Keep the Beat

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Chapter 7

Dance battles are probably the most dramatic events at camp. And Keara didn’t seem to realize that no matter what, she can’t cheat at this camp. Everyone must play fair. And Jessica is the one who makes sure of it.

“May! You will not believe what Keara is doing.” Shannon yelled, as approached me with a furious expression.

“There’s three things wrong with that sentence.” I replied simply, “Firstly; God woman smile! Secondly; Nothing can surprise me about that crazy ass bitch, so I’d believe anything and thirdly? You come with the impression that I give a shit. That was so three days ago.”

Shannon’s lip twitched into a smile, “Three days ago?”

“Hell yeah, I’m not in the mood to fantasize over ways to kill her anymore. It’s gotten boring. Let’s just drive on with our lives and hope she won’t cross onto our lane. And if she does, I’ll hit her with my car.”

“In other words, Chase and your fight scared the shit out of you and you aren’t going to let Keara get in between you again?” Shannon mistakenly corrected.

“Oh you and your obsession with Chase.”

“I’m a fan girl of Mase. Sue me.”

I rolled my eyes and gestured for her to continue her story about Keara. “Well, Keara is literally paying people off. With clothes and shit!”

I snorted with laughter, and shook my head in amusement. “I actually do believe that.”

“May this is crazy! She can’t get away with this!”

“She wont Shannon.” I sighed, “No one’s going to fall for that. The people in this camp aren’t like that.”

“The people you know aren’t like that.” Shannon argued, “But the people I know would.”

“Then I don’t care about those kinds of people.”

Shannon pouted, causing me to frown. “What’s wrong with you now?”

“Well I was hoping for a May-Keara showdown. You know, so I can get my popcorn and watch?” She shrugged nonchalantly.

I grimaced for a moment before nodding, “Yeah that does sound fun.”

“Hey Riley!” I glanced behind me to see Shane jogging over to me. “Is it totally okay if I kill your enemy?”

“Well not really. You’d make my life quite boring.” I responded, wrapping my arm around his shoulder.

“Yeah, but it would make life a whole lot better. She called me fluffy head!”

I struggled to hide my laugh, “Fluffy head?”

“Yes! I just washed my hair this morning, so yes it is a little wavier than usual but that was so unnecessary you know-“

“Shane sweetheart. You’re hair’s beautiful as usual.” I scuffled his hair causing him to scowl.

“Don’t let Chase hear you complimenting other boys hair!” Shannon teased and I shoved her away. It was Monday, and we had singing lessons with Mary after lunch, which I was eager for. I just wanted to sit down and sing my heart out.

“We’re going to be late.” Shane insisted, and began to drag myself and Shannon towards the our dancing lesson. Our lesson was held in the dance square. The square was surrounded by a small picket fence, and the wide leafed tree’s were towering behind it.

Instead of opening the gate and walking into the square like a normal person, I clambered over it and almost face-planted on the ground.

“Smooth.” Shane coughed, while I rolled my eyes and jumped up into a swift dance. A true performer knows how to hold her cool.

I laughed awkwardly, “I did that on purpose, duh.”

“Of course you did.” Shannon sang, hiding her snigger with Shane’s hand.

“I did!”

“May, you’re the clumsiest person I know. You didn’t do it on purpose.” Shane argued.

“I’m not clumsy, I’ve great co-ordination!”

“Only when you dance.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Your face doesn’t make sense!”

“Oh no you didn’t!”

“I did.”

I growled and stomped my foot. “What is it, pick on May day?”

“May day.” Shannon repeated, before bursting into a fit of giggles. I facepalmed in her expense, while Jessica sidled up beside me.

“Pick on May day? Sounds fun.” She commented, causing me to roll my eyes, as Shannon burst into another round of giggled.

“You will all suffer my wrath.” I informed them, “And it will be deadly.”

The three of them laughed at me, while I crossed my arms stubbornly. They weren’t taking my threat seriously.

“I wouldn’t underestimate her, she’s crazy.” I heard Keara call out, and I nodded in agreement.

“I second that!”

Keara rolled her eyes and approached us. “Go away you annoying person!” I whined to myself, before forcing a smile onto my face. “Hi Keara, how are you?”

“Stop pretending to like me Esme,” she snarled, flicking her brown, ringed curls, “because frankly, I hate you.”

“Oh I don’t like you Keara, but I’m not going to waste my breath and hate you.” I smirked, and turned around suddenly, swinging my ponytail and hitting her in the face.

“That was very sassy.” Shannon commented causing me to grin proudly.

