Keep the Beat

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Chapter 6

And after every competition, comes an epic party. Unfortunately I had to be the sensible one during this celebration. I was in charge of babysitting a certain idiot who had a wounded ego. That morning, was the first proper fight I had had with Chase.

“May, I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Caleb snapped me out of my daze. The party was going full blast, and I had taken a few moments away from Shannon so that I could get a drink.

“What?” I responded, irritated by his snappy tone.

He sighed, and ran his hands over his face. “When was the last time you saw Chase?”

“A while back, why?”

Caleb gestured for me to follow him. I shrugged and skipped after him towards the other side of the field, “What’s got your knickers in a twist.”

“That has.”

I stared at the sight in front of me. Chase was lying on the ground, giggling. Yes, giggling. Usually I would laugh at this, but Keara was kneeling down beside him, muttering something to him. She was dressed in tight and short clothing, which she looked good in. Most people would call her a slut for wearing these, but no matter how much I hated her, Keara has been in a relationship for the last two and a half years, she wasn’t one. Slut’s are determined by actions not clothing. Keara’s merely a bitch.

“Nope. No matter how much of a bitch May is, she still comes first.” He replied to her, a wide grin on his face.

I cooed. That was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said about me!

“Beat it.” I ordered Keara, as I made my way over to Chase.

He grinned once he saw me, and I couldn’t help but grin back, “Now what have you gotten yourself into?” I mused.

He shrugged his shoulders, a cheeky smile forming on his face. I rolled my eyes fondly, and stretched my hand out to help him up. “You’re a happy drunk. I love happy drunks!”

He refused my offer of help, and attempted to climb to his feet by himself. “This may take a while.” He muttered, taking in his surroundings and probably trying to come up with a plan.

“Oh yeah? What’s your plan?” I replied, amused.

He shook his head in defeat, “I don’t even have a pla.”

I grinned at his ‘friends’ quote, and despite his protests, pulled him to his feet. “Stop your whining,” I ordered, “Come on. Let’s get you to bed.”

“Babe, if you wanted to come to bed with me, you just had to ask.”

I sighed. I had walked right into that one. “Stop being so eager darling,” I drawled, “drunk eager blokes aren’t my type.”

“Well you change your type so that it suits me!” He argued, putting an arm around my shoulders, and attempting to look cool even though he could hardly walk. I looked around for Caleb, hoping that he could help me get him to his cabin, yet Caleb was no where to be seen.

“Oh yeah,” I grumbled, “just leave May to deal with a drunk guy!”

“Excuse me, but I am the drunk guy.”

“Replacing an ‘a’ with ‘the’ doesn’t make you any more important darling.”

He pouted, and folded his arms into his chest, glaring at me. I mockingly copied his stance, causing him to grin. A person tumbled into me, as they walked by, and that person ended up being Corey.

“Hey May, sorry about that!” He apologized, smirking.

“Yeah she forgives you, keep walking.” Chase ordered, and once again attempted to stand properly and look intimidating. Corey looked him up and down, confused.

“Chase shut up,” I chuckled, “you’re drunk.”

“Well who’s fault is that?” He responded sulkily.

I turned to him questioningly, my smirk still on my lips. “What does that mean?”

He sighed and waved his hands around, “You’re so frustrating May!” He cried dramatically.

“You aren’t a ray of sunshine either.” I snorted, grabbing his hand and dragging him out of the concert field. He stumbled after me, singing ‘California girls’ by Katy Perry, and every time I laughed, he would yell at me for being rude.

We eventually reached his cabin, which was the first one on the boy’s side. He shared it with Caleb and a guy named David.

“Okay, give me your key.” I ordered, stretching my hand out for it.

He smiled cheekily, “If you want it, come and get it! Na-na-na, na-na-na.”

I raised my eyebrows at him, unimpressed. “Chase-“

“You know this feels like Déja vu.”Chase interrupted, looking thoughtful.

He was right. It did feel like it alright. “Come on Chase, give me your key and I’ll give you chocolate.”

“I don’t want chocolate,” He murmured, as he pulled his key out of his pocket, “I want sugar!”

“There’s plenty of sugar in chocolate.” I responded, and grabbed the key out of his hand. He pouted when he realized that I had gotten it. “I’m like a ninja!”

I unlocked the door, and pushed Chase inside. Alright sweet-cheeks, go to bed and sleep this off.”

“Never!” He cried. I pushed him onto the bed, and rolled my eyes.

“Drunk Chase is a handful.”

“You love it though.”

“Of course I do.”

He smiled at me, his honey colored eyes sparkled with mischief. “Whatever you’re thinking, stop thinking it.” I ordered sternly.

