Keep the Beat

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Chapter 5

Chris was behind in plans as usual, the end of the summer concert had to be organized. Singers had to be chosen, acts had to be picked so of course a competition had to be held. A competition that everyone intended to participate in.

The camp was buzzing. Chris had just called for a meeting in the dining area, and we were all positive that we knew what it was about. The end of the summer concert, which we were supposed to throw and celebrate the start of camp Turn Up The Beat.

“He’s late for his own meeting.” Shannon grumbled.

“God Chris, what you at?” I added, chuckling. A person pushed me over on my seat and sat beside me. I turned to see Kelly staring up at the staff table expectantly. “What are you at?”

“Can I not sit beside my favorite cousin?”

“Your only cousin.”

“Whatever. Anyway how’s K bitch been?”

I smirked at Kelly’s nickname for Keara. “Oh she’s wonderful, as per usual.”

“I’m sorry, I’m late.” Chris called as he entered the dining area.

“You’re late!” We bellowed in response. He rolled his eyes and waved us off.

“I said I was sorry.”

“Well it’s too late to say sorry, Christopher.” I announced, crossing my arms in a huff. Kelly snorted with laughter, while Shannon squealed with excitement.

“Is it too late now to say-” She began to sing, but Max attacked her and held his hand over her mouth.

“If one more person say’s that lyric, I will kill them.” He growled.

“Is it too late now to say sorry?” I asked innocently.

Max pounced at me, but Shane pushed me aside hastily while Caleb grabbed Max. “Calm down man. I get it, I do. But May will bust you.”

“Too right!” I agreed.

“May, you’re so mean.” Kelly informed me.

“I’m not mean!”

“Kelly’s right.” Chase nodded solemnly, yet amusement was dancing in his eyes.

“I’m not mean!” I argued back, hotly.

“You kind of are, like-”

“Okay just shut up!” Chris demanded, and waved his hands for everyone’s attention. Kelly shot him a daring look, which made him grin sheepishly, “Except you babe.”

“Whipped.” I muttered.

“Like an ice-cream sundae.” Kelly agreed with a smirk, fist-bumping me. The people at our table stared at us in disbelief, their eyes wide. “What?”

“Why is there two of you?” Caleb mumbled.

“What?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“They’re cousins Caleb.” Melissa informed his in a duh tone.

“But I have cousins, and we aren’t like two Caleb’s!” He protested.

Chris seemed to give up on trying to get our full attention, and continued his meeting anyway. “So you all probably already know that there is going to a concert at the end of this year. So we really need to start working now. We need to have the performers all picked out and ready.”

“Picked out?” Keara questioned.

“There will be auditions for different parts,” Chris explained, “for the opening part and the closing part and all. We will shorten each of the sections down to five performances, and then the camp has around four weeks to vote.”

I nodded along with some other campers, and leaned over to Shannon. “What part are you going to go for?”

“I might try for the closing,” she murmured, “you want to try for it with me?”

I nodded, and turned my head back to Chris. “So the auditions will be held on Tuesday, giving you five days to rehearse! Good luck to everyone, and try not to kill each other. Cheers!” With that, he gestured to Kelly to come with him, grabbed an apple and left.

Kelly grinned, patted my head and ran after him. I glanced at Shane who wriggled his eyebrows. My eye’s widened as soon as I realized what he was implying, “Okay moving on quickly!” I shouted.

“So do you wanna go against each other?” Shannon grinned, “A little friendly rivalry is harmful.”

“Oh Shannon, it’s on.” I winked.

“Which one are you’s trying out for?” Caleb questioned, as ate a spoonful of nutella. Shannon shot him a look, and shook her head at his eating habits.

“Don’t look at him like that.” I argued, “It’s nutella! That’s what you’re supposed to do.”

“Yeah Shannon, don’t look at me like that,” Caleb repeated cheekily, “you can have some if you want some!”

She rolled her eyes, and pushed him slightly, “We’re trying out for the last spot.”

“I think I’m gonna try out for the first.” Chase inputted, “Let’s open the show with a bang.”

“Same,” Shane agreed, “how about we team up?”

“Don’t forget about me!” Caleb complained, “I feel so abandoned lately.”

Cassie grinned wickedly and eyes them, “Like a boy band?”

“I’d like to just say a band.” Chase smirked.

“Like 5 seconds of summer?”

“Yeah but hotter.”

I threw a slice of my toast at Chase, “You wish you were hotter than 5 seconds of summer.” I snorted before sighing, “I just want to hug Michael.”

Melissa agreed with a pout, “It’s hitting me again, that feeling.”

“The ‘I’ll never meet 5SOS so I wan’t to tumble down a cliff’ feeling?” Cassie asked.