“I do try…”

After a few minutes the excitement had dyed down, and we were all sitting down on the ground in front of the teacher. “Hi guys, sorry I’m late.” Mary apologized, glancing around at us. “How about we start off with a small dance battle to get the start of the year kicking! Pick the two captains. Three on each team. Then each team picks a song each, the first song starts, the first team starts, the second team can join in if they can, and vice vearsa.” She let out a breath, as she finished.

“Keara!” One of Keara’s minions yelped, and half of the campers rolled their eyes.

“Jessica!” I piped up, not wanting to be the center of attention for once. I wanted to peacefully watch a nice battle peacefully.

“Bella.” Keara announced, “And Lisa.”

I smiled, and settled down to watch and enjoy- “May.” I pouted at Jessica, who merely smirked.

“Why does this always end up being some dramatic girl versus girl dance off. This is so repetitive, I hate it. Shane get in here and helped shake things up.” I ordered, and jumped to my feet beside Jessica. Shane chortled, yet followed me anyway.

Keara glared daggers at me, and I laughed in her face. Keara whispered a song into Mary’s ear for the dance battle song, and Mary busied herself with the computer.

Music began to play to a song that I didn’t recognize. I knew Keara was going to pick a song which I didn’t know, because I wouldn’t be able to get into the beat as fast.

Keara stepped forward and began to dance. Her dance was exotic and pretty damn good. She stood in front, with the two girls behind her, all of them dancing in sync as if they had been practicing for days.

She smirked at us, thinking that she had already won. Jessica rolled her eyes at them and stretched her arms out, preparing herself.

I followed suit, and tossed my neck side to side, stretching it. The music began to become more upbeat, so Jessica gestured to Shane and I and we all stepped forward. Keara was still smirking, thinking that she was winning the battle. What she didn’t realize was the Jessica was one of the best dancers in the camp, that Shane was good at everything and that well I was just awesome.

We glanced at each other and Jessica took the lead, she started off with a dance that we had once practiced when we were recording our song the year before. We moved our hands to the same sort of moves that our feet danced to, tossing our feet in the air. After we finished our routine, I glanced up at Keara to see her eyeing us, before she too jumped into a new dance.

Once she and her minions had finished their dance, Keara stumbled backwards dramatically and crashed into Mary and her laptop, spilling Mary’s bottle of water over it. Everyone gasped, and we all stood and stared at Mary who was breathing heavily. She had her life’s collection of music on that laptop. “I am so sorry!” Keara cried to Mary, “It was a complete accident.”

I scoffed at that. Keara was the head cheerleader at our school, she couldn’t afford to be clumsy. Mary continued to stare down at her now ruined laptop. “I’ll have my dad pay for a new one, and give you money to re-download all the songs!”

Mary nodded, while one of Keara’s friends cooed. “That’s so nice of you!”

“Nice of her?” Shannon asked, in disbelief. “She just ruined her laptop, it’s the least she could do!”

Keara sighed, faking a look of defeat. “I guess you guys wont be able to do your song, we win then!”

Jessica gritted her teeth, and glared at Keara with pure distaste. I put my hand on her shoulder pulling her back before she could charge, it still felt weird being sort of friends with Jessica. She had changed over the past year, and I owed the mysterious dude for that.

“You’re forgetting that we’re in a music camp Keara babe,” I smiled sarcastically at her, “we don’t need a computer to make music.”

Keara’s eyes darkened while I glanced over at Shannon, “And I have the perfect song.”

Shannon began to clap her hands to a beat, followed by the rest of the campers. I grinned as soon as I realized that she had picked the same song that I had mentally.

“Black jeans, white tees, black Converse.
You know she gets it right!”

Jessica, Shane and I moved our legs into a quick step, throwing our hands into the air.

“Blue hair, blue eyes, I saw her.
I couldn’t help it, I was like,
’I wanna be, be, be in the game,
I wanna know, know your middle name.
If we can go, go, it won’t be the same..
Cause right now you’re killing the game.’” Shannon sang, as we began to speed up our dance. The campers continued clapping to the beat.

“Everybody’s gonna go big tonight. In a couple hours we’ll be like!” I belted out, before jumping into a new dance routine that Shane and I had once practiced.

“Take my money, take my keys!
Drive this car through the drive-thru please.
From the floor to the ceiling, robbing and stealing.
Everybody in the place catch that feeling like,
Ooooh ooooh!
Take my money!” The crowd of campers sang together.

“Late night, passed out in Tokyo!
New York, LA, Chicago.
She said her friends were at the show.
Backstage, will let them in!”
Max sang, and Jessica danced forward, closer to Keara, with a pissed off expression on her face. She began to coax and annoy her, and Keara’s face flushed. I decided to speed up the performance and finish it before Keara does something stupid. We began to dance in sync to a shuffle, while moving our hands to the beat.