“If you go, you’ll never be able to stop me.”

I puffed out my cheeks in annoyance. “Are you making me stay?”

“Yes. Yes I am.” He patted the bed beside him, while I glared at him. He pulled the covers over himself and snuggled into the pillow. “I won’t try anything cheeky, I just want to cuddle.”

I flushed at his words. Drunk Chase was more annoying than usual. I sighed in defeat, and made my way to the bathroom to remove my make up, once I was done, I pulled my hair out of it’s pony tail, took off my shoes and made my way over to Chase.

“A kiss would make me behave though.” He muttered, as I clambered into the bed beside him. I chuckled, and pecked him on the cheek.

“Night tough guy.”


C H A S E ’ S P O V:

I am such a fucking twat.

That was my first wonderful thought on Saturday morning. My head was pounding and my muscles were aching.

Drink, get hungover, swear to never drink again, repeat.

I attempted to sit up in my bed, but considering I had a person lying on my chest, that was sort of impossible. I scowled at May, remembering the reasons why I started drinking last night in the first place. I continue to scowl, as I stared at her. Her black hair was a mess and covered most of my chest, and she was breathing gently. My scowl quickly faded to my dismay. It was hard to stay mad at her while she looked so peaceful.

She was too pretty for her own good. She had me wrapped around her little finger, and she knew it. It pissed me off, I wasn’t used to being so whipped.

I remembered the first time I saw her bouncing over to me, offering to help me with the boxes. I had thought that she was going to be a sweet, gentle girl. But after about a minute talking to her, I realized that she was far from that.

I sighed, I felt like a girl.

“You know, most people would find you creepy staring at a girl while she’s sleeping. I just think it’s flattering.” I heard her murmur, she looked up at me with a dazzling smile.

“I thought I was supposed to be the cocky one?” I responded lightly, and she smiled at me.

“Your bad influence is rubbing off on me.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her. Which caused her smile to widen. She stumbled out of my bed and looked around. “Where’s your room mates?”

I shrugged in reply, “Caleb’s god knows where, and David is never here. He’s always with his girlfriend.” I didn’t think David liked my very much, not that I could blame. My presence is quite overpowering.

“Her poor room mates.” She murmured in response. She grinned again, and looked me up and down. “So, how’s the head?”

“It’s fine.” I muttered.

“Not gonna lie, but drunk Chase is more annoying than sober Chase, and that’s saying something!”

“Yeah well, who’s fault is it that I was drunk…”

She furrowed her eyebrows and her eyes darkened. “That’s the second time you said that.” She informed me, “And I have no idea what it is supposed to mean.”

“Forget it.” I replied. Angry May was scary.

“How am I supposed to forget it? What the hell does it mean?”

I breathed in sharply, and sat up in my bed, glaring at her. “It means that I wanted to spend last night with you, and just have fun and forget about all the shit that was happening. But you were so obsessed with whatever Keara was doing that you passed absolutely no remarks on me!”

She paused, and gritted her teeth. “Are you serious right now?”

“Yes I am! You’re so different when your around her! You’re on the edge all the time, and I’m sick of you being so paranoid!” I snapped back. May was never like this, she was always smiling and happy, but she was so caught up in her rivalry with Keara that she isn’t even caring about camp anymore.

“You know, I thought you would understand,” she snapped, “I told you about everything that she did to me, and you still call me paranoid?”

“I didn’t mean it-“

“Of course you meant it like that.” She yelled, “But I’m so sorry Chase, next time when we go to a party, I’ll stick by your side all night and hold your hand! I’ll even make sure you don’t drink, because that seems to be what you fucking want.”

My heart dropped. I could see tears forming in her eyes out of anger, and her sarcasm stung. Now I knew how her fallen victims had felt. “May, stop. I’m s-“

“Don’t say your sorry,” she snapped, “you don’t know Keara like I do. You don’t know what it’s like to have someone come along and be better at every single thing you’re good at. And to do it just out of spite!”

“She isn’t better than you May! She isn’t a better singer, she isn’t a better dancer, she only wins because she cheats her way through with words and money-“

“Exactly! And that’s the problem Chase, and this time I’m determined to stop her from cheating. I’m making the game fair.” She snapped, as she attempted to smooth her hair.

“Okay. Okay.” I whispered, I felt like I was trying to calm down a wild lion or something. I didn’t want to make her snap again.

She breathed in heavily, the cold expression never leaving her face. She looked me up and down, as if I was some pathetic piece of shit, not worth her time. She did that look often on those who messed with her. I usually laughed when I saw it, but it sucked when she used it on me.