We sat in silence for a while, and everyone stared at us. “What?” I snapped in defense, “We’re unsuccessful fangirls, leave us alone!”

It was Shannon’s time to pout, “At least you’re band hasn’t taken a year off. It’s been months without one direction!”

“Okay stop it!” Max cut through, “You three, shut up. If you become famous singers or musicians one day, you can then meet them. Shannon, they sort of deserved a year off, they’ll be back. Now stop because the table’s becoming depressing!”

A smile replaced my frown, and I pinched Max’s cheeks. “Thanks kid!” I cooed.

He swatted away my hand, but winked at me.

“So Riley, what position are you trying out for? That is if you will even try.” Keara’s voice called across to me.

I turned around in my seat, and studied her. She was sitting in one of the new tables, with the same group of girls with her as last time. Her hair was perfectly curled as usual, and she wore too much make up. And when I say too much, I mean too much. She doesn’t need half of it.

“Well Cinderella, I am indeed trying out. And for the closing part.” I responded, smiling brightly.

“What a coincidence, so am I!” She gasped. I eyed her wearily, Keara was a good singer. I admitted that, but she wasn’t insanely good. She had a plan, and I wasn’t in the mood to find out what it was.

“So am I.” Jessica spoke up, from her table.

“And me.” Shannon added.

Marie, a shy girl who attended Turn It Up also announced that she was trying for that position, along with ten other girls. Marie was a beautiful singer, she had such a sweet voice that could make you cry. I sent her an encouraging smile, which she responded to with a weak one.

“This is going to be fun!” I grinned.

“Fun?” Keara frowned, “You wish May.”

I ignored her and turned back to my food, eating it slowly and carefully. She shouldn’t try and make me angry, because I could be pretty scary when I wanted to be.

Five days had passed fairly quickly, and I hardly got any practice in. I was too busy whether arguing with Keara, avoiding Keara, stopping Keara from bullying others or keeping her away from Chase. It seemed that that was her next target. Chase.

“May. You have literally spent the last five days arguing with her. You need to enjoy yourself and ignore her.” Chase told me. We were sitting in our old favorite place in the woods, the place where we had our first ever proper conversation, the place where we first bonded, the place where we first kissed.

“She just get’s on my nerves.” I grumbled, strumming my guitar angrily, “I just want to ruin her face!”

Chase grinned, and pulled the guitar out of my grip. “That would be funny.”

I sighed, and lay back on the leaves. “If I let her be, she’d take it as an opportunity to spread rumors about me.”

“And that’s all they would be. Rumors!” Chase replied, “You seem to forget how much the people here love you. And I think the only way you can beat her, is by out doing her at the auditions.”

I nodded softly, “You’re right.”

“Of course I’m right! It’s me.” Chase replied playfully, he grabbed my hand and pulled me easily into his lap, and left my guitar sitting beside us.

“You’re such a loser!” I laughed, as I struggled to escape from his grip. He snorted with laughter and held me tighter. After a while I gave up trying and leaned into him.

“Keara’s nothing but a bully.” He murmured into my ear, “She makes herself out to be the good guy, while she makes you look like the bad guy. But no matter how hard she tries, she is still the bad guy, and the bad guys always lose.”

“True.” I mumbled, “I am superman, after all.”

Chase grinned at that, and pulled up his sleeve revealing the superman and batman bracelet. I chuckled again and leaned in and kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back gently and wrapped me in a hug.

“Auditions are in an hour.” I told him, with a sigh.

“You’re naturally amazing May, like me of course.” He winked, “As long as you know the lyrics, you’ll be fine.”

I grinned at that, “Naturally amazing, huh? You trying to impress me Commons?”

“Pfft, I don’t need to impress you when you’re already impressed.” He responded lightly.

“Don’t you need to practice with your boy band?”

“Firstly; It’s not a boy band. Merely just a band. Secondly; we have. All week.” Chase, Caleb and Shane were singing together. Caleb was on the drums, while the other two played guitar. They were actually pretty amazing.

I pulled my guitar onto my lap, and began to go over the song I would be singing. Chase kept his arms around my waist, and listened intently, complimenting me like the good little boy he was. We stayed in that position until the siren rang throughout the camp, signaling us to meet up in the concert field.

We made our way, hand in hand, ignoring all the stares and whispers. It wasn’t that much of a shock to most people, mostly just the newbies of the camp.

I skipped over to Shannon, who was fixing her hair and going over her lyrics. “Relax, you look as beautiful as you sound.” I told her, swatting her wavering hand away from her hair. I didn’t really dress up that much for the event, I was wearing a pair of skinny jeans with my ‘have you seen this unicorn’ t-shirt and doc martins. My hair was put up in a high ponytail, which sort of made me look older, according to Shannon.

