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Fools of Parody

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Aliens come back to earth after a 2000 year absence. They're pissed. Anu and Matrona, two aliens who aided in shaping the course the evolution, come back to earth. Refusing to clean up the latest mess, they give the people one last chance to prove they should continue being the dominant species of the planet or lose out to the dolphins. Choosing seven extraordinary humans, Anu and Matrona give the tools and knowledge to the constant fighting. Facing society's prejudices as well as human and non-human foes, the "seven angels" race against time to save the human race. Tackling issues from political to religious differences, from racism to the alien question, Fools of Parody is a satirical farce attempting to overcome society's irrational fears.

Humor / Scifi
Scott Moses
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“If our bodies could only cash the adventurous, thrilling checks our minds write what fun we would have in the real world!!!” ~ Meg Gabel Brosenne

Three fundamentalists, a Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim walk into a metaphysical bar. The Atheists, Buddhists, Taoists, scientists, and a science–fiction believers ignore the new patrons. Judgments, prejudices, bigotries, and narrow-mindedness fill the empty spaces leading to an all-out karma vs. dogma war.

Will they ever learn?

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