“Whatever,” she hissed, and grabbed her shoes, “so much for May’s a bitch, but she comes first.” She stormed out of the room, leaving me dumbfounded. Did I say that?

“Chase did you see May?” Shane called over to me, as I began to set up the stage for my performance. It was the usual Saturday Concert, and I had come up with a plan.

A rather good plan, in my opinion. My plan’s are usually shit.

“Not recently.” I muttered back to him, avoiding eye contact. Shane was sort of like a big brother to May, and I wasn’t in the mood to get punched in the face. It’s not like I could punch him back, because that would piss May off further, and I’d probably get another punch in the face by her.

“What the hell did you do?” He growled, glaring at me.

I sighed, “We got in a teeny weeny fight. But don’t worry! I have a plan. A good one.” I assured him, and partly myself. This better be a good plan.

“It better be a good plan!” Shane repeated my thoughts, “May’s scary when she’s angry.”

“Don’t I know it.” I grumbled, as I placed the microphone in its place. I didn’t like the fact that May was angry with me. I hated it.

I looked up to see people starting to enter the concert field. A load of them looked hung over like me. May had entered with Shannon and Melissa. She no longer looked angry, she looked scarier than that. She was expressionless, and stared straight ahead, with no smile or frown. She was beyond pissed.

Once everyone had filed into the area, I took this as my chance to start the show. I replaced my sullen expression with usual smirk, and made my way to the middle of the stage. “Hello princesses!” I called out, the guys glared at me while most of the girls giggled. I spotted Caleb, and he shot me the middle finger. “So luckily for you, I am here to start of this show! And I have chosen this song for a certain little- well no not little, that’s a bad choice of wording- but for someone in that crowd of yours.” My eyes landed on May, who merely raised an eyebrow, in a ‘who gives a fuck way’.

Way to boost my ego May!

I gestured for the group of guys behind me to start playing. I had rounded them up and asked (or ordered) them to help me. The drums began to play, and I tugged the microphone towards me.

I had decided to play a song from one of May’s favorite bands, and this song should hopefully get her back on my good side.

“What I am supposed to do, uh oh.
When she’s so damn cold, like twenty below?

That girl, that girl, she’s such a bitch.
But I tell myself I can handle it!” I sang, smirking to the crowd.

“You know I don’t frequent the L.B.C.
’Cause I’m a bit too pale to run that scene…” I paused and shrugged to the crowd, playing along with the words. “But the So Cal sun has grown on me. And that girl, that girl.”

“Started with a bottle of cheap champagne!
Now she’s got me hooked on it like good cocaine.

She’s so numb, Miss Novocaine.

That girl! That girl!”

I glanced down to where May was standing, to see her eyeing me suspiciously. Shannon was squealing beside her, which caused me to laugh.

“Said, ’No, kid, not tonight!
You’re not that good, and I’m not that type,’
She’s beautiful, but she’s cold as ice.
And that keeps me hanging on!”

So what I am supposed to do, uh, oh

When she’s so damn cold, like twenty below?

That girl, that girl, she’s such a bitch!” I winked at May.

“I tell myself I can handle it!
but where am I supposed to go, uh oh,

when she throws me out and it’s twenty below?
That girl, that girl, she’s such a trick.

But I can’t lie,

I’m in love with it!”

“That girl, oh-oh.

That girl, oh-oh.

That girl, oh-oh.

That girl, that girl.” My band sang.

“Now she won’t buy my sex appeal!
Just an East Coast kid with a record deal,
I play her song, she plays the field.
That girl.” I gestured for the crowd to sing the lyrics with me, and they complied.

Left me on the street in the middle of winter.

My frostbite heart says, ‘Try to forget her,’

miss that kiss, but I’ll always remember.

That girl. That girl!” We sang together.

“Said, ’No, kid, not tonight!
You’re not that cool; no, you’re not my type’.
She’s beautiful, but she’s cold as ice,
I’m still hanging on!”

Once the song had ended, I had tried to play it cool and subtly check for May’s reaction. But she was no longer standing beside Shannon, and I began looking around frantically for her. I soon spotted her, right in front of the stage. Her cold facade was gone and she was laughing and shaking her head. I smirked at her causing her to roll her eyes. She gestured for me to come down, which I quickly did. Instead of taking the steps, I jumped off the stage, and grinned at those who had seen my dismount.

I stepped towards her, let a cheeky smile appear on my lips once I was sure she was no longer mad at me. “Hey wifey.” I greeted her.

She bit back her laugh, “You’re such a dork.” She pulled me closer, placing a kiss on my lips. I smiled into the kiss and wove my arms around her, lifting her into the air.

Much better, I thought.

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