The auditions began. Chase, Caleb and Shane’s audition was amazing, and had everyone screaming in approval. Cassie and Melissa also auditioned together for the second performance, Cassie DJ’ed while Melissa sang. Max had auditioned for presenter, which he will most likely get. Eventually, it was the auditions for the closing performance.

It seemed that the boys had left the closing performance for only girls to cat fight over. five girls who I didn’t know that well auditioned, and they were pretty good. Marie then auditioned, and she was amazing as usual, she sang ‘Drunk’ by Ed Sheeran.

Shannon followed up next and delivered an amazing performance of ‘Take me home’ by Jess Glynne. Jessica sang ‘Someone new’ by Hozier, a song that I adore, and she was flawless as usual. Keara was the last singer before me, and she sang ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry.

And to be perfectly honest, I’m not going to comment on her performance because I hate her.

Chris welcomed me onto the stage, and I stepped up to the Microphone, guitar in my hand and took a deep breath. I saw Chase, and he winked at me from the crowd while Shane wolf whistled. I grinned and began to play my guitar.

“Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles,

Just what you’d expect inside her new Balenciaga.

Vile romance, turned dreams into an empire.

Self-made success now she rolls with Rockefellers!” I sang softly, before speeding up my playing and making my voice louder.

“Survival of the richest, the city’s ours until the fall.

They’re Monaco and Hamptons bound, but we don’t feel like outsiders at all!” I smiled and relaxed into the song. I loved singing songs by Halsey, her songs were meaningful as well perfectly harmonized.

“We are the new Americana,

High on legal marijuana,

Raised on Biggie and Nirvana,

We are the new Americana.”

I glanced through the crowd, and my eyes landed on a scowling Keara. I grinned cheerfully and continued to sing.

“Young James Dean, some say he looks just like his father,” I paused and pursed my lips, and eyed the crowd playfully. “But he could never love somebody’s daughter.
Football team loved more than just the game
So he vowed to be his husband at the altar.

“Survival of the richest, the city’s ours until the fall. They’re Monaco and Hamptons bound but we don’t feel like outsiders at all!”

Once I finished the song, the crowd cheered and clapped. I smiled, and bowed mockingly before running down the steps and over to my friends. Melissa pulled me into a hug, and congratulated me. Shannon ambushed me in a hug from behind, making me laugh. I sat down on the small blanket which was laid out on the grass, and rested my head on Shane’s shoulder. There was bags of junk food thrown across the blanket so we wouldn’t be hungry.

“You were amazing.” He informed me.

“And I repeat, you guys were also amazing.” I smirked, poking him on the cheek.

We waited thirty minutes for Chris to call out the results, and who had made it to the final five. During these thirty minutes, Chase and I had started a food fight with our haribo sweets.

Chris finally jumped onto the stage. He announced the Chase, Shane and Caleb or the ‘Bad Examples’ as they called themselves had gotten into the final five for the opening position. Cassie and Melissa had gotten their place and Max had also been granted with presenter duty. Everyone leaned forward eagerly, wanting to know who had gotten to the final five for the closing part.

“So the final five for the closing performance are; May Riley-“

Screams of approval filled my ears and Chase pulled me into a hug.

“-Jessica Calls, Shannon Keys, Marie Donegan…” I wrapped my arms around Shannon and congratulated her, I also shot Marie a grin.

“And lastly, Keara Cinders.”

Keara let out a scream of joy, while I rolled my eyes at her. She can’t go one day without being dramatic, can she?

“Well at least we all have a chance of being in the concert.” Cassie shrugged, “Team unicorn for the win!”

I snorted with laughter and nodded with agreement, “But what about Josh? He missed auditions..”

“Josh won’t be able to get here until next week now.” Shane informed me.

I frowned slightly, “Is he okay?”

“Yeah he’s fine. His mother is getting remarried or something, and things have been busy.”

I nodded in understanding, no matter how much of a jerk and player Josh was, I missed him. He was one of my good friends, and the camp wasn’t the same without him.

“Well!” Chase interrupted us, “I don’t know about you guys, but I say this calls for a celebration!”

The campers cheered in response, calling for their usual camp party in the concert field. I grinned in approval, and began to chant along with the campers, drowning out Keara’s cries of joy.

I didn’t even care about winning the position for the closing act. I just didn’t want Keara to get it, and considering she was up against Jessica, Marie and Shannon? She had a very small chance.

But a chance is still a chance.

Chase grabbed me by the hand and began to pull me out of the field, to help him organize the party. “Come on sweet cheeks, it’s time to party!”

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