“They wanna be, be, be in the game.
They wanna know, know what we gotta say!
And in the front row, you’re going insane.
And in the back row you’re killing the game.” At the word game, I leaned forward onto my hands, throwing my legs into the air, and twirled myself around using my palms.

The campers cheered, while Mary smiled. Once Keara turned around and began to walk away, I turned to Jessica who was staring after her, looking dumbfounded. “You okay?” I questioned, humor evident in my voice.

“She tried to sabotage me. Me!” She whispered in shock.

I nodded awkwardly, “I know she did.”

“Me..” Jessica repeated. I patted her shoulder, hopefully in a comforting matter.

“There there..” I cringed, “If it makes you feel any better, she does that to me often.”

“That doesn’t make me feel better.”

“Well fine then! What will make you feel better?”

“Ruining that bitch.”

I snorted with laughter, “Have fun with that.”

“And you’re going to help me.” Jessica added, turning around to face me. “I might not like you very much, but she’s starting to get on my nerves-“

“Wasn’t I on your nerves?”

“-and she needs to be taken down a peg or two. She has all of two friends and she thinks she owns the place. News flash sweetheart, I do. God what is with newbies?”

I decided to back off a little and let Jessica continue her rant, I turned to Shane who was bent over laughing. “I’m hungry.”

“Hi hungry, I’m I don’t care.” He responded smoothly, and I punched him in the shoulder. I was regretting teaching them to be as sassy as myself, they’re using it against me.

“I’m hungry for a fight.” I hissed, “Do you want to fight me Shane? Huh? Huh?”

Shane backed off quickly, and I grinned. “Shane, my young padawon. You have much to learn.”

He rolled his eyes and held his hand out for me, and we both walked over to Shannon who was already making her way to the dining area. “We need to come up with a plan.” She muttered, crossing her arms together stubbornly.

“I have a plan. It’s called ‘let’s eat food because I’m famished.’” I replied cheekily, bumping her shoulder.

“I’m serious May!”

“So am I! You need to relax. That stunt that Keara just pulled? It show’s she is scared. She’d never try something where she had to involve her dad-“

“I thought she always involved her dad!” Shane argued, and I glared at him, telling him to let me finish.

“She wouldn’t involve her dad in something that was her fault. Buying clothes and paying people off is fine, but for her to be clumsy and at fault? Her dad’s going to mad at her bluntness.” I shrugged. “She isn’t supposed to be so obvious.”

“So what, we should just leave it?” Shannon snapped in disbelief, and I nodded.

“Don’t worry Shannon.” I winked, “She’ll break. I’ll make sure of it. Now I smell barbecue ribs, skip with me!”

I began to skip towards the dining area, followed by the spoil sports who refused to skip. I slid onto my seat beside Max, and grabbed a rib off Chase’s plate and began to help myself. “Why weren’t you at dance class?” I demanded, and he grinned.

“Caleb and I were working on something.” Was his reply, which caused me to frown.

“What were you guys working on?”

“You’re so nosy.”



“Gah.” I crossed my arms stubbornly, and pouted while he mocked my stance. “You’re such a jerk.”

“Say’s the one who stole my rib!”

“I was hungry?”

“That isn’t a good enough excuse!”

I rolled my eyes, and turned my attention to Jessica who entered the dining area. She walked straight up to Keara, and tapped her on the shoulder. I began to nibble on my rib, watching intently. Chase followed my gaze and whispered, “What’s happening.”

“I think Jessica’s declaring war.” The whole table fell silent, and everyone turned their attention to the drama about to unfold.

Keara turned and gave Jessica a sweet smile and was about to speak but was shut up by Jessica’s death glare. “Let’s get something clear.” Jessica snarled, loud enough for the dining area to hear, “You may have those innocent blue eyes, and ringed school girl curls, which by the way do not suit you, but I can see right through you. No one tries to sabotage me and gets away with it. No one in this camp would ever sink this low to sabotage a dance battle.”

“It was an accident Jessica! I sw-“

“You have no power over this place. You need to realize that real quick, you dumb cow. I’m not an idiot, and I am the one who holds the power. So you need to back the hell off, or you will regret it. Do you hear me?”

Keara’s mouth formed her mean pout, yet her eyes screamed out in terror. “You don’t scare me.”

“Great, so then the next couple of weeks will be no problem for you.” Jessica grabbed a cherry tomato from Keara’s salad and popped it into her mouth. “You just declared war bitch.”

And with that she stalked off towards her table, and plonked down beside her group. They all sat up straighter, showing that they were standing by their leader.

I bit my lip to hold back a laugh at how tense the dining area had become, and yelled out, “I call referee, so you all can back off! It’s my position now.”

Chase was the first to break and snorted with laughter, followed by everyone else except Keara and Jessica who were glaring at each other. And boy wasn’t I excited.

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