted sternly. Josh raised his hands in surrender.

“How are we going to distract them long enough for Cassie and Caleb to break in. We need to get her phone to.” He pointed out.

“How are we going to get into her phone?” Jessica added.

“I know her password.” I said, Cassie had made sure that I had continuously watched her when she entered her password to make sure we could get into it when needed to.

“We need to make her fight with someone.” Josh mused, “That’s the only thing that ever distracts her.”

“Who?” I questioned.

Jessica and Josh looked at me as I was insane, and I winced, only realizing how stupid I sounded. “Oh right, carry on.”

“May hasn’t been interested in fighting with Keara. She’s been avoiding her.” Jessica told us, “She doesn’t want to start something and piss Chris off.”

I shook my head at this, “May doesn’t want to fight on her behalf. But I know that if Keara ever starts picking on someone weaker than her- then May will fight.”

“So we have to make someone Keara’s victim?” Josh asked, bewildered.

“No… Guys I have an idea. And I think I know someone who can help.” The two looked at me and I bit my lip, thinking.

It was time to take Keara down. And I was going to make sure that she went down hard